Waking up to love

Loving every moment even if it’s not showing you want you want, finding beauty in this moment as it is.

Celebrating the completion because you’re not anticipating what is coming, you’re too busy appreciating what’s already here. You are finding the details presented in each moment to be a gift with its own wisdom.

This is how you find ELDORADO.

There’s no judgement, lack, limitations, scarcity, resistance there’s more allowance, acceptance, gratitude even for the imperfections, for what is wrong because it’s all playing a role. This is living.

Being both, leaning towards the light more because your values in the present guide you each action step of the way. You are trusting yourself to always do the best, and you expect there to be weaknesses reflected but you let it sting to prove to you that you’re alive, you’re doing it, you’re a testament of what love is.

You’re taking it breath by breath, sigh after sigh.

You’re dancing with your being, finding right always:lightness, rest, sigh, release, let go, shift, phasing out, being new, rebirthed, and open.

It’s scary but that’s where the soul belongs.

Your shadow is encouraging you to step more into the light. You’re only afraid of feeling and the unknown, you’re not so sure of different because you’re comfortable in your mess. You’re stuck in time.

Again, listening to the wrong voice.

If you’re ready to reconnect with your heart, walk with me towards The Journey of The Heart:

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See you on the other side!


It was just a bad dream

All the things that have been going wrong

All the experiences you had that filled your heart with regret,shame, disappointment, feeling stuck and like a constant failure…

All the memories of your lowest versions of yourself surfacing and reliving them as if they just happened. Your present version has evolved so much that it resists all versions before it that are not in alignment with it’s highest good. That’s natural, do not beat yourself down because it happened…instead choose gratitude for this new awakening happening in the present that is leading you towards a life of expansion & light.

All the assumptions you had of yourself that disconnected you from your beauty, your majesty, your desires, your genius and the inherent value that you bring with your presence to each conversation, room and work.

All the reasons why you weren’t going to win, all the broken tapes inside reminding you of your weaknesses and why you will never be successful, why you’re always going to fail and most importantly why you’re not worthy of love.

It was a lucid dream that tapped into your subconscious and brought out your most limiting beliefs about yourself and life in general.

Just maybe you need to let the bad dream go so you can finally wake up to the blissful life which is already available to you.

Your imagination is your key to freedom. If you’re going to let your past haunt you…you might as well plant roots here and say bye-bye to happiness.

See you on the other side!


You came here as light you will leave as light

You’re pure consciousness

Society gave you an identity



Political parties

Social classes & groups

Belief systems

All that this does is separate you from the highest identity of yourself. This version of you lives in everyone, in every being that breathes on this planet. This is love. This is the gift of life. This is the creator of all’s gift.

Identify only with your consciousness. Resistance and attachment only harbor stress. Just be a curious observer of your life…of what’s unfolding right now over and over again without identifying with it. Only devote yourself to the identity of your heart.

Allow life to flow however it desires to. Life tests your patience and faith. Exhibit A:

Click button below and listen to how you can allow more light in your present moment. Bring more awareness to how you have been causing unnecessary suffering and turmoil in your life. Release resistance, awaken your soul to its truth

Patience. Trusting. Allowing. Being one with what is without allowing any outside circumstances define your energy…that’s how you master self. This takes time and it needs your devotion to your self awareness…but most importantly you need your tribe to hold this energy so they mirror the light already within you.

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See you on the other side!


Accept, remove urgency, flow

You’re creating resistance when you are not allowing what is to be. When you give yourself grace to just be in this moment as you come…you allow your awareness to center you and to show you what you have been missing. The whole truth is showing up before you:

What you’re creating, what you’re entertaining, what you’re fighting against. The root of your suffering is right there…follow the breadcrumbs.

The place you desire to be is to have already arrived so go there in imagination. Use your mind constructively if you’re finding yourself creating battles with it…stop! Drop back into your heart and clear off that mental slate clean and start all over again. Bring in your new life to you right here right now. Your old self will want to take that away from you…but accept the resistance, don’t fight it but hold firm your vision while you feel it’s presence right here right now.

The new you will feel like new clothes, unfamiliar, expansive, exciting if you allow it to be or if you listen to your old self it will feel scary, stupid, like you can’t figure it out, running around in circles…without anything to show for it. The only way you can actually create an empire without burning yourself out is surrendering to your heart’s instructions…and being its obedient student. Respect your mental temple…use it wisely.

Don’t forget to love the previous versions of yourself anyway… Unconditionally love them all and you will feel liberated to just be you without any judgement. Others seem to judge you because you judged yourself first. So stop being so judgy and love all of you-in a healthy manner.


Stop fighting with it, just surrender to knowing

When you really really want something and things are not moving at the pace you’re expecting…you start noticing thoughts of resistance trickling in…

“oh, nothing is happening”

“I’m stuck here forever”

“why is everyone succeeding but me”

“I am such a failure, I have nothing to show for all my work”

Once you start acknowledging and engaging with this kind of thoughts you invite them into your experience. Get in the habit of surrendering to what is not moving without assuming the worst. Yes, you might find yourself panicking because there’s nothing in your current reality to show for what you’re creating and your mind CONSTANTLY needs validation and proof to exist…to feel safe…to feel fine. That’s the ego btw!

When you notice this happening allow it to be. You are a human after all. Yes, you are light…a divine being, a goddess at play at your core…but this is an ascension journey so you need to overcome your humanness to activate your divinity. You need to override your current assumptions and limitations on life which are creating the dense experiences you are having right now.

THE FACT THAT YOU WANT SOMETHING MEANS YOU GET TO HAVE IT…surrender to the flow, time doesn’t exist in the divine flow of things. You think trees worry about the time it will take to grow a new branch? Abso-tree-ly not!

Time reflects what you have been assuming all along so start assuming who you came here to experience…YOU. Your heart knows who you are…your dense mind doesn’t. It just talks and talks and talks. Conjuring lies after lies.

Despite what life is showing you, nomatter what your mind is telling you…

Empower yourself religiously through prayer…how you speak to your water, your food, your self in the mirror…in private. This is how you break the curse of density. You choose light over and over and over again because that’s who you are…and nothing can change that. YOU KNOW this is who you are.

Remember all that is within you that you’re being called to experience, to have is your creator’s gift to you to enjoy in this lifetime.

So choose light. Choose you.

Alchemize your dense body to light in just 21 Days. Everyday we get to work. We accept where we are, we use is to our advantage to awaken to our soul’s blueprint…our 7th Heaven. Life is meant to be blissful. So why not start now?


Let it go 22 times

The past (you) wants to fight the present you any chance it gets. It wants to remind you why you’re not it. Why you’re not worthy of what your heart sings to you. It keeps bringing up what you don’t want…and you keep entertaining it, you keep it relevant. You keep playing with it in your mind because you believe you have to keep fighting to KNOW.

When you know, you know. Nothing the mind does can change that. That’s where you need to be. That’s who you need to become to find your state of peace again. Keep letting that constrictive voice go…do it over and over again. Disengage. It will keep persisting, finding loopholes to get your attention. You keep persisting even more and since this is your territory anyway, since this is your house…you always end on top. PERIOD POOH on MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB.

Become unavailable for the mind tricks. Become unavailable for the energy sucking thoughts. Become unavailable for the misaligned you.

Discipline yourself. Deny self consistently.

When you forget, you’re human, but don’t let that moment define you. Allow it to be a reminder of your winning mindset and the reason why you’re gonna be on top. Experience is the greatest teacher, let it lead you to mastery.

Keep on keeping on.

This is how you can become mentally resilient

See you on the other side!


You can break all the rules and still win

Stop putting yourself in a cage

Stop listing the reasons why you’re not winning, why it’s not gonna work, why you’re a loser in your mind. Start listing reasons genuine reasons why you think you’re the truth!

Watch how you do things. How you walk, how you speak. Yes conceited…so what?! If you’re not gonna do it, who’s gonna do it for you?

You’re you for a reason. Use it to your advantage. Your uniqueness is your currency!

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See you on the other side!

Sri Venus

Psssst! everything you’re willing to patiently work for are always worth the experience gifted from the labor of your efforts and unwavering faith! Get out of your head bb…flow. you know what I mean! Luv ya. Do good



You can’t attract new or better with the same mindset

Start afresh. Don’t be afraid to start over. Completely let go of the past right now! Stay there for as long as you can, hold on and on and on and on!

Be intentional. It doesn’t have to be hard. Focus. Create systems around your weaknesses to catch you. Do not give up nomatter what! What do you believe in?


Stop trying to find the meaning

Free yourself!

The meaning is that you are breathing, you are here exploring and experiencing life. You have loved ones to love, and to love you…if you don’t have them yet…this journey will lead you towards them. You’ve gotta believe it is there for you, and stay open to how life gifts them to you.

The meaning is what you put on it. Life just is. What we assume, the story we create is all adding our own understanding to it…the truth is we’ll never really know…all that is.

Your limited mind wants to know everything right now, to figure it all at this moment. You want to know how the story ends, what will happen…but all this does is steal you away from the moment, from experiencing the unfolding. When you live in your mind, you cut yourself from the magic of life.

The point is to meet better versions of ourselves. To be better, to do better in whatever capacity we can. It is to love even more deeply the versions of us that don’t serve us anymore. It is to just watch the bird fly by. To share a laugh with a stranger.

You can’t luke warm this stuff, you gotta be fully engaged in the present. Remember (and I will keep reminding you over and over until it clicks)…you have everything you need to get where you want to be. These are just rooms.

Enjoy the journey, enjoy the twists and turns…but no matter what happens KNOW that your desires are inevitable so long as you take the inspired actions and finish what needs to be done in 3D to make your wishes a reality.

I AM already what I desire to be

My job is to dance with my mind, to lure and remind it who I was born to be

Wake up to who you really are, don’t let life bully you down to failure, use the past as a stepping stone. Shake off that same mindset that kept you living as your lower selves.

ROAR! Let the whole world know who you came here to be. Doubters will start trickling in when you declare this, but all this is doing is to see how resilient and dedicated you are to see this through. Show us!!!

Roaring with you on the other side!

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This is for anyone:

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This is why you shouldn’t believe everything your mind says

Your stream of thoughts are just a waterfall flowing through hoping you’ll manifest them charged by your attention.

When you notice yourself getting easily triggered by random thoughts and projections from the past it means that a part of you believes it even though it’s not aligned with your heart. Your mind’s eye is your temple…it should be a place of peace and restoration…so when you attach yourself to thoughts that bring you down, you know that you’ve got some work to do. The whispers might be subtle or louder depending on your personal journey…but the monkey mind is just doing it’s job.

When you notice that you’re feeding it power with your attention and you’re feeling fearful and channelling darkness…level up your self care.

I’m all about solutions and not hovering on what we don’t want. If you don’t like it fix it.

Write yourself letters to remind yourself who you are.

Go outside…escape to your happy place in your imagination so you can calm your being…revise the words that come up with empowering ones. Water sources are calming…be barefoot in nature.

Exercise…stretch, dance, run, move.

Breath intentionally. Seriously, look into breath work…life saving stuff!

Meditate & Sleep to binaural beats and suggestive reprogramming videos you feel pulled to online.

Get in the habit of allowing your soul to tell you what to do. It always has a solution to fix any problem that doesn’t end with you suffering.

When you fight the suffering it lingers…just watch dispassionately. It’s not true…but the words you believe are. You can disbelieve too. It’s all you picking and choosing what to add to your experiences.

This is controversial but this is what helped me escape my identifying with the monkey mind. I only share to give hope to someone silently suffering in their own psyche.

The voices only get louder if you fight them and you’re fearful of them. I always looked at them as a culmination of thoughts of all humans who’ve ever lived…so it’s not me, it just is. This alone will remind you that you’re not alone and why you should work on being kinder to yourself…and others.

Fears are just emotions flowing through…you can easily alchemize fear into thrill by just shifting your perspective. That’s quantum leaping. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Be thrilled that now this experience is opening a door to a new adventure where you get to see new parts of you.

Life doesn’t have to be boring and predictable. Welcome adversity with a child like mind and you’ll always win. Detach from outcome but always expect to win nomatter what. When you feel like a failure, stuck in a deep hole…change the script, perspective.

How can you use what currently is to empower you. Use this as a stepping stone to your next destination. You’re creative. I believe in you!!!

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See you on the other side!