Journey Back To Your Heart

Your closed heart is the reason why you are living in your mind

You feeling stuck is a byproduct of living in your mind  and not dropping into your body and allowing your soul to be led into the next moment

You are locked into the past and putting other people’s perception of you on a pedestal and you left yourself exposed and feeling less than

Their voice matters more than yours

You are disconnected from your heart beloved, tune back in

By escaping and numbing our way through life we miss out on vital information in the present moment that will help us transcend our current suffering

Everything you need is here right now in your psyche 

You feel disconnected from yourself because you are running away from the truth

The truth being who you are you are aware of being and resisting and fearing and rejecting and beating yourself over

What is your current inner talk?

How do you view yourself in the mirror?

Who do you perceive yourself to be through other people?

What assumptions are you making about yourself and your past (in direct collection to now)?

Your dense emotions: depression, guilt, shame, jealousy, rage, anger, discouragement, blame, frustration, hopelessness, fear chronic worrying and stressing…all your negative energy is all a piece of information into where you are plugged in

You do not transcend and overcome this by bypassing, forcing, running away from it and making it wrong

Again you transcend by surrendering to who you’re being here and allowing who you’re being and feeling, and seeing in your psyche as wisdom for how to move forward.

Accept where you are without any attachment to it but rather curiosity of what you can do differently to invite more self compassion, self love and gentle inner talk while leading yourself back to your light body

The Journey Back To The Heart Workshop (3 Day Masterclass) will help you to stay present with all these dense identities and still rest back home in your peace, joy, acceptance and unconditional love.

In other words, you will kick start your journey to fully falling in love with yourself…and this time genuinely (not the fake in love with yourself when you are shaming and beating yourself down in your psyche for something society is telling you to reject within yourself…you know what I mean 😜)

Day 1:awaken to awareness and acceptance to who and where you are with no judgment

Day 2:uplift yourself regardless of what “bad” thing you’re doing/have done/ and the fact that you’re not where you’re supposed to be

Day 3: Connect to the truth and stop running away from it, instead face it dead in the eye and still choose self acceptance and unconditional love for all your past you’s

+ Free monthly additional support for answers/questions (Facebook Group)

Expect to laugh, cry, play and do all the things you’ve been denying your soul from feeling.

Are you ready to journey back to your heart?

Let’s go!!!

See you on the other side!