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Getting To Know Yourself

with Sri Venus


Congratulations on making it this far! This kind of commitment deserves a pat on the back because a lot of people don’t feel compelled to get out of their comfort zone and start making changes like you have.

My 12 Systems of Success Clarity Questionnaire will help you feel a sense of control over your life. In this questionnaire, you’ll be led to look at the following aspects of your life:

– Character,

-Love Life,

-Health & Fitness,

-Spirituality (connection to self),

– Intellectual Life,

-Emotional Life,


-Social Life,

-Financial Life,

– Career,

-Quality of Life,

-Life Vision,

With clarity you will gain wisdom on what to work on and how you can create systems around you, starting today!

There is always room for improvement, and once we know what needs works and is stopping us from unleashing our best version, there is no stopping us.

As I suggested in the book, focus on 3 aspects of your life every quarter of the year and rotate until you have touched all 12. Whilst working on the next set of 3, it doesn’t mean you have to leave the last 3 hanging…you build on them (think of compound interest).

Change is uncomfortable at first but when you have your WHY defined, as we are in Getting To Know Yourself in 21 Days you’ll find your fuel to kickstart you on your transformation journey.

I hope you find the clarity you are seeking.

With Love,