I Am,I Feel, I Do

If you’re not sure what you stand for and what your life is about…you might be disconnected from your value system. Your value system is the boundary between your shadow body and light body. You can only anchor your light body by clarifying your values.

Your values are found where your current struggles are. This is not who you’re trying to be but rather who you’re already being. She’s the portal to all your problems disappearing. It won’t happen in poof quickness but you choosing to come back over and over again to face parts within you that are not in alignment with your value system is you embodying love and you regardless choosing to not judge yourself is called unconditional love.

7 weeks three times a week we will open this wound that is blocking you from embodying your higher self’s message for the world to receive. You’re the gift and your embodiment is the message.

This is your soul’s signature, your unique blueprint to existing, breathing, walking, being…awaken to the real you with other Soul Babes on a similar journey with you of seeking answers from within.

In addition You will receive a FREE trilogy of Shadow Books to support you during these 7 weeks of live Shadow Calls :

+ A Shadow Alchemy Workbook

+ How To Choose You Workbook

+ Love Activation Workbook

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