When you Feed all that energy you plug into your head into your present reality and

you Feel everything that it is reflecting without any resistance but acceptance and gratitude for the ability to be alive to be able to experience life though all your senses…

while holding onto the vision of being the person you want to be

Noticing misaligned thoughts as they float by, unbothered, unaffected (imagine yourself waving your hand the way you would if a fly got into your face…that same embodiment do it towards the unwanted reality)

Feel all the negative emotions that come up

Unplugging energy from the identity of the old you

Plugging all in into the embodiment of you who already has EVERYTHING, and is living the dream right now

While not finding anything wrong being where you’re at because you’re too busy trusting and enjoying the blissful dream in your mental realm.

You see the difference between using your mental realm to listen to automatic mental narrations about how depressing, boring and unsupportive life is…and here you’re intending every step of the way.

You are building heaven on earth moment to moment.

Don’t look up, focus on your embodiment.

While detached

Still doing whatever in the present moment to help you lean in more towards your desires state,

Being aware of

How you’re expressing your life force

What is your embodiment of love right now?


Stop Taking Advice from Small, Limited Minds

Don’t let anyone guilt trip you out of your desires

What your heart wants is God’s gift to you in this lifetime

It’s none of their business to begin with

Let them see the limitless potent magic of the universe work through you

Going after your dreams will trigger people who have surrendered to their default version

Ofcourse, small people are going to talk small to you

Let them be them

Keep doing you

Pay them no mind