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Refusing the truth kills you

Abandoning your true self feels like death

Being pulled away from your life force, your very oasis your soul takes refugee from

When you lie to yourself, when you live a lie you disqualify what your heart is saying. You forget what the light whispers of your higher self sound like…

You normalize struggle, density, disconnection from self and find more ways to spiral further down as a means to feel something familiar.

Society tells you you’re bad for being where you are…your childhood traumas make you believe you’re wrong for feeling what you’re feeling…your self talk beats you down for being where you are because it’s not where you’re supposed to be…

Do you see where I am going with this?

You’re killing yourself softly when you don’t answer the call from soul.

You are identifying with shadows because that’s comfortable for you.

Light feels ouchies because it’s new territory and you don’t like the unknown…

What if you gave yourself an opportunity to just feel your inner beings truth just for one second longer before you ran off away from the truth?

What would you be stealing away from your future self if you didn’t numb just this one time?

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See you on the other side!

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come back home to your spirit in just 5 mins

Accept what is being shown without any resistance

Face the truth without the need to hold onto the parts that are yelling at you

Just watch it float away like a cloud, or like water running off on your body

No attachment but surrender to the moment

Connect with your breath to anchor you into the present moment

While being aware with how you’re connecting to your inner world,

When you have clarified your reason and aim

Nothing can stand in your way

Completely letting go means forgiving and shifting fully to focus on the shift.

Unbecoming & Becoming at the same time in real time

You’re timeless, as long as you stay in the present moment.

Spirit Activation

Face it all in it’s entirety (fearlessly free yourself or not from): shame,insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, fear, grief, depression, powerlessness, defeat, lack, jealousy, hatred, revenge, ickiness,density, shadow body, constant worry, doubting a lot, disappointment, constant L’s, frustrations, running around in circles, boredom, settling for a pessimistic life…the void, emptiness, the unknown, the worst, the best, the gap…all of it in this moment.


Now as you breathe out let it go with everything that triggered you.
Come back to this moment
And listen to your heart’s codes
Without judgement
But patience


👂Connect to your ears, what do you hear? 👂How many different sounds?

👁️ Can you create a story around that? 👁️

🥩Connect to the bottom of your feet and all over your skin…wherever it makes contact outside of yourself🦶

👃🏿👃🏾👃Breathe it all out and back in, drawing full circles with your air…playing with nothingness (air). ☝️☝🏿 No quickies and halfsies.☝🏿 (Always come back to Full breathe no matter what) Choose to live fully 👃👃🏾👃🏿

Feel your tongue as it rests inside you 👅

Welcome back to your body.


Hi I’m Sri Venus, I’m your guide on

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You are enough for what you’re calling in,
Just the way you are,

Shadows are to be danced with and integrated with your light.

A full day is not complete with no night or light. They all play a part.

So come as you are.

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Give love and don’t expect anything back

Free yourself over and over again

The human side of you wants you to give to get…

I will do this so I can feel worthy to receive.

This is the only way I will receive what I want so I need to force, manipulate, coerce to receive what I want.

That’s the ego, that voice is all about me, me, me…but if you look at the bigger picture, you realize that you need others to make your dreams a reality too. So the frequency you operate give and take on is the same one your the others will meet you on. When it’s about we, we, we…you feel less lonely and empty because you’re giving on a higher frequency… connecting with the version of you who’s cup is always overflowing.

There’s nothing wrong with gaging your capacity to give…but it’s the intention behind every energetic exchange. Boundaries are hot. So ofcourse honor your soul…just be truthful.

What would giving love conditionally feel and look like in your daily life?

Chasing love: you never feel good enough until you do X to receive what you desire. You place conditions on your situation.

Connecting from insecurity: codependency and low frequency connections.

Living from the mind and being trapped in its stories and not grounded in your power.

Taking advantage of and energetically calling in others to do the same to you too.

Striving, forcing towards your goals and feeling like you have nothing to show for it

Harboring resentment

Lack of trust

Lack mindset

Trying to control the unfolding

On the flip side, What would sharing your love Unconditionally gift you?

Extend others grace to be themselves without needing them to be something they are not

Expand your capacity to receive Unconditional love from others

Peace of mind, feeling complete because you have already given yourself all you need energetically so you know it will come. You dance with life to constantly find balance within by energetically fulfilling your needs and living in the end. You commit to the work and allow life you meet you there.

Attract your high vibes tribe: Connecting through the heart for deep, fulfilling, pure intentioned relationships

Safe to just be you, your truth without expecting others to validate or accept it. You are the embodiment of love after all.

Flow state: gift yourself the freedom to just be you without judgement. Give yourself Unconditional love in order to recognize it when someone is gifting it to you too. Allow people to be who they are while giving with a cheerful heart.

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See you on the other side!


Thank the previous versions of yourself

You wouldn’t have the clarity about the future you’re creating without the previous versions of yourself. You wouldn’t be who you’re becoming without something to reflect on.

You don’t need to relive and punish yourself for versions that were only sent to embody lessons that might be tough…they were just seeds planted to help you expand into the consciousness you are right now. Their memory are now just debris and manure you get to use for the new reality you’re watering.

When you notice the versions of you that you don’t like, that you’re ashamed of, that you’re very resistant of coming up give thanks for their message.

Love this version of you unconditionally

Accept it unconditionally

Cherish it unconditionally

Understand it’s perspective without judgement

Trust it’s embodied message is your stepping stone to your inevitable revelation of your desires.

Surrender to it without the need to attach your identity to it.

The past versions of you only come through because they want to be loved, cherished and understood unconditionally…although they were seeking that out of you…now you get to come into union with and give them exactly what was already within.

Exercise to experience relief and expansion in your psyche

Everytime you feel triggered by your past, place your hand on your heart, identity & feel the emotions coming through and be there with her with no rush to be somewhere else. This is just a version of you from the past that wants to be loved and validated. So become emotionally available for her. Give her what she has always wanted and was seeking outside of herself. Love

This is how you reintegrate parts of you that you’re resisting. Watch magic unfold as you expand in love.

Hug yourself more and fall in love with your presence.

I’m thankful for all parts of you that carry wisdom and have brought you to me. I love you…all of you.

I see you 🌸

(Seriously! Please come back and comment below the shifts you start noticing about yourself 😜 this is how much I believe in this exercise)


Loving the parts of you society says you should be ashamed of

We are not strangers to the online community that lead the general consensus on the correct way of acting or living life. There’s always a constant tug of war between different tribes that think they are better…and their way is the only true way. If like me, you lurk in the comment section you mind have been offended by something a stranger said that invalidated who you were currently experiencing.

Maybe you started feeling shameful and inferior because of that one comment your auntie or teacher said to you in school…and you’ve been quietly replaying it to yourself in your psyche… you’ve prolly been doing it for so long you don’t even realize it. 

When you’re comfortable with your weaknesses and shadows…you stop hiding from what is…and instead just uncover everything that is. The truth. You remove the illusion and just watch what’s showing up courageously. Your heart open and Unconditional love flows out. You invite in curiousity about why you’re here. You empower yourself by understanding, accepting and cherishing this version of you despite what everyone else’s opinions have to say.

This is the kinda love you’ve been seeking all along. Unconditional love from you. Full acceptance of who you are right now without a care in the world what Tom, Dick and Vanessa have to say about it. It’s feeling enough and complete.

When you fully understand that light needs the shadows, darkness to be…you will embrace your own with deep reverence. You won’t give a flying Flower what somebody’s son thinks of how you show up because you know who you are and what you’re about.

You love you and care about you…and those aligned would feel the same about you. That’s your tribe. That’s your life team…anyone else can skiddadle along.


A poem to awaken yourself to True Love

Hey lover,

How have you been?

How are you feeling tonight?

What have you been saying to yourself?

Have the words been kind?

I do hope you haven’t been torturing yourself

I hope you know you are never alone…especially when you suffer.

When was the last time you hugged yourself?

Made sweet love to your soul with your eyes when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Your heart yearns for your attention, for the love you freely give away.

Hey God
or should I say Goddess,
Don’t listen to the whispers that bully you,
the memories that recycle pain,

anything that separates you from your inner peace.

Surrender to your heart
Love comes from within,
Not out there, not in your mind
But here, now, YOU.

Dance with your ego, with the darkness within,
The more you run, the more you suffer.

Love all of you lover.
All the ugliness,
All the cringe moments,
All the dirts,
All the parts you’re fighting against

Surrender, surrender, surrender
To what is love.
Allow all of you to manifest in all its glory
Don’t be afraid.
Seek within.

And I invite you all to tap in
& connect with your heart
& let’s make love right now!

Let’s alchemize our current reality into something better. Join the tribe. Apply here

See you on the other side!


Uproot yourself from your undesired reality

When you buddy up with your fearful, scarce, limited versions of you…you release the anxiety around needing 2 be someone else outside of what you are currently feeling. Yes, you know this is not who you truly are…but this is what is showing up…so be there with her. Don’t reject her. Love her unconditionally…feel her pain, anxiety, fear…all her emotions. Be the love, security, devotion, peace she craves…be here with her right now. Watch yourself detach more easily…no more resistance. Just flow. Acceptance. Understanding…and Appreciation 🌸

You know who you are so why would you falter at the sight of something you don’t want. Take the gems, be the gem and keep it pushing.



The past (Previous versions of yourself That didn’t know better)

Thank them

*Do you find yourself cringing at the things you used to do?
*Feel angry at yourself for not knowing and doing better?
*Maybe you have a particular story on loop that brings shame and guilt over and over again?

I sometimes catch myself doing this but what this does is just keep you stuck in a loop that pulls you deeper and deeper into self deprecating mindset.

You’re not doing yourself any justice
Let it go
You wouldn’t have made it this far, if it wasn’t for each and every past version of you. They motivated you to evolve into the person you are right now and are still becoming
So the least you can do is be grateful for the beautiful lessons if not reminders that you’re more than worthy of the best. When you thought you deserved only a tiny bit, you were reminded through experiences that you were settling because of some underlying worthiness issues or whatever!

I guess that’s why we are here on earth, to heal, overcome, to love…all parts of us…the disempowered versions and the empowered ones all the same. You can’t sorta kinda love the versions you don’t like, those are the ones you have to dive deep into and marinate them in unconditional love. Because if you don’t, life will always mirror back those wounds through your loved ones especially. So why not love them so much and allow them to mirror back the effort you’ve put into surrendering to what is?