This is what you really want

What you really want is freedom from the constant inner critic that keeps feeding on your soul

You want to be free from the slavery of your fears, your worst scenarios that you keep running away from in your psyche

You want consistent sighs of relief from the mental suffering that comes with thinking and seeing so lowly of yourself, “why am I worthy of such a great life?”

Why am I worthy of having a good, peaceful, abundant life where I don’t have to sell out my body and soul in exhaustion and burnout in order to finally feel worthy to receive?

You want the constant loop of suffering to end because you want to let the heaviness go, the density is drowning your soul in an abyss of consistent negative chatter that leads you to mental fatigue because you’ve moved into your mind and now you’re now hosting the battle of the mind Championships.

At the end of the day you just want peace. There’s no amount of $ tag, man, high up friendships, perfect career/resume, proving to others about what you’re capable of, that can buy or purchase peace of mind for you.

It’s a choice you make in your mind first.

You get to be at peace with where you’re at.

You get to be at peace with who you’ve become so far.

You get at peace with what reality is reflecting to you.

Only from there, your innate Goddess Power is Activated. Your sense of security you’re constantly chasing out there, is here with you waiting for you to CHOOSE it.

You are the key to your freedom. It’s all about where you place yourself in your psyche.

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