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Your lower self is a gift

Your lower selves: past identities that trigger you and that are not in alignment with your heart (soul frequency) ARE MESSENGERS

Your only job is to feel them, and understand their message from the perception of your higher self.

Being “stuck” in the same story, embodiment, concept of self is an indicator that you’re resisting or that you are in shadow school. Either way, you can’t run away from it. YOU GET TO FACE IT & SIT WITH IT IN ORDER TO TRANSCEND.

(You’re fighting it because you’re afraid of feeling…you’re in survival mode because you’re a servant to your emotions instead of just being a vessel for what they motion through)

Your consciousness is always flowing, meandering, dancing from one place to the other.

You’re the captain so you decide where the consciousness sits and rests for a stretched amount of time.

If it feels like you’re fighting it, you’re not flowing.

If it feels expansive, you’re in alignment.

Sometimes resistance is where you need to be in that moment but don’t forget your identity while there.

Keep flowing towards your aim.

Mirror mirror on the wall, show me how I am not in alignment with my divinity (my true identity)

If you’re having a hard time transcending your current reality (mental realm) let’s talk

Private message me ” Higher Self” when you click link below

See you on the other side!

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Shadow body from the past

You feel awful because you’re holding onto narratives, assumptions your soul knows to not be true

They are old news, lower rooms that you keep repeating, revisiting to punish yourself for past actions.

You are wiser now, so shift your perspective to better align with soul

The truth is this:

If you didn’t do what you did in the past, your present self wouldn’t have the clarity and reference point for what it wants to experience instead in the next moment.

You wouldn’t be you right now

Every version of you good or bad plays an active role in your present self’s sense of direction and evolution.

It helps you make better decisions
It helps you to love you more
It helps you to self study and understand yourself
It helps you navigate life better

It’s a literal win-win

You are winning because you are the blueprint

There’s nothing wrong with the past, the only thing wrong is your disempowering narrative that is making you feel bad for the past.

You are holding onto assumptions, beliefs, thoughts borrowed from society, family, teachers etc that don’t align with your soul

Instead use that energy to love, accept, cherish and understand each version of you that triggers you unconditionally…that’s the only way you can integrate her back into your present self.

That’s how you begin to feel whole again


Accept, remove urgency, flow

You’re creating resistance when you are not allowing what is to be. When you give yourself grace to just be in this moment as you come…you allow your awareness to center you and to show you what you have been missing. The whole truth is showing up before you:

What you’re creating, what you’re entertaining, what you’re fighting against. The root of your suffering is right there…follow the breadcrumbs.

The place you desire to be is to have already arrived so go there in imagination. Use your mind constructively if you’re finding yourself creating battles with it…stop! Drop back into your heart and clear off that mental slate clean and start all over again. Bring in your new life to you right here right now. Your old self will want to take that away from you…but accept the resistance, don’t fight it but hold firm your vision while you feel it’s presence right here right now.

The new you will feel like new clothes, unfamiliar, expansive, exciting if you allow it to be or if you listen to your old self it will feel scary, stupid, like you can’t figure it out, running around in circles…without anything to show for it. The only way you can actually create an empire without burning yourself out is surrendering to your heart’s instructions…and being its obedient student. Respect your mental temple…use it wisely.

Don’t forget to love the previous versions of yourself anyway… Unconditionally love them all and you will feel liberated to just be you without any judgement. Others seem to judge you because you judged yourself first. So stop being so judgy and love all of you-in a healthy manner.

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The truth about struggling

So you find yourself consistently striving towards something while facing a lot of resistance from life? Hmm…

Could it be that you’re reliving the past and projecting it into the now?

Or maybe…you’re still reliving the unwanted reality you feel like you’ve been suck in forever??

Constantly worrying about the next bill…missed bills…cashflow…

You find reaching your goals super hard

When you find that you’re constantly working towards your goals without anything to show for it…maybe it is time to try something new

Becoming more curious with how we are showing up consistently in the now…especially when we hit a wall…are we quick to assume the worst…or are you calm enough to be aware of the storyline that is being projected? Why are you not believing that your desires are already available to you in this very moment? Your imagination throne is waiting for you to escape and play in it. You left it vacant!! Why not embody your desires in your mind…the same way you used to do as a little girl?

Could you be looking at your current situation all wrong?

What if all this effort you’re putting towards your desired destination is all working out for you…but the “struggle” is just reminding you surrender to the moment, the current environment…and allow it to nourish you so you can learn and grow.

Each tree outside has it’s unique blueprint because they all respond to the direction of the wind, the sun…their environment differently. They all seem to “dance” differently and eventually manifest into their own unique expression of a “tree”. Why can’t you look at your own success the same way? Why does the journey have to be straight and narrow? Why does your story have to look like your neighbor’s?

Why can’t you make pitstops on the way to allow the universe to speak through your current situation how you could possibly move different so your growth in the next moves is exponential?

Notice the distrust that you embody…where is it coming from? Would you take life advice from that same voice? If not, discard it! Be in alignment with what is. BE! YOU HAVE ALEADY ARRIVED!

Struggling is only an opposing force within you that could possibly lead you to the destination of your own expansion. When you review and allow what is…you will finally receive the growth you wish to experience.

thank you DJ for inspiring this post!

See you on the other side!


Are you not tired of struggling, hustling, chasing?

Nothing makes sense,
not from a limited perception.

Mystery is where opportunity & untapped potential lies dormant.

Why are you trying 2 control how things will unfold while you could be using your time wisely…tending 2 your energy…clarifying your energetic boundaries for your new story.

Surrender 2 just being, fully surrender 2 the now…assuming your Higher Self is aligned with the order of things…do you trust yourself enough 2 just let go of control & watch your own genius unfold…2 take u where u need 2 be…

Instead of…”I have 2…”,

say & think…”I get 2…”

??? do you notice the difference in energy in your body ???

the struggle is outdated, let’s start living…

constantly FIND Joy nomatter what u are doing

now, now, now