living from the heart-what it takes

what does it take to live fully from the heart?

it means facing your fears with no pretense
whatever life throws your way, you know that you always overcome either way
so your job is to just show up in your Godself avatar i.e embody your higherself (the all knowing version of you which is connected to the unseen magic)

look at fears, negative and low vibrational thoughts as a parasite that wants you to stay limited, unfulfilled, fearful, miserable, traumatized, sad, depressed, empty, and codependent on whoever you are currently holding onto for dear life instead of finding your own sovereignty and inner security.

keep learning, know that learning is a lifelong journey
share whatever comes from the heart, no matter how scary
pure heart, pure intentions can revolutionize the whole world…it all starts with just one intention based on love

always try to see yourself through other peoples’ lenses,
we are all different for a reason, that’s why different experiences and voices matter
there’s truth in every voice that speaks from the heart
so practice empathy, genuinely
listen to good music
learn from other cultures
eat soulful food
start finding joy in all the simple tasks you take everyday
don’t wait for the future to start living
live now, right this moment

it is inevitable, you are going to die one day
how do you want to feel on your deathbed?
inner peace? or rage that you should have lived more?
and the awakening fact is we don’t know when our last second will come

as someone once said, every year our birth day and death day passes, we just don’t know when the latter is, so LIVE! Because this could be the last round.

Need clarity in your life?


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