Just fall in love with being with you

Intimacy is being present with your entire being, being honest how you feel, even when it’s confronting, uncomfortable and triggering. You can’t numb your emotions forever…feel, be present, write, sing, dance it out. You’re here now, make it mean something good. Something beautiful. Be also completely honest with what’s showing up in your psyche. Your intuition knows what’s up. Some moments are meant 2 be sacred, not everything 2 share. 🌸😍

Allow her to unfold however she wants to

You grant yourself so much freedom and relaxation when you’re not trying to pull off an act… shoulda, could…(even when no one is watching)

You are you for a reason. You embody different…your soul’s signature is unique, so don’t pull yourself down when you don’t meet your expectations. Or maybe society’s expectations 🌸


Stop fighting and just rest in what is

When you resist the parts of you…’ve been taught 2 be ashamed of, dismissive, bring down you are choosing to ignore parts of you that showed up…even parts you’ve been too ashamed to share because it would not uphold the illusion of the person I am creating.

When you go connect and share notes out there, don’t forget to leave space for you to just be…, space to be tickled, to be imperfect but in this space may you always choose to see ALL parts of you with love, especially those we find hard to like. Everyone will always have an opinion about something. Everyone has wisdom within but not everybody deserves to be allowed into your mental temple…your mind’s eye should be kept sacred. A place of refuge…of relief, of creation with certainty.

When you notice yourself second guessing yourself after a Convo, coming off the internet/social media you need to shake off the energy you just collected. You are enough. You know the way.

Grow in compassion, grace and patience
The rooms don’t define you
You do🌸