Life is a very vivid dream

Your journey on this Earth is not forever so you need to start taking your heart’s desires a little more seriously before your time here runs out. We don’t know when. So now is the only time you’ve got.

Stay present and notice how you’ve been spending your energy in the last 24 hours. Is it in alignment with what you desire for yourself?

What story have you been telling yourself about your misalignment?

Your imagination is the source of your suffering as well as the source of your wellbeing. I’ll let you reflect on your own use of thought and assumptions about your third dimensional reality right now. (Your reflected reality)

How does your life feel right now?

Expansive or constricted?

What’s the source of that?

What quality of thoughts are you holding onto that are running your current narrative right now? This is the level of presence you need to get to flip the switch to a better narrative. small you is pushing you towards BIG YOU.

But first, you need to take responsibility for where you are so you can shift to a better version of you that receives better results. Nothing changes if you don’t.

Allow your soul to just play in this reality…shake off thoughts that disempower you and bring you back to density. Your mission on earth is to ascend so you might as well do whatever it takes to get up there. You are a light being so this should be easy peasy right?

You’re narrating a story in each passing moment psychically.

If you don’t like where this is going, stop, and narrate something different.

What you’re currently experiencing is not set in stone, you feel stuck because you’re making yourself stuck. In this coming moment, find a lighter perspective that allows you to alleviate yourself from your suffering!!!

Awaken your inner child, let her play. Let your imagination run free towards your goals. Your logical mind will try to pull you back into your third density but you’re light at your core, so do not let it into your driver seat. That’s your throne!!!

Your heart’s desires have already arrived, stop pushing them away. Allow them in. Allow yourself to expand, feel good and light!!!

If you’re having a hard time with your mental realm and need assistance with activating your light body to retrace your way back home to your bliss state,

Private message me, “Soul babe” when you click the button below 👇🏾

Remove the pressure to be elsewhere other than now. You have already arrived. Release the resistance to what is and just allow yourself to enjoy life right here right now. The dream is already realized.

Click button below to tap in on how you can extend grace to your present self so you can start enjoying life right now

See you on the other side!


The cycle of life: fear of lose

A co-created poem to help you transcend your current fears around death. Thank you Byron for your light!

The end does it really exist?

How could we define the end?

Death, lose, fear, gone forever…

Where is the forever, it is said that death is the beginning , if this is true…how do you?

Mystery, the unknown, not knowing, separation, holding on with not seeing anymore is scary

Fear. False evidence appearing real,

Demons & Gods-Intentions. Decide which is what.

Peace, serenity, relief, joy, bliss, trust, knowing, surrender, emotions bursting from within

Letting the heart lead, allowing the human experience to connect us all

Does Spirit end? Or does it just blends into the universal cosmic pool of stuff?

Swirling with all the embodiments of love…you, me, tree, squirrel, ocean, life, love…

Love, love, love. A word created from the heavens above or a human construct that struck.

Did it come from luck or…being…allowing our hearts to open to tell us the wisdom from the beginning of time.

Can you have beginnings with open endings? If this is so then the end can we ever know?

It does exist…it goes on and on and on expanding, constricting and expanding again into the unknown…

I guess we will never know until time brings us back into the now

If you’re currently having a hard time with transcending your density, your dark thoughts tap in…

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Divorce your undesired states

Notice where you are right now, what is showing up. Who you’re assuming to be. What you’re assuming about the future. Your fears. Your thoughts. Your being. All of it!

Watch without needing to hold onto any thought, fears, worries, and doubts…just let them float away as they come.

Now notice how your body responds to the best outcome of each assumption. Notice how your world opens up…how energy shifts. Just stay still for a little longer.

Give gratitude because you just opened up your own portal to The 7th Heaven!

Here’s the deal. Change is available for you only if you change. The opportunity to do so is consistently available to you, now, now, now. Over and over again. It might seem like it’s taking forever…be patient, it’s all gradual like the fall leaves slowly fading away to make way for the winter winds.

So let your willpower and determination keep you centered in your vision for the future…for who you’re becoming…already are. Just husshhh the undesired state’s voices and trust the work of the divine within you that continously paints love and perfection.

Who are you? You are choosing to assume to be someone right now…do you want to be here? No? So choose different. It’s that simple booboo kirry.

Why are you still waiting for permission? Ok, you’re allowed to live too dookie. If your dense versions of you are stealing your joy, light and spark for life it’s time to go to the Matrimonial Energy Courts and divorce these assumptions about yourself.

Dive deeper into your annoyance.

See you on the other side!


Your best friend meets your worst enemy

The battle of the mind continues…

As always, monkey mind wont stop chattering about…the more you forget who you are, the more it pulls you in.

Do you have any cool, fun everyday activities that you do to keep yourself grounded in your true identity? Please share with the community below in the comment section.

Thanks to Nina Camille’s 11 day Freedom Challenge, I was reminded of how meditating saved my life during one of my defining moments in my past. I was experiencing a spiritual awakening that resulted in me awakening to my habits: my habits of thoughts, habits of nutrition, habits of choices…all that culminated to where I was energetically. My mind was chattering louder than the birds outside…I couldn’t make it stop. I couldn’t study for my tests…all I wanted to do was sleep, that’s the only time they would stop…😴but how could I, I had to graduate, and get into the job that aligns with what success looks like. The only proven path to success. I was constantly in a cycle of trying to prove myself, my worth to others and myself.

Meditation allowed me to separate self from the chatter mind…to expand in compassion towards myself because I was more aware of thoughts I actually believed that didn’t align with love.

I constantly listened to thoughts that degraded me, that disempowered me…everytime I passed by a mirror or when someone gave me a compliment. I couldn’t take one without fidgeting and squirming about because it felt so uncomfortable to receive love. Now I know better because I have something 2 reference on why I felt uncomfortable being appreciated and cherished.

The details and boundaries I’ll leave that to you…but when you spend and invest time & effort towards knowing yourself better and understanding your flow…you play the game on a much smarter level because no one can tell you nothing! Nothing can beat you down to oblivion because you know and understand self. While you’re here, Get to know yourself in 21 Days.

Thank goodness I got to experience the darkness within me so I can know better, and choose better and invite in the best only. If I hadn’t experienced my deep dark hole, I wouldn’t have experienced my greatness as a mental alchemist. This gift unfolded when I thought I was at my weakest. These words just flow out because I am in alignment with the truth of what is. I’m not trying to hide anything or be something I’m not. I just am. I don’t let it define me or allow others to put me in a box. I am period full stop!

Your higher self is fully equipped to alchemize your current enemy within…so allow her to speak into you the instruction that you need to embody to overcome. You can now access 11 Day Challenge: Journal Back to Your Soul here.

Sign up to join here

Awaken, empower & uplift yourself babe. I’ll reflect the blueprint already within. Will you let me?


Sri Venus


The dance between old you and new YOU

Nobody said it was easy…you’re literally shedding off parts of you that don’t align with the new energy you’re expanding into. Your own b.s will be put on light…on the stage by your awareness and there will be nowhere else to go but within…to dismantle all that doesn’t align anymore. Yes it’s uncomfortable that’s why you need to prioritize your well being. When you take care of yourself, you’re extending yourself grace and acknowledging your existence is more than about just working and attracting the dough. It’s about having genuine connections with our hearts and those of other souls roaming along with you on this journey.

How would you know if something is for you if you didn’t really listen to the voice within? How could that happen when you constantly place the voice of others above your own. You are enough just as you come…cute, uncute whatever…these are just labels we use to disqualify our expansive nature. Be careful of the labels you hold onto…you’re the only one holding yourself back.

Brick by brick you can dismantle the pain into something powerful, something meaningful for you and allow it to call you into a higher mission.

Serve those who suffer too…use your skills to empower your community, join a mission you truly believe in…change is hard in the beginning but when you constantly remind yourself of your why every morning…what is your reason for living? You will always find a way to overcome whatever gets thrown your way. When you find you’re not happy, remind yourself over and over again that it begins with a choice to think and choose different. To empower ourselves religiously even when it feels like a lie. Now that’s the living word!!!

There is a way out…and that is within. Trust the process…accept the humanness…you’re still enough and worthy no matter what the voices say, nomatter what the world reflects 🌸 accept the shadows just as you do the light. There’s no shortcut…no shame and judgement allowed…just pure unconditional, patient love.

I talk more on this here in the 7th Heaven Meeting Place. If you haven’t yet, join the tribe of mental alchemists who are overcoming their mountains, brick by brick and creating a story of peace, fulfillment and purpose. Apply here.

Listen now to how to dance in-between 2 worlds…the old you and the higher identity 🌸

Be sure to apply for The 7th Heaven, on Dec 1st we start our journey within to dig deep to the roots of all the stories that are coming up for you. I’ll guide you through mental alchemy sessions that will help you shift perspectives and disengage from disempowering stories. You don’t have to do it alone, you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.

The answers are within but if you don’t know where to look…you’ll be lost forever. Allow me to show you the end of the tunnel: The 7th Heaven

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Remember who you really are chica


Sri Venus

shadow self

It’s all a dream

One day it will all be over.

What if you played it too small?

What if there’s a gift behind the worst that could happen? What if moving on means reaching for the most empowering, uplifting and awakening perspective?

What if now is your opportunity to go on a different journey, with just you, before you go meet everyone else up there?

What if this is your ticket to freedom? To completely let go and live life fully as if it was the last round? How would you live?

What would you do?

If you lived your life completely, fully in the present. Coming at peace with your past.

Acknowledging your desires in your heart as what is to come. Give thanks and live this one round like it’s your last.

Expect to create magic!


Everyone has an opinion about something, don’t be a victim 2 them

Everyone wants 2 be an expert at something, open this app & you’ll see people exerting their own opinions…truths on anything. Nothing wrong with that…but when you find yourself chasing and collecting information so that you feel ready, enough & worthy to be somebody you’re on a path of failure.

Why not be an expert as something nobody can tell you anything on…you. listen 2 your heart…your being…what are you hoping this person will bring you….what do you hope being associated with this group will make you feel.

When you come off social media, and have conversations remember 2 dust off beliefs, fears & thoughts that don’t align with your heart. It’s easy 2 be persuaded away from your heart but at the end of the day, you’re the one you have 2 live with…when you dishonor your heart. Everyone is a messenger…a mirror for what’s within. So look inside to find the answers you’re looking for…you’re complete.

Life is long when you carry misery with you.
It is short and sweet when you bring joy and you’re free 2 be yourself.


Stuff You Already Know but I’ll Remind You Anyway

With the right one you don’t have to question anything

Keep working on finding love within, Your worthiness for ALL the desires you want

Start owning what you really want out of life, no matter how impossible/crazy/unconventional it might seem to you or others

Take accountability for ALL of your actions in your past (no…my childhood trauma did this & that, we’re not victims of circumstances…we are victors)

Stop engaging on the level that doesn’t align with what your heart wants…the longer you keep playing small the longer you will stay out of your dream

Your heart’s whispers is the ONLY GPS you should trust. Not out there.

Surrender to your own love. Drench yourself in abundance, joy, happiness, prosperity, wellbeing, and your beauty.

Be so convicted with your desires your reality has no choice but to bow down.


Daily Reminder!

Each passing moment, you have the opportunity to be better or to recycle the same narrative

Think of it as a stroke of paint on your fabric of your existence…are the strokes being intended by love or by hate?

What picture are you painting?

It will reflect…you can’t hide from your own truth forever

Self acceptance and forgiveness is continuous

You will always meet parts of yourself you don’t understand…find challenging to love…the whole experience brings humility…grace & surrender to what is.

But to evolve characteristics that are not beneficial anymore, you need to show up out of your comfort zone.

Walk in faith



You Are More Than Worthy!

You are already worthy of all that your heart desires nomatter how big or reaching it might seem to your ego right now

Your job is to break down all the limits standing in your way…feeling and knowing you already are

Like a Phoenix rising from its own ashes

Your old identity has to die

To allow the new one that better aligns with the new story to emerge

Does this new identity think the way you currently are?

Start doing things that make you feel uncomfortable on a daily basis to get used to being uncomfortable…that’s where the most growing happens!