Mental Alchemy Academy Course Work

Being mindset self talk shifting the past

healing from abusive trauma, repetitive cycles

why are you beating and talking yourself down like they did to you? You believe them?

You really see yourself through the lens of hate and inadequacy?

Why would you put another’s opinions about your life on a pedestal? Why would you give a flying care what they think of you?

You’re the one who’s opinions you should care about. This gifts you freedom and the not needing anyone’s validation. You stand alone in that you are secure from within. Everything else is simply details. You can co-create, you can dance with other souls along the way…you will lead and then they will lead…a flow of give and take.

How can you know your emotional boundaries? What is bothering you?

Be honest with what is coming up.

You don’t need to share everything. You don’t need to be friends or besties to get along. You don’t need to hang with everybody cool and coming up. Ground yourself in having nothing as well as having it all. Because everything outside of you can be taken from you but what’s within can never be scrapped. This is why it is very important to keep leaning towards your inner peace, your sanctuary. Nothing outside of you is ever gonna gift you the relief you are looking for. If you notice you’re recycling habits that are not serving you anymore, your will to change will unlock your new life. You just need to be ALL IN! You are the key to this whole chaos in your life. Once you turn the key, all that chaos will alchemize to creative solutions. Allow for them to come into your life. Prepare, be open.

Find out who you really are, here.

“Life is truly kind to me, I am so grateful!”

anytime you experience a negative, fearful thought…remind yourself each moment. These intimate moments will add up to allow your soul to start being safe in your body and unlocking your blueprint holding all your creative flair!

Journaling helped me put on paper what I was battling with in my mind. It gifted me relief! It allowed to be slow down so I could see clearly without judgement how and why I was showing up the way I was. The secret to completely healing and letting go of the past is to not judge yourself and to extend compassion to yourself. You don’t forgive to make the other person feel better, we do it to allow us the choice to move on…to not let this steal our peace anymore. You are the magic, so start writing away.

Sign up for the Journal Back 2 Yourself 11 Day Challenge. Only for babes who are ready to meet themselves, if not, I am sorry you’re missing out on some magic. When you don’t know yourself, you are asset less. Know who you are. Play the long game always. When you know your strengths and weaknesses you become more intentional with how you “attack” in life. You leverage your connections’ strengths to make up for your lack, and extend the grace to others.

Anyway, enough chitchat. Apply for the 11 Day Challenge to Journal Back to your Soul by clicking the Button Below!

See you on the other side!

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Here’s how to be happy

Let go of everything. Don’t look back. Forgive who you need to forgive. Let it go over and over again until it becomes normal. Steer your life towards your heart. What sparks your light? Who inspires you? Why? Why can’t you find the same attributes in yourself? Also, why don’t you believe you’re already that? What are you gonna do about it?

It’s about showing up consistently for yourself in love. Even if it feels like a teeny weeny not. Being yourself is freeing. Not putting anyone on a pedestal, connecting from the heart and not the ego. Staying grounded in self first. Be okay with not knowing. Be okay with never knowing. If you knew it all what would be the point of life? You came here to experience life as a human, give thanks and experience ALL IN.

Welcome challenges as a graduation to the next level. Congratulations, you are born a winner, you keep winning. Even when you seem like you’re losing, energy is shifting for the next chapter of your life which is always more abundant, rich, fulfilling and peaceful if you allow it to be.

When you half ass the way you show up you receive half assed experiences. Ehh! Mindset gets you Ehh life. Empowering yourself is a commitment for life, regardless of your current situation. There will be perfect days and there will be ugly days take them both with your head held high. Accept what’s outside of your control. Focus on what is instead. No excuses, we are limitless, we are resourceful.

Access Portal Key

Let’s get to work! Working on our relationship with ourselves…the reason behind your escaping is the portal you need to enter.

See you on the other side!

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there’s a reason it doesn’t feel good

entertaining mental arguments

reliving the past

wishing you had done something differently

feeling inferior






imagining the worst

distrusting yourself and others

limited thinking…

you need to get used to switching up perspectives so you can easily maneuver your current reality to your desired reality

get used to being in a different storyline within a second while not losing your feeling of inner security & sanity. be fully housed in your being.

the feelings of discomfort are normal, you’re pushing yourself against the grain, the limit you set for yourself for a while.

stretch, breathe, ground yourself outside with bare feet, dance, sing, hum…allow your energy to continue to move, don’t just let it remain stagnant without it manifesting into some expression. don’t overthink it…start moving intuitively RIGHT NOW…I DARE YOUUU!

See how that feels?!

feeling good is in alignment with abundance, prosperity, joy, peace and bliss…they all aim for the same thing…love

love the body you have, touch your skin with such delicate, soft and intentional strokes. imagine, say nice thoughts. randomly remind yourself while you love your chuckle or the way you walk. own it!

no need to rush it and fake it. be really there. in the present with everything that is…just the way it is. no need to judge, to criticize or to feel shame.

instead, love all these parts of you the way you wished another did. do it for yourself because you’re tired of just giving yourself up like that to strangers when you don’t even know yourself.

experience yourself more.

coming soon…


the Bible for a Fulfilling Life.

activate all your 5 senses. shift & be in your world from a different lens. where your unique being is immortalized for the greater good!

Love you xo,

See you on the other side!


You’re exactly where you need to be, stop overanalyzing

Society has messed us big time.

Finding our worth in how much we have in the bank, how much accolades, success we collect…how fast, young we do it, how it looks to others, how much better we are than others…it’s all ego based. When you open your heart, and stay still with yourself a little longer you’ll notice that creation is finished.

All your desires are already here. There’s nowhere to be…your mind doesn’t want you settled, grounded right here right now. It wants you constantly on the go, to figure things out, to do things so that you feel secure, worthy. What if you could just feel secure, worthy just because you exist. Just because you’re right here reading this.

What you’re seeking, is seeking you too. Don’t overthink how you’re gonna make it happen. It’s gonna happen, period. Go there, become that person who has it. If you’re having issues believing it, that’s where you take inspired action to get additional assistance. Have fun for Chris’ sake. Take off all the pressure and live. You don’t need to have it all figured out. Leave some mystery, unknown in life…makes the ride more exciting…something to look forward to.

Enjoy you, what is. However you’re showing up right now. You’re enough! Because this room will soon be a memory too.

Be still and know you’re it! The present transcends time so it makes sense why you’ve arrived, there’s nowhere else to be. Trust in your own inner genius to take the right steps, to say the right things to open the right door to where you desire to go. Be that devoted to your inner being. Stillness.

Watch monkey mind with detachment…the same way you’d look at clouds floating or at birds flying by. It’s all part of the Universe’s creation which is within you yet you’re not a cloud or bird. You’re part of this ecosystem of creation so is your monkey mind. Accept it. No need to resist what is. Your relationship with it matters on this journey, soul babe.

When you don’t take it all too seriously, you notice your body relaxes. You let go of control. Your life force…awareness is back in your body and not in your mind. You remember it’s just a dream about your story, only you decide how the story ends.

Everyone has monkey chatter, that’s why we need to connect through the heart and not through the mind. If yours brings you down, best believe everyone else’s does too. So strive to be kinder to yourself and others. It’s ok to be vulnerable about the difficulties you’re experiencing right now. Reach out! Express your frustrations. It’s okay!

This is the human experience we signed up for. Let’s live!!!

Apply to join The 7th Heaven, alchemize your current darkness to light. A 21 day container to accept and face your demons and still loving yourself unconditionally because you won’t identify with the room anymore. You will awaken to your observer identity.

If you’re interested in a 1-0n-1 guiding session, private message me with “Eldorado” for your free gift while it still lasts! Click here

If you’d like to learn more about “Eldorado, how to come back home to yourself…your inner sanctuary start here.

See you on the other side!


Date yourself first

If you’re surviving…date yourself back 2 being. Find inner security first…you move & attract things that are better for you.

Survival mode makes you attract from fear…pure lack, insecurity and loose judgement. When you accept where you are and enjoy your own company with or without another one to love and to love you…you radiate soul deep love which in based on groundedness, inner authority, abundance and prosperity. Now who doesn’t want that? You’ll notice people flocking towards you because they want what you got on. You don’t want anything because you give it to yourself in reality and in your imagination.

KNOW you are worthy regardless.

Your loneliness is valid, but don’t let it lead you to settle…to numb your own emptiness, void with the existence of another. The more you distract yourself from loving you, the deeper the hole becomes…the more painful the experience will be.

Validate your desires, they are for a reason. Your soul is jingling it’s signal to let you know which direction to head. If the people coming into your life are not aligned, unfortunately you will have to let them go. I know it feels uncomfortable setting free something you thought was yours…it feels nice now, but you know what’s being shown to you doesn’t align. This is because you need to be in alignment within yourself first.

Stay curious about your own existence and your heart. Ask the right questions to yourself.

What are you about?

What brings you joy?

What are your favorite things to do?

What’s your favorite food?

Where do you see yourself in the next 1,5, 5+ years?

This is your life, pull it my the reigns and remind it what you came here to do and how you will be remembered.

How does your heart speak? What tickles it? What turns it on?

What triggers you, what kind of life…love do you want to experience? What relationship narrative will you co-create on? How do you want to be loved?

What kind of treatment and experiences should be normal for you on a daily basis? Yes, this specific and you’re worthy enough to have to choose. Do you believe it’s possible and you’re worthy to have this kind of experience?

You decide…

When the people outside of you don’t show up how you expect them to, does your worth and value shatter at their absence or do you still stand firm in knowing that you’re loveable, you’re enough, you’re worthy for everything you’re calling in.

When you do not base your worth on how others outside of yourself show up, you keep your power, your peace…and leave the privilege to validate your existence only for you. From that point, you can allow or disallow who gets to stay on your playing field…the level you interact life on.

You are the love of your life, and that’s never gonna change. No one is ever gonna know you like you know you. So stop waiting for somebody else to do your job.

You’re here, be here with you. Fully. Accept. This present moment for what it is showing you, authentically. You’re causing your own suffering by pushing against it.


Stop fighting and just rest in what is

When you resist the parts of you…’ve been taught 2 be ashamed of, dismissive, bring down you are choosing to ignore parts of you that showed up…even parts you’ve been too ashamed to share because it would not uphold the illusion of the person I am creating.

When you go connect and share notes out there, don’t forget to leave space for you to just be…, space to be tickled, to be imperfect but in this space may you always choose to see ALL parts of you with love, especially those we find hard to like. Everyone will always have an opinion about something. Everyone has wisdom within but not everybody deserves to be allowed into your mental temple…your mind’s eye should be kept sacred. A place of refuge…of relief, of creation with certainty.

When you notice yourself second guessing yourself after a Convo, coming off the internet/social media you need to shake off the energy you just collected. You are enough. You know the way.

Grow in compassion, grace and patience
The rooms don’t define you
You do🌸


Really feel & claim this when you read it

My self worth and my ability to make an impact with my skills has nothing to do with other people’s perception of life or me.

Only I have the final say on what to bring out of life.
My words are affirmations
I create life and declare victories through speech and embodiment.

How others choose to receive me is their business.
I show up as my higher self or I do due diligence on days I feel off.

But I am always showing up,

in spirit,

in mind,

in body.

I am ok, everything is ok.

Take a big breath in and out…and go create and live your dream come true.

Join us in Mental Alchemy Academy and share with us your soul’s wisdom. Apply here

😩Feeling out of touch with yourself, in a consistent funk? Numb? Unusual flow? Seeking something but you don’t know what? Out of touch with body. Self. Others?

🤔you feel like you’re falling behind, you’re not going fast enough, you’re aware of your shadows, your bad habits, you’re conscious you’re in a place you do not desire to be in anymore

🤔you’re being called on to take more responsibility and enter new territory

🤔you feel anxious, triggered a lot on the internet. Around (certain) people.


Stick with me. 🤫👁️

Mental health is a necessity. Monkey mind 🐒 will always be there trying to push you down, bring you out of the game…but there are many tools already existing within you that you probably don’t even know about…you do it but you’re not conscious of it so it manifests in small amounts.

Journal out your soul’s truth out.

Expect To Activate your Throat Chakra during this Challenge. 🌸 Express Yourself Freely & Safely. 🌸 Fall more in love with yourself by accepting what already is. Why are you holding onto the past?

Trust the process.

Join here

See you on the other side!


Sri Venus


It doesn’t have to be hard

We grow up being told…”work hard, life is not easy…I had to do XYZ to get here, I ended up here and I had to work sleepless nights to be here…” And of course we assume that life should be equally strugglesome for us too. You do have a say on the quality of life you would like to experience.

Your mind and actions and state of being should all be aligned and focused on the life you desire. When you notice your consciousness falling back to the past, to fears, to limitations…dance back to embodying the person who already has all they need. Who is always taken care of. Who is always the best option. The person people book in advance to have a 1-on-1 coaching session. You are already it.

Only you can decide the level of difficulty…change how you look at this, your perspective is the gateway to your freedom.

If you’re ready to meet your soul, I encourage you to join me for 11 days. Apply here for more dets.

This is for women who

🌸need companionship during their walk out of their tunnel

🌸are seeking answers but don’t know where to start

🌸feel out of touch with their body, spirit, being and would like to introduce better systems

🌸need to kickstart their new life, who are ready to let the past go. #pumped!

See you on the other side!


Who you think you are is not really who you are…

We’ve been told by the stars, astrologers, books, experts how we act, how other people perceive us, our projectile in life because “I’m a Scorpio!” hihi

Why do you need someone outside of yourself to tell you who you are? Why do you need to depend on what society, your community thinks of to? Why can’t you just be enough just as you are. Sexy just as you are. Beautiful just as you are! Worthy just as you are!! Successful just as you are!! It doesn’t have to look the way you’ve been told it needs to look. Imagine each different little flower was told, ” you gotta be as beautiful as cactus here because her pines are in right now…plump up, don’t let your body release any water. You might die!” Hmmm!

You are your own kind of beauty, own kind of pretty, own kind of soul, own kind of precious, own kind of love…there’s only one you!

Inserts The Renaissance theme song.

Focus on just being the best kinda you that will only live during this existence in flesh and after you decide how long your own legacy will echo through times, to set an example through embodied actions and devotion to your life mission. You know who you are, wake up! You know, that’s why you’re aware you’re capable of so much more!

There’s no need to seek validation from others when you know yourself. You don’t need to be conveyed or manipulated. People are who they are, that’s the beauty of it. Not everyone will have the privilege of being your friend, your sweet love, your mother, father, sister, brother…it’s a path only the chosen ones get to go on. Continue to paint a beautiful picture, keep expanding the vision…it is uncomfortable but what do you have to lose?

You know time is your greatest asset, so what are you waiting for? Tik tok tik tok

If you haven’t already, sign up here to join the cool club of Mental Alchemists, timeline hopping, mystics, transurfers…creating their best lives ever!

If you’re ready to challenge your current version to evolve into the next version upgrade…this might be for you. 11 days of digging deep into what is…into shedding off old stories we’ve been telling ourselves for so long we forgot they too were just borrowed and we can unborrow them when we don’t have any more use of them.

Journaling was really cathartic for me during my dark knight of the soul, it was the worst experience I have ever been through. I felt like I was being squeezed out! Everything was dark. Food was bleh! Life was going downhill. I didn’t feel loved. I felt like a failure…so insecure, so numb and carrying a lot of baggage…anger from my childhood which was fostering all these years underneath. My only way out was putting it all in my journal, bearing everything out so I didn’t feel like I was alone, going crazy. I knew what I had seen, I knew what I had experienced. I wasn’t crazy

But I had to see it on paper for me to finally feel free. To see that they are just words, that’s it. They only hold if I let them hold. I’m the creator, the destroyer…the alpha and the Omega. This life force resides within me…in you. We are all connected through breath…open your heart, and listen to your soul.

Join me!

How do I know if this is for me, you ask?

What will the experience gift me?

Learn to be comfortable with both your darkness and your light…your weakness and strengths. They are all a part of you. So dance.


speak from the heart

speaking from the heart means to be fully present and accept both communicator and listener as they come. It is about authentically presenting your truth regardless of what your fears say others will think and do. It is the truth, your truth and your voice matters. We all see and feel the truth…so listen as I unplug my heart…my love, my truth.

Apply to join the first wave of Mental Alchemists who are sharing how their soul formulas in a safe container…where you’ll meet the depths of your soul you never knew existed.

Apply here


Your relationship with ‘not’ having

When you are empty, void, nothing, hungry, without and just stillness in your world…watching, experiencing, allowing the now to unfold however the wave of time crashes itto. You know your place as an observer, a vessel of unconditional love…so when thoughts and emotions come in…nomatter where the pendulum swings (feeling good or not) you don’t judge…you allow, you accept, you sing to them, you cradle them to sleep…so they too may know that you felt them, you saw them, you understood their point of view.

Your inner child is craving this. Give it everything your parents didn’t have the capacity to. You don’t stop looking after the chid within, you’re the 3rd to finish the triangle 👁️

When you acknowledge every single fabric of your expression that is by paying attention to the way your current embodiment is keeping you stuck in this energetic room you’re currently torturing yourself in, you will free yourself.

You can’t lie to yourself…otherwise you’ll look like this 🤡

We all just want to live in peace consistently, feel loved, cherished, adored, understood, appreciated, taken care of…so go within and go through that door everyday as soon as your soul returns to your avatar every morning. This is what prosperity and abundance feels like to me…to choose and become “limitless me” unapologetically when life presents itself…because when I become less, I am lying. I am not in alignment with truth. So where are you limiting your capabilities today?

Your perception of reality can either separate you or marry you together with your desire.

Outside reality = u fit in and bow down to the matrix

Inside reality = freedom, goddess activation, connect
with purpose

Btw shadow work should feel cathartic…if it don’t feel cathartic you doing it wrong. Pull out all your darkness…see it, feel it, hear it…let it lead you back home to the light.

Rejecting, running away, shaming yourself there will only bring more suffering.

Click link below to find the right entrance towards your playing station:

*side note, I AM, I FEEL, I DO (for soul babes who need 7 weeks to realign with their true selves and extract the medicine from their shadow body) is 50% off for the next 6 hours before it goes back to its original price.

Being reminder

Dear Soul Babes

I understand that you are going through a tough time in your life, feeling low, sad, depressed and stuck in a mentalhole. It can be hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel and you may feel rejected, abandoned, unappreciated and unsafe right now. These emotions can be overwhelming and it may seem like there is no way out. It’s ok to feel negative emotions. It’s okay to experience intrusive, dark, dense, yucky thoughts.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative emotions and the overwhelming pressure of your thoughts and feelings. You may be feeling rejected, abandoned, unappreciated, or unsafe, and it’s essential to know that you are not alone. There are many others out there struggling with similar challenges, and there’s always hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The first step towards healing and inner peace is to come back home to your truth, to the essence of who you are. You may be wondering how you can do that, but the truth is that everything you need is already within you. The answers you seek, the comfort you crave, and the direction you need are all inside of you, waiting to be discovered.

To discover your truths, you must be willing to face what is coming up in your psyche. This can be a daunting task, but it’s necessary to confront your negative emotions and learn from them. Embrace your emotions, your fears, and your doubts, and use them to understand yourself better and grow as a person. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to become your own best friend and love, cherish, adore, appreciate, speak life into yourself like no one has ever been able to for you!

A vital part of this process is to hold a shadow work party for your demons. This means examining the darker parts of yourself: the parts that you may consider negative, undesirable, or shameful. By investigating these shadows, you will be able to identify and overcome the obstacles that are holding you back and limiting your potential.

Remember that you are a unique and beautiful person, created by God with a purpose in mind. You have a taste for life that is entirely your own, and it’s up to you to pursue that taste and live your best life. You must empower yourself and uplift your soul by holding onto this truth.

If you’re feeling lost, remember that there’s always a way back to yourself. Reach out for help if you need it, lean on your support system, and remember that you are strong enough to get through this. You are not alone, and you are loved more than you could ever imagine. You just have to open yourself up to receive it. Are you genuinely expecting goodness in your life…or are you holding onto beliefs that are preventing you from enjoying your life?

In conclusion, Soul Babes, remember to take the time to come back home to your truth. Face your shadows, embrace your emotions, and empower yourself to live the best life possible. You are capable of overcoming any obstacle and finding joy in everything you do. Trust in yourself, your faith, and your purpose, and keep moving forward towards the light.

If you’d like to start your healing journey by starting your shadow work party…please click button below. Follow your heart, it feels lighter when it’s the right way 🌸😊

*side note, I AM, I FEEL, I DO (for soul babes who need 7 weeks to realign with their true selves and extract the medicine from their shadow body) is 50% off for the next 24 hours before it goes back to its original price.


Do you chase unavailable men?| shadow alchemy

This is a hard one to process because it’s a hard realization, aha moments come straight with no chasers!

I came to the realization that I was choosing to be available for unavailable men even beyond logic I chose to open myself up to men who hadn’t proven their worthiness…time, effort, resources…I was chasing instead of inviting love in. Call it what it is, subconscious beliefs, childhood wounds, past life karma, poor decisions whatever…this is where I was…the truth. A Hard pill to swallow when you’re used to pointing fingers all your life!

I delved deeper into this realization and the emotions that came up like shame and guilt flooded in…yet I didn’t make them wrong, judge them I just allowed them to do what emotions are supposed to…flow by. Emotions are alchemized better when you don’t resist but allow them to do what they are supposed to do, be felt.

I used to chase men…was the next realization that came through. The relief of past tense. Choosing to not be that version anymore. This meant embodying a graduated version of me…the one who was only available for what is *currently* available to receive and give her.

I was actively and subconsciously picking up experiences that disempowered me because I didn’t see anything above that. I met this version of me who didn’t believe I was enough, loveable, cherished, adored, desirable. I met her in all her essence and before she departed…she gifted me her wisdom from all her experiences and beyond.

She whispered these little words…”I love you just like this” it took a while for the words to make any sense…I let them marinate as my thinking effort spiraled down to letting go.

Suddenly the words sparked the answer within me. I just knew it. I didn’t have proof…I just knew this is what she meant…my lower self said that she loved me just like this. I finally received the love I was seeking out there.

It felt like validation, acceptance, unconditional love, allowance, freedom, approval, yes nod, enough, appreciation…and the more I leaned into these wonderful emotions I started to feel adored, cherished and loved.

The very embodiment that blocked me away from what I was truthfully seeking gifted me exactly what I needed. It was the very shadow body that freed me from the gunky, yucky, dense feelings in my body.

So now, what do I do?

I lean in more into my shadow body and allow its medicine to be my nutrition…my medicine, my north star.

Your demons are here to provide for you, are you ready to receive protection, to be cherished by your inner being?

You will soon realize you are whole when you stop chasing after halfsies.

Listen to me as I share more in prose,

I used to chase men now I chase me in poetic flow

If this resonated, I would love to dance with you some more in any of my containers. There are different portals you can find me in. Open the one that sparks your inner being the most. Juicy and wet only!

Click link to learn more about how we can work together.

See you on the other side,



Your skeletons & demons are calling!

When you embody your shadow body to feel the pain that you’re craving to feel, to feel the suffering that you’ve kept yourself in its loop, when you’ve faced all the ways you’ve not been choosing yourself…when you find the beauty in the ways you’re falling short instead of kicking yourself towards the goals…if you can make now part of the act, if you can find some kind of pleasure from your own suffering then you can beat the devil at its own game.

You came here to thrive regardless of what’s being reflected back to you…moments of feeling defeat shouldn’t translate to complete defeat. You are the narrator of this story so tell us how it ends please, unless ofcourse you’re enjoying not having, not being, life being awful, feeling disconnected, constantly in misery…then you’re my guy.

Mental Alchemy Academy is for you my friend. Come dance with your shadows and flirt with your demons on your way back to peace of mind. Your inner turmoil and chaos are the you’s you’ve been rejecting. So accept the skeletons in the closet and watch life mold, shift to your desires. Now that’s alchemy 🌸

Click button to find the right alchemy portal for you:


The benefits of shadow work

Once you face all your demons and darkness within that was causing you to run away from yourself…from your home, once you tame them through Mental Alchemy you will feel free to dominate your mental realm however you please. Soon you will notice all those demons gathering together to be of service to your pleasure.

How could that internal work manifest externally?

🌸 Creating better boundaries

🌸 Authentic expression without worrying about how it looks

🌸Thinking, worrying less about what they’re saying about you and more about how you can evolve into a better human being

🌸 Noticing when people are wearing masks/running from themselves. (Discernment)

🌸 Upgraded quality of relationships/people that effortlessly gravitate towards you (or you start noticing the people who were already around you had missed)

🌸 You naturally start #levelingup your value system because you know all your darkness and you finally understand your soul will cause more turmoil if you don’t. So evolving becomes a lifestyle. Talk about a spiritual icon!

🌸 You take more chances & leaps towards your happiness and fulfillment even if sometimes messy.

🌸You remove people off pedestals so you can see them for who they actually are and not what your inferiority, lack of self belief, disconnection from self, and more is projecting to you. You naturally respect those who align with your core value systems consciously and unconsciously

And more…

Learn this and more at the Mental Alchemy Academy 😉 a portal that was alchemized from density for love🌸

Come inside my portal down down here

👇 👇


Find the pleasure in your pain.

alchemy chaos confusion inner child self love

What chapter are you narrating right now?

The pen is always writing anyway. So what are you narrating right now? Where are you seeing your life lead to right now? Do you like where it’s going? Or maybe you feel stuck and you’re stuck in chaos…you’re confused and disconnected from yourself because your dominant thought pattern is in fear, scarcity, lack, disempowerment, doubt, shame, doubt….

Your mind is clouded in the dark cloud….you want it to stop….you’re sick and tired of this little trend going on in your life, you’re growing…you’re ready to expand to lightness within, to feel again, to be in love with life again, to breathe again, you want your life back!!!!

You came here with nothing, you’re gonna leave with nothing. What will your life stand for during this time you’re shooting past this earth portal goddess?

What will you be known for?

Come find out by studying yourself, by taking ownership of what is within your control.

Trust the undoing part of your shadow work, it’s meant to be messy so you can love all the corners and crooks of you.

You’re worthy of your own love.

Just finished day 1 of the Survival Mode Neutralizer 7 Day Challenge. Day 2 tomorrow at 5:55pm PST…we are meeting your throne. What does it feel like? How do you naturally embody it?

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Your inner child is calling you

Your “survival” pattern is rooted in the story your inner child is reliving over and over again because that was the imprint life first gave her.

Your task at hand is to connect with this in your innerchild so she can tell you all her thoughts, emotions and share the memories that impacted, shaped her the most.

Life is holding you in its love, be held while you dig deeper into your inner being that is painting your current reality. There’s always a root if you follow the stem through your past selves…a portal will be opened only if you show up in unconditional love and a calm state.

Your I AM is your anchor, this is your throne. This is where you find your power. Autonomy of self is what you’re looking for…you won’t find it if you’re still swimming in your dense, yucky pool of thoughts…come over let’s flash out the old and refill it with fresh, clear and clean space that will help you stay calm when chaos hits outside of you.

Survival Mode Neutralizer 7 Day Challenge is starting today at 4:44 PM PST.

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Goddess Embodiment Activation

Being one with God, the point where you end being you and I end being me…where our souls combine to create a blanket of what is…to be so equally yoked in the moment and breathing the next inhale if it’s your last. To come alive in this moment and the next by choosing to lean into what is a little bit more and if you don’t like it…move along to another slice where you’re ignited and happy and fulfilled.

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If you’re currently experiencing shame and guilt around your sexuality, this is especially for you.

Your lack of self trust is heightened because of the chaos within your psyche. This is your opportunity to transcend thought and go collect on top of your head and view your current circumstances from there.

Start giving thanks for all past versions of yourself especially the one you resist a lot. All parts within you have to come back home. Piece each part within you that’s resisting the other by accepting the conflict within and finding beauty in it.

When you overthink you’re spending your life force on low quality things, you will feel empowered when you take one more step towards your desired reality.

Your act of faith will be expansion you need for your leveled up embodiment.

Survival Mode Neutralizer Challenge is starting 4:44pm PST on April 4th.

Let me guide you back to find your inner security.

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Where are you heading?

If you don’t move, your things don’t move.


You’re always building momentum towards somewhere

Where are you holding momentum right now?

Go there and dig deeper into why you’re making that choice.

It’s#shadowwork time!

Momentum of habits

Momentum of thoughts

Momentum of assumptions about yourself

Momentum of assumptions about what you think other people are thinking/saying about you

Momentum of feeling state (how you’re feeling consistently)

Become selfish with your energy for a bit…and become curious about the source of your own suffering. You’re stuck here because there’s a message for you you haven’t looked deeper into.

Stay still, reflect, meditate, journal, write it out, record it…play with it. Where can you take responsibility?

Join us sis for the Survival Mode Neutralizer Challenge beginning April 4th at 444pm PST. It’s FREE! If you’re dealing with a lot of chaos and uncertainty around your desired reality…calm down to peace. We are waiting for you

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This is what self acceptance looks like

If every frame of your internal living life was blasted out for everybody to see…would you still choose you?

Even if everybody knew all of your insides…and you face criticism, rejection, separation from the people you want validation from so bad. You forget that if you’re not in a love union with this present version of yourself you will always feel incomplete, empty, always looking for something outside of who you’re being right now.

Hold you…allow whatever to flow through without resisting it…that’s love, that’s hue man because you allow all the ranges of being to be felt, experienced and accepted with no judgement.

When you keep coming back over and over again nomatter how uncomfortable it is, you keep choosing you. You keep loving hard those versions of you you’re embarrassed of, your ashamed of…the ones that bully you into believing you’re not worthy of X,Y,Z…the ones that instigate self abandonment, self doubt, fear and limitations.

You are the one who has to let go of the reigns so you can be resurrected to light. You activate your light body by first of all not taking direction and final answers from your mind. It’s a steering wheel that needs to be respected.

Your (emotional) body communicates to you the vibration of the momentum you’re building up right now energetically

Your task at hand in the moment is simple always.

To allow your being to guide you towards your spark. This is when your soul is controlling your body. You can trust whatever comes out of that because those are direct soul codes. Your creations are Picasso’s too, who said your art can’t immortalize you three years after you’re dead too?

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