Self-compassion for emphasis

Self-compassion, what is it? Why is it so essential?

We move through life entertaining these negative thoughts in our mind, we even add fuel to the disempowering chaos happening in our minds eye by creating stories that don’t uplift us or others. It’s ok, we all have this in common. This mitote or the chattering mind.

What differentiates us is whether we choose to believe the fear lingering parasite and the stories that it projects? Or we choose to surrender to just being, in love with the truth of who we are, the truth of all beings, and with life. Are we feeling inspired each waking moment we open our eyes? Are we feeling constricted or expansive? Are we in our heads or in our body?

Taking a moment to bring self-awareness, to check in with where your I AM is resting (whether it is working with you or against you) is an act of constant self-love. When we find ourselves not where we want to be, how we react could bring us down or inspire us to soar regardless of where we are. We understand that this experience although it seemingly didn’t align us with where we desire to be, there was a lesson learnt or a deeper understanding of how the mind can play tricks on you.
It is to know that all is not lost because you know the truth of who you are. You already have everything you desire although it might seem like it’s not true in this very moment…especially when it seems impossible!

Learn how to not resist the present moment and how it unfolds while also holding personal integrity (i.e showing up in active faith as you 2.0 who needs to get the job done)

Life responds to how you show up. How are you showing up in this very moment?

If this inspired you in some way & if you hope it’ll bring clarity to someone else, go ahead and share! Show up in love…


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