Why are you making this moment wrong?

Why is now not enough?

What’s so important in the future that can’t allow you to feel fulfilled, content and enough right now?

Your voices are whispering to you the past which is controlling your future projection. You gathered information from the moment you entered this realm, each moment counted from then until now. Collapsing what you don’t identify with anymore will help you release some energy back that could be used to empower you to a better habit. Just decide and jump! It’s scary but think about your other options…are they as exciting or as rewarding? Listen to your heart for all your clues.

Now it feels heavy because you’re running away from a shadow that has its wisdom to gift you. You’re both night and day as you are your light body and your shadow body. When you stop resisting what is now and remove the need to identify with every thought and instead lean back and clarify what thought forms you now want to identify with. Who are you becoming?

Shifting from a dorminant negative embodiment to a more dorminant positive embodiment it takes patience and A LOT OF SELF LOVE…your soul needs your compassion because this journey ain’t cute! You’re working around the clock mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally…in all forms to stay in alignment with your higher self…in a dense dense reality. This is another story when you are turning inside out…putting all your negative stuff out there for you to see in the light so you can use this moment of reflection to help you clarify how you would like to move differently moving forward. It’s that simple…are you brave?

Forgiveness is a big one. Self compassion to the nines!!!!

Remember this journey ain’t about comparing or worrying about how far others are…it’s between your past selves and current self…this moment has passed so has this version of you. Now has passed and the next is about to. You get the picture.

Fear is normal. Happiness is normal. These are just emotional states not prisons. Every human feels the fear of death. You repressing the emotion that arises when random thoughts of losing your loved ones come doesn’t help…feel and give gratitude that you get to be in the presence of your loved ones right now. Reach out and connect.

If you notice there is resistance, potentially there’s a shadow body waiting to talk to you.

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Do you chase unavailable men?| shadow alchemy

This is a hard one to process because it’s a hard realization, aha moments come straight with no chasers!

I came to the realization that I was choosing to be available for unavailable men even beyond logic I chose to open myself up to men who hadn’t proven their worthiness…time, effort, resources…I was chasing instead of inviting love in. Call it what it is, subconscious beliefs, childhood wounds, past life karma, poor decisions whatever…this is where I was…the truth. A Hard pill to swallow when you’re used to pointing fingers all your life!

I delved deeper into this realization and the emotions that came up like shame and guilt flooded in…yet I didn’t make them wrong, judge them I just allowed them to do what emotions are supposed to…flow by. Emotions are alchemized better when you don’t resist but allow them to do what they are supposed to do, be felt.

I used to chase men…was the next realization that came through. The relief of past tense. Choosing to not be that version anymore. This meant embodying a graduated version of me…the one who was only available for what is *currently* available to receive and give her.

I was actively and subconsciously picking up experiences that disempowered me because I didn’t see anything above that. I met this version of me who didn’t believe I was enough, loveable, cherished, adored, desirable. I met her in all her essence and before she departed…she gifted me her wisdom from all her experiences and beyond.

She whispered these little words…”I love you just like this” it took a while for the words to make any sense…I let them marinate as my thinking effort spiraled down to letting go.

Suddenly the words sparked the answer within me. I just knew it. I didn’t have proof…I just knew this is what she meant…my lower self said that she loved me just like this. I finally received the love I was seeking out there.

It felt like validation, acceptance, unconditional love, allowance, freedom, approval, yes nod, enough, appreciation…and the more I leaned into these wonderful emotions I started to feel adored, cherished and loved.

The very embodiment that blocked me away from what I was truthfully seeking gifted me exactly what I needed. It was the very shadow body that freed me from the gunky, yucky, dense feelings in my body.

So now, what do I do?

I lean in more into my shadow body and allow its medicine to be my nutrition…my medicine, my north star.

Your demons are here to provide for you, are you ready to receive protection, to be cherished by your inner being?

You will soon realize you are whole when you stop chasing after halfsies.

Listen to me as I share more in prose,

I used to chase men now I chase me in poetic flow

If this resonated, I would love to dance with you some more in any of my containers. There are different portals you can find me in. Open the one that sparks your inner being the most. Juicy and wet only!

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See you on the other side,



Thank the devil!

Remove fear

It is all you

Fear is a state of mind

False appearing real

You are the key

Not true

Head babe in this bih

I love you

Please forgive me

I’m sorry

Thank you















Letting go

Starting afresh


You need to change inside for life to reflect it back to you

When you worry about what others think of you, you give them power over your life

You fit into their script of what you should be doing, you live for them and not for you

Remove them from the pedestal you are constantly putting them on

Disengage from the assumptions you’re placing on them

Disengage from the stories you’re telling yourself through them in your mind’s eye!

Use that energy to create your desired outcome instead.

It feels easy to create stories you don’t want when you’ve planted roots in a narrative that continuously disempowers. It feels powerful when you expand your consciousness to receive the life you’ve been separating yourself from over and over again because of the stories you’ve been entertaining in your head.

Consistently reach out to activities, thoughts, assumptions that activate your bliss state, your most joyful, happy, fulfilled, aligned, in love with life version of you. This is you when you feel at one with whatever is.

When you notice resistance, you acknowledge and accept it without judgement.

You’re in constant flow with what is.

Detached from outcome.

Detached from the past.

Just gratitude and acceptance of the moment right here before you shift energetically into the next room, leveled up frequency, upgraded embodiment of you, better, brighter, clearer!

This doesn’t happen overnight, it happens with intention and consistent work within.

Challenging the you from yesterday and making room for higher you from tomorrow.   to always choose joy as the normal state of being…to guard my energy and allow

Being in control of your energy and time in the mental realm and in the physical realm so you stay aware and away from misaligned energies that could keep you astray.

This whole journey is about being centered from within. That way your presence can positively influence your surroundings. t…2 stand in the unknown, baring all because you’ve finally remembered who you are and you’re

To be courageous in each step you take towards the unknown, but constantly engaging with your heart to lead the way.

To stay open to the wildest possibilities that could lift you back up. STOP HOLDING ONTO THIS CURRENT VERSION OF YOU, SHE HAS FINISHED HER JOB. IT IS TIME TO STEP UPGRADE YOUR ENERGETIC SOFTWARE…new thoughts, new assumptions, new way of looking at life, new prioritizes.

Change is inevitable, why can’t it be on your own terms?

Join me,

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Sri Venus



I believe the main cause for a lot of people’s unhappiness is because they are chasing success, and they have a mental image of what success looks like and when they match it to their current lives…they feel depressed and like a complete failure.
there is a lot of pressure to succeed and most of this is fueled by the ego’s needs. It wants to feel important. It is usually not coming from the heart.
do you feel fulfilled in your current life?
are you happy?
do you feel connected to your body?
have you healed your childhood wounds?
are you feeding your body with nourishing & healing foods?
do you like your social group? do you have a good support system?

these should be the true indicators of success for human beings.

it’s funny how when you find contentment in just being in the now, everything seems to fall into place
you just need to get out of your own way
learn to trust yourself a little more and find pleasure in not having anything
this does not mean don’t go for your material goals, abso-freaking-not-ly
I just want it to come from a place of truth, your own truth.
I want you to always feel successful and wake up with a smile on your face every morning
so, start feeling successful right now
because you are alive, because you showed up for yourself and reading or listening to this post
because you are always showing up every day to better yourself and to check your alignment coordinates with source
you are choosing to be happy, prioritize your mental wellbeing
because you are choosing you every time you take an action towards personal development, health and breaking generational “curses” for your bloodline
it’s all in the atomic intentions
keep showing up for yourself
success is inevitable my friend



self-compassion is a needed attribute when it comes to living a human life

the mind has a way of using your weak points against you and beating you down in the mind’s eyes
there will be moments where you feel disappointed by yourself or maybe angry that you are nowhere close to where you want to be.
it’s normal.
allow yourself to unfold however you will, you are you for a reason.
forgiveness. self-hugs…yes hugging yourself, dancing, living in the present moment…breathing are ways to show yourself compassion.

Knowing that you are here for a human experience (a short one if I might add), and your own struggles and darkness should be a catalyst to start living from the heart and extend your self-compassion to others. If you are having these dark thoughts, aren’t other humans also dealing with their own dark thoughts?

If you are hard on yourself, that will show up in your relationships one way or another.
If you truly love all parts of you, you won’t find any issue accepting people as they come and giving unconditional love because you have accepted both the darkness and the goodness within.
When you understand duality, there is no resistance on your part when life unpacks both good days and bad days. You take them both for what they are.

life is a cycle, full of ups and downs, but always thrive to grow and evolve everyday so you are not stuck in the same cycles for year ends.
Taking personal inventory of where you are storing your energy and the quality of thoughts will help cut of more than half of the B.S.

Prioritize feeling good…and you don’t need any substances to do that. It could mean cry to feel some relief or laughing to forget about your worries, doodling to just escape this reality…just follow your bliss (as Abraham Hicks loves to say)

take life moment to moment.
romanticizing your life helps you to soften your connection with life.

self-compassion could also mean investing in programs to heal yourself and know yourself more or it could mean having a strict time limit on social media for the sake of your mental wellbeing or cutting off certain people from your social group because they don’t align with your values anymore…or, just drinking more water.

compassion is being patient with yourself, always seeing and thinking of the inner child within you who doesn’t have all the answers.
it also means knowing that life is all about learning how to love ourselves better and unlearning ways that misalign us with the truth of who you are.
All roads lead home anyway so enjoy the journey.
Always remembering that you already have all that you desire might help. Your perspective is narrowed to what you know and can see…, but have you made room for what you don’t know yet, will never know and what you can’t see?

make room for the unseen magic.
believe in yourself a little more every day.
you can do it.
have fun along the way, and for the love of all beings that breath, get out of your head!
Live in your body, right now.