You need to change inside for life to reflect it back to you

When you worry about what others think of you, you give them power over your life

You fit into their script of what you should be doing, you live for them and not for you

Remove them from the pedestal you are constantly putting them on

Disengage from the assumptions you’re placing on them

Disengage from the stories you’re telling yourself through them in your mind’s eye!

Use that energy to create your desired outcome instead.

It feels easy to create stories you don’t want when you’ve planted roots in a narrative that continuously disempowers. It feels powerful when you expand your consciousness to receive the life you’ve been separating yourself from over and over again because of the stories you’ve been entertaining in your head.

Consistently reach out to activities, thoughts, assumptions that activate your bliss state, your most joyful, happy, fulfilled, aligned, in love with life version of you. This is you when you feel at one with whatever is.

When you notice resistance, you acknowledge and accept it without judgement.

You’re in constant flow with what is.

Detached from outcome.

Detached from the past.

Just gratitude and acceptance of the moment right here before you shift energetically into the next room, leveled up frequency, upgraded embodiment of you, better, brighter, clearer!

This doesn’t happen overnight, it happens with intention and consistent work within.

Challenging the you from yesterday and making room for higher you from tomorrow.   to always choose joy as the normal state of being…to guard my energy and allow

Being in control of your energy and time in the mental realm and in the physical realm so you stay aware and away from misaligned energies that could keep you astray.

This whole journey is about being centered from within. That way your presence can positively influence your surroundings. t…2 stand in the unknown, baring all because you’ve finally remembered who you are and you’re

To be courageous in each step you take towards the unknown, but constantly engaging with your heart to lead the way.

To stay open to the wildest possibilities that could lift you back up. STOP HOLDING ONTO THIS CURRENT VERSION OF YOU, SHE HAS FINISHED HER JOB. IT IS TIME TO STEP UPGRADE YOUR ENERGETIC SOFTWARE…new thoughts, new assumptions, new way of looking at life, new prioritizes.

Change is inevitable, why can’t it be on your own terms?

Join me,

If you need guidance on how you can walk back to lighter perspectives, especially if you’re feeling inner turmoil, depression (but you want to try something outside of the normal therapist model), resistance, dark and dense thoughts…let’s talk.

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Sri Venus


You’re receiving peanuts because you’re giving yourself peanuts


You are receiving peanuts because you’re giving yourself peanuts!! You know you are worthy and deserving of a better life yet you open your arms to receive scraps. Why?

Walk with me for a bit.

Why are you buying experiences that disempower you? You’re entertaining thoughts that pull you into the deep end when you know what you want is on the other side.

You keep recycling old stories and versions of you that only existed for the current version of you to be here…yet you keep bringing them back. STOP IT! They don’t want to come back, they did their job already. Yet you keep dragging them back in, no wonder why it doesn’t feel good. No wonder why you’re depressed with your current situation.

In this present moment, you’ve been reborn. Truth is you’re continuously reborn in the next moment and the next. Now, now, now. That’s really the only thing you’ve got. This is Eldorado. The 7th Heaven. Life is your stage. Show us the way.

Prioritize what’s important. If you don’t have clarity yet, download this Clarity Questionnaire so you can dust off what’s not in alignment.

Always remember, small you keeps running back to the past…roaming in the future, creating stories that probably won’t even happen…BIG YOU KNOWS AND BREATHES THE PRESENCE OF AUTHORITY, the mind doesn’t bully BIG YOU. It works for her! Big difference in embodiment. Can you feel it?

Stop letting that monkey mind talk you out of your throne. You’ve got this. You always have what you need. Live with intention. Be a servant to your soul.

P.s I’d love to help you alchemize your darkness to light. This is why I am here. To serve you. Allow me to do my soul job

See you on the other side!

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The truth about struggling

So you find yourself consistently striving towards something while facing a lot of resistance from life? Hmm…

Could it be that you’re reliving the past and projecting it into the now?

Or maybe…you’re still reliving the unwanted reality you feel like you’ve been suck in forever??

Constantly worrying about the next bill…missed bills…cashflow…

You find reaching your goals super hard

When you find that you’re constantly working towards your goals without anything to show for it…maybe it is time to try something new

Becoming more curious with how we are showing up consistently in the now…especially when we hit a wall…are we quick to assume the worst…or are you calm enough to be aware of the storyline that is being projected? Why are you not believing that your desires are already available to you in this very moment? Your imagination throne is waiting for you to escape and play in it. You left it vacant!! Why not embody your desires in your mind…the same way you used to do as a little girl?

Could you be looking at your current situation all wrong?

What if all this effort you’re putting towards your desired destination is all working out for you…but the “struggle” is just reminding you surrender to the moment, the current environment…and allow it to nourish you so you can learn and grow.

Each tree outside has it’s unique blueprint because they all respond to the direction of the wind, the sun…their environment differently. They all seem to “dance” differently and eventually manifest into their own unique expression of a “tree”. Why can’t you look at your own success the same way? Why does the journey have to be straight and narrow? Why does your story have to look like your neighbor’s?

Why can’t you make pitstops on the way to allow the universe to speak through your current situation how you could possibly move different so your growth in the next moves is exponential?

Notice the distrust that you embody…where is it coming from? Would you take life advice from that same voice? If not, discard it! Be in alignment with what is. BE! YOU HAVE ALEADY ARRIVED!

Struggling is only an opposing force within you that could possibly lead you to the destination of your own expansion. When you review and allow what is…you will finally receive the growth you wish to experience.

thank you DJ for inspiring this post!

See you on the other side!