Survival Mode Neutralizer 7 day Cycle

Welcome to Mental Alchemy Academy Soul Babe.

When there is chaos outside of you it is easy to connect to it and invite it in within your internal world. You feel confused and uncertain about the journey ahead because you let the mind take control. Your power lies in your heart and you can only hear its song if you surrender to the present.

Always find your way back without holding onto a story or narration from back in there. Let it go as it comes…allow it all to flow through you without assuming anything. Love is magical when you let it in Unconditionally. How can you experience life if you don’t allow for both ends of the swing to bring you love. Darkness and light. They all resemble the nature of life, balance. Happy, sad. Joyful, depressed. Ashamed, empowered! You go on.

You want to plant your roots into the ground, into the moment nomatter what…but that is hard if you’re having a hard time letting of the past…including the person you just were a second ago. If you notice the ego wants to stay relevant but pushing it’s identity into the moment know that it’s a mask that gets to be removed. There is a gift there waiting for you. One by one remove each mask to unveil the full picture of truth…meeting all corners of your being with no judgement or shame but pure bliss!

If you’re ready to commit to 7 Days of journeying within to heal any wounds of insecurity. Join other women across the world as you create a safe space to be seen, held and supported. All live zoom calls will be recorded. Expect to feel lighter and to connect to your yumminess. (Hint-Meow!)

If you’d like to keep the recordings, you will receive a FREE 7 day cycle guide to company you when you go again through the Survival Mode Neutralizer. These are action steps to guide you on how to navigate blockages set up by the mind by studying your own energy and mastering it.

*This guidebook will only be used after the Free Challenge ends. You will continue on with this guide to anchor and move from within first for the next 7 days. Think of this as additional support to help you integrate what you have already implemented during the Challenge and to challenge you to search deeper in your red wound.

In addition you will receive the first two months FREE for a group support Red 🍒 Container on Facebook and Telegram. (the monthly payment will be updated soon)

Add two Masterclasses that will shadow support you in the Mental Realm as you dive deeper into this wound. You will be able to reflect on ways your past self will try and lure you back to the restrictive, constrictive mental prison:

Masterclass 1: The Different Survival Mode Archetypes

Learn the different mental bodies that manifest when you’re facing your scarcity, limiting, fearful, “yucky” wound. When you understand your enemy i.e. whatever you’re resisting in your psyche you can devise a plan to transcend based on your current reality.

Masterclass 2: Using Archetypes to your Advantage

Masterclass 2: Using Archetypes to your Advantage

Now that you know what your enemies are…how can you use their energy to your advantage? How can you work with what is to empower yourself out of this current storyline?

P. S: The dates of the Masterclass will be dropped off soon as more people register in the container. Please keep an eye on your email inbox.

P. S: You can’t separate masterclasses, they come as a package.

If you purchase the Survival Mode Neutralizer Guidebook & both Masterclasses together you’ll receive a 50% discount (on 1 Masterclass): You can use this link to purchase bundle => (link pending)

To purchase both Masterclasses (without guidebook) use this link=> (link pending)