Fear of new territory

Fear of the unknown 

Fear of excelling…and succeeding

(How will my friends & family perceive me?)

Fear of failing 

Fear of inadequacy 

Fear of….

On this journey of catching your dreams and living out your heart’s desires you will be interjected by your mind on countless times with absurd stories that are designed to keep you locked in the old story. 

Your mind will try to play tricks on you and capitalize on your fears to grab your attention and feed on your energy so it can lower your vibration. Don’t let it no matter how hard it tries.

Seriously invest your time in doing grounding activities that will help you get back to your sound mind…or just train yourself to just watch your thoughts…cause you always win…you always come back on top. 

These thoughts were never true, and you know it. Let them flow through the creek and watch them without any attachment. Go find an empty beach if you will and scream out that darkness and let the ocean take care of it.


Go outside 

Break into dance 


Talk to a loved one 



People watch 

Write your feelings 


Just don’t listen to that voice.

It’s the devil. 

It lies a lot!


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