Bypassing reality to escape

When you choose to ignore and numb your true feelings you are missing your opportunity to connect with your true self

When you bypass the truth (what is), instead you are choosing to connect to your wounded ego which keeps you stuck in a false story, resulting in you living an unfulfilling life…living a lie. (no wonder you’re miserable)

You attract emotional unavailable souls into your orbit because you are emotionally unavailable for yourself

You point fingers at others for making you feel a certain way instead of pointing fingers at the most important person who is ignoring you

Instead when you have a devotional relationship with yourself, and you study self truthfully even when you don’t like what you see, you awaken to the love you’ve been seeking all along

When you give your lower versions unconditional love, total acceptance, cherishing, forgiveness, understanding and patience…when you give that to yourself first…you will expect it from others second…

You always lead and show others how you want to be loved by embodying it, by becoming, by being, by doing it for yourself first.

Everybody else is just following suit to your normal

You are leveling up the playing field

Expect to meet those who don’t love or are resisting parts of themselves knowingly or not,

you will know and see those who wear masks because you’ve become comfortable with your own shadows

Shadow work is uncomfortable but the rewards are priceless

Keep showing up

It’s totally worth it!


When you hear the whispers of doubt

They will keep coming for you

Day after day

Until the end of time

The dance will always be about transcending your thoughts…your attachment to the outcome, your attachment to life. This is just a dream anyway…duality will always give you an illusion so only believe in the only universal truth. You are. You have. You’ve arrived. Open your heart. See green. Drink green. Wear green. Count how many green things you can find?

Choose now to always listen to your heart first before your mind. Choose lightness. Choose well-being. Choose the best outcome. Yes, you can’t control everything that happens but you can choose your place of being. Your sanctuary, your Eldorado.

How are you gonna get out of your own way starting right now?

What thoughts are you choosing to not engage with anymore?

How are you choosing to look at yourself starting right now? What’s your level of being? How does life treat you? What do you really believe your life is about? How can you change what you don’t want?

Remember, life’s a dance. When we feel like giving up, we are just a little tired and need a break to nurture our spirit, we’ve been going hard. Enjoy your break…eat yummy food, take care of your body…drink lots of water! Watch funny things. Hang out with your fav peep(s)

Release your shoulders and stand straight

Stretch the stiffness out

Shake out your fears, and limitations

You already are.


See you on the other side.

Mental Alchemy Meeting Place


Daily Reminder!

Each passing moment, you have the opportunity to be better or to recycle the same narrative

Think of it as a stroke of paint on your fabric of your existence…are the strokes being intended by love or by hate?

What picture are you painting?

It will reflect…you can’t hide from your own truth forever

Self acceptance and forgiveness is continuous

You will always meet parts of yourself you don’t understand…find challenging to love…the whole experience brings humility…grace & surrender to what is.

But to evolve characteristics that are not beneficial anymore, you need to show up out of your comfort zone.

Walk in faith



Just Be

Normalize just sitting with yourself

With no thought

With no need to go anywhere

With no planning going on in your head

Just being

Feeling your heart beat

Hearing the different layers of sound and how they sync together

To feel how your clothes feel against your body

How your breath sounds

To remind yourself you’ve already arrived

In the now

The mind plays lots of tricks

You just need to be smarter

After this meditative process, may the next steps that follow be intentional and aligned with where you want to go. It’s easy to get distracted again and fall back into chaos. Rise above & stay floating


You Are The Head Babe In Charge in YOUR Reality!

Nomatter what people say, what your 3D makes you believe

You are the HBIC of your reality

Everyone else is just extras

Who are you giving major roles in your life?

Who are you believing outside of yourself?

Who are you literally handing over the script to & they don’t even belong in the new story you are creating.

It’s time to reassess and take some responsibility for the mental energy you’re giving to people, problems, and stories that aren’t getting you where you want to be…a moodboard


Uncomfortable Feelings

Sit with your uncomfortable emotions more often

Open your heart

Validate whatever you’re feeling

Name the feeling


Talk about it

Sometimes you don’t realize that you were in your head…i.e your ego is trying to play you and create more problems & stories.

Let it go

Allow people to show you who they are

No need to take it personally

It’s never about you…they are in their own world

Don’t assume anything

Just watch


How To Mentally Transform Your Life After Depression?

Your BIG transformation will happen when you devote everyday to being a better version than you were yesterday. Imagine how your daily intentions (intended actions & thought patterns) compound interest over a course of 3 months, 6 months…a year and more.

Having points through out the year to celebrate your major breakthroughs and to reflect on how you can do better in the next period will be really beneficial.

Breakthroughs could mean being better at setting boundaries and voicing your desires without flinching…or applying for that program you think you won’t get into, but you chose to face your fear anyway. You’re probably making so much progress but you’re so hard on yourself, you become your own worst enemy and close of the blinders because you don’t think you’re going anywhere.

Just keep showing up. You already have it!

Seek enjoyment in everything you do, and you’ll feel less dead


The past (Previous versions of yourself That didn’t know better)

Thank them

*Do you find yourself cringing at the things you used to do?
*Feel angry at yourself for not knowing and doing better?
*Maybe you have a particular story on loop that brings shame and guilt over and over again?

I sometimes catch myself doing this but what this does is just keep you stuck in a loop that pulls you deeper and deeper into self deprecating mindset.

You’re not doing yourself any justice
Let it go
You wouldn’t have made it this far, if it wasn’t for each and every past version of you. They motivated you to evolve into the person you are right now and are still becoming
So the least you can do is be grateful for the beautiful lessons if not reminders that you’re more than worthy of the best. When you thought you deserved only a tiny bit, you were reminded through experiences that you were settling because of some underlying worthiness issues or whatever!

I guess that’s why we are here on earth, to heal, overcome, to love…all parts of us…the disempowered versions and the empowered ones all the same. You can’t sorta kinda love the versions you don’t like, those are the ones you have to dive deep into and marinate them in unconditional love. Because if you don’t, life will always mirror back those wounds through your loved ones especially. So why not love them so much and allow them to mirror back the effort you’ve put into surrendering to what is?



Self-compassion for emphasis

Self-compassion, what is it? Why is it so essential?

We move through life entertaining these negative thoughts in our mind, we even add fuel to the disempowering chaos happening in our minds eye by creating stories that don’t uplift us or others. It’s ok, we all have this in common. This mitote or the chattering mind.

What differentiates us is whether we choose to believe the fear lingering parasite and the stories that it projects? Or we choose to surrender to just being, in love with the truth of who we are, the truth of all beings, and with life. Are we feeling inspired each waking moment we open our eyes? Are we feeling constricted or expansive? Are we in our heads or in our body?

Taking a moment to bring self-awareness, to check in with where your I AM is resting (whether it is working with you or against you) is an act of constant self-love. When we find ourselves not where we want to be, how we react could bring us down or inspire us to soar regardless of where we are. We understand that this experience although it seemingly didn’t align us with where we desire to be, there was a lesson learnt or a deeper understanding of how the mind can play tricks on you.
It is to know that all is not lost because you know the truth of who you are. You already have everything you desire although it might seem like it’s not true in this very moment…especially when it seems impossible!

Learn how to not resist the present moment and how it unfolds while also holding personal integrity (i.e showing up in active faith as you 2.0 who needs to get the job done)

Life responds to how you show up. How are you showing up in this very moment?

If this inspired you in some way & if you hope it’ll bring clarity to someone else, go ahead and share! Show up in love…


The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

1. be impeccable with your word
2. don’t take anything personally
3. don’t make assumptions
4. do your best always