It was just a bad dream

All the things that have been going wrong

All the experiences you had that filled your heart with regret,shame, disappointment, feeling stuck and like a constant failure…

All the memories of your lowest versions of yourself surfacing and reliving them as if they just happened. Your present version has evolved so much that it resists all versions before it that are not in alignment with it’s highest good. That’s natural, do not beat yourself down because it happened…instead choose gratitude for this new awakening happening in the present that is leading you towards a life of expansion & light.

All the assumptions you had of yourself that disconnected you from your beauty, your majesty, your desires, your genius and the inherent value that you bring with your presence to each conversation, room and work.

All the reasons why you weren’t going to win, all the broken tapes inside reminding you of your weaknesses and why you will never be successful, why you’re always going to fail and most importantly why you’re not worthy of love.

It was a lucid dream that tapped into your subconscious and brought out your most limiting beliefs about yourself and life in general.

Just maybe you need to let the bad dream go so you can finally wake up to the blissful life which is already available to you.

Your imagination is your key to freedom. If you’re going to let your past haunt you…you might as well plant roots here and say bye-bye to happiness.

See you on the other side!


When you energetically step up, everything around you steps up too

It’s all you

Where you store your energy and attention matters.

Who you assume to be in each passing moment, interaction adds up. This is just a dream…life is. What are you creating in your consciousness right now? Who are people seeing when they see you? Who are you choosing to see in the mirror each time you look up?

Do you let your failures and your past define you? Or do you define you regardless of your circumstances?

What are your current weaknesses? How do you feel when your shadows show you how you’re showing up?

What you’re telling yourself over and over again in this ever unfolding present moment is what you’re creating. You feel tense, removed from life because you’re believing the disempowering stories and whispers that are only there to trigger you.

You can always choose to work & become best friends with your shadow states…that way, when they show up you can dance with them towards your goals.

Play on the level you desire to be. It’s now baby. Be fearless or you’ll always live a life full of fears, a life half lived-watching others live your dream life and anticipating the worst.