Your soul is calling you home…are you gonna answer?

You’ve been running around in circles…not knowing where you’re going…listening 2 what others think you should do with your life…instead of listening 2 your heart.  Your heart’s desires scare you but they bring excitement, expansion, possibilities, opportunities…inspiration. Why would you hold that back from yourself? Know which voice 2 listen 2…
This experience requires you 2 sit still with yourself…for long periods of time…take yourself on dates, really be there with yourself when you shower, do errands, when you eat…become your own bestfriend. Ask yourself questions, bring non-judgmental awareness to whatever is showing up in your psyche.

Sit with your uncomfortable emotions more…sit with your uncomfortable thoughts…you’re bigger than them…don’t allow them 2 bully you.

Your ego wants to run for covers and escape from the possible darkness and icky stuff that wait for you on the other end…but your soul wants to heal and be set free…only you can do that. You can only buy so many courses, watch and listen to as many podcasts as you’d like…but the common denominator is going to be to look within and do the work consistently everyday until the next work.

This is not a destination, it is a journey of unbecoming and becoming at the same time. It is scary and lonely but at the end of this tunnel…you can truly say to yourself that you were really your own bestfriend.

You befriended the enemy within.

Go in to the depths of your soul. Just watch your own genius unfold…do not judge yourself. Watch the inner critic without engaging…go on with your day without any attachment.

All these mystics all say the same thing. It’s always the most cliché things that hold the most truth. Now, your job is to tap within and really connect in alignment with your soul’s mission.

Coming back home to your own senses, your belief in self & your inner guidance. This is a trusting game…and that’s why faith is so important. What do you really believe in? Go after it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your heart knows what’s up. The leader runs, everything else follows!

Why are you holding onto storylines that you don’t want and that which causes you inner turmoil?

You are always choosing, so why not choose storylines that you desire instead? For how long are you gonna blame others and point fingers? You will always be a victim to others, to life if you don’t take accountability is some way.

People are who they are, you are who you are so accept it for what it is. You save yourself so much energy when you just surrender to what is. You know what you don’t want…so focus on what you DO want. Your job is to consistently gather information about how you’re interacting with your current reality and to juxtapose it to your heart’s yearnings…the work consistently is to work your way from what is being reflected to what you really want.

“Mental arguments”,

“thinking of the worst outcome”,

“fearful thoughts”,

“intrusive demonic thoughts”,

“being easily affected by how someone shows up to affect your state of being”,

“lack of energetic boundaries when you go on social media & hang around people not good for your soul (your cup is always drained and vibrating lower )”

All these are common symptoms of your shadow state/lower states. How can you play around with these so they can work with you not against you? When you resist, the pain amplifies…surrender to what is…

Start to take note how you engage with what is…the lies you’ve been telling yourself…awaken to the truth of who you are Soul Babe!

We often want others to tell us what to do with our lives because we lack self authority, we don’t know who we are. I don’t blame you, we’ve been taught to not go within but rely on the outside for survival.

The truth is. your state of inner peace is the true wealth you’re been chasing all this time. You can stop running now, hold my hand and let me show you the door that leads you back to your inner kingdom…


Sri Venus

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