You know the way out!

You KNOW the way to getting what you desire
But you won’t act on it and actualize it if you continue listening to small you mind chatter.

Your mind’s theatrics will never stop

Have you noticed the crazy stories you create and entertain up there? 😂 Like y do we do this?
Busy wasting energy you could be using to create something beautiful 💕

Forgive yourself over and over again
This is you experiencing your humanness

Train your being in each moment to use the energy it would use to create unnecessary storylines to empower, uplift your current embodiment of your soul.

Does it align with where your higher self is nudging you towards?

Keep coming back
Break the habit of carrying your baggage, the parts you don’t like and your past.

Carry the moment you’re experiencing right now instead in its fullness

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Life is a dance….so dance

It’s a dance between two worlds…what was, and what is to come.
Your doubts will cost you your heart’s desires
Questioning yourself if you really want this after being fully convicted a second ago is doubt. It’s fear.
Let your shadow self be your friend. When you easily get triggered and want to run everytime you get a prick…instead invite exhilaration for insights these uncomfortable experiences are showing you. Allow for the emotions to flow through, when you hold onto them you allow the darkness to linger.
Let the dark thoughts, pictures swirl around in your psyche like a pebble being swished in-between waves…does the ocean worry about one little pebble or it continues being an ocean expressing itself how it energetically feels called to.

Tap into your heart so you can energetically express the life that fulfills you, brings a smile on your face, the kind you can’t wait to wake up to. Yes, it’s possible for you too. Just don’t overthink it, feel it real…brick by brick consistently.


We like to seem to others like we’ve got it all together, when we know we don’t…drop the mask!

We all have shadows…whether we like to share or know it. When we turn outside of ourselves and judge others for living a different life, you naturally pull away from them and pull them down because they should want what you want, right? How controlling.

There’s nothing wrong with your shadow as long as you balance yourself within… otherwise this will manifest outwardly and if untamed this could lead you 2 places you rather not go or think about. That’s why meditation, breathework, nature work, shadow work, high vibes lifestyle to stay aligned and focused on what’s most important.

I’m sure you have atleast one habit you’re battling with right now …or you feel bad for having it…maybe because you have finally come to your own strong conclusions about it, but maybe because you were taught that was the only truth, you were shamed because that’s the way women are, the internet put your life in a square, when you know life should feel expansive and not contained…fly fly little birdie. Go live your life on your own terms. Be happy…live like you’ve got a couple seconds more left to breathe. Because who knows which second that will finally be true. 🌸

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See you on the other side!


Show up or Lose

To go where you want 2 go u need 2 get used 2 being uncomfortable.
Enjoy triumphs along the way so life doesn’t become so miserable
Accentuate your everyday experiences, with a few controlled pleasures e.g candles instead of lights, airplane mode for self care days/hours/mins, sweet snacks (dates, apples, grapes, raisins…), sleep 2 calming sounds, curate playlist to uplift & empower you, 2 awaken yourself 2 the best version of yourself.
Stimulate all your 5 senses as a way 2 stay grounded in your being

Show up no matter what & watch your life transform.

shadow self

Channeling the Shadow

Your shadow self only plays a part in your personal development if you choose to love those parts anyway. You don’t give that job to anyone else but you. The best gems lie deep within…where it hurts, where guilt and shame and fear live.

Explore there more.

Write about it




Let it out to the light

Running away from it is only going to drag you down

Cut it off!


Facing Shame & Guilt

Feeling shameful about your past is disempowering

You low key are adhering to social expectations because you want to be accepted and approved by everyone else.

Accept all of you

Meaning, including those parts you don’t like…or you’ve been taught to

Get to understand why that version of you acted the way she did…listen 2 her wisdom

Work with her…not against her

She’s a tool

No one can shame you about your past unless you let them

Own it or let it own you!


Your Darkness

Embodying your shadow self helps you to create strong energetic boundaries

She has more guts than the sweet, innocent, naive version of you

When you have a healthy relationship with your shadow self, she will reflect aspects of the Divine Masculine. When you can work in symbiosis between your light and dark energies comfortably you’ve come into union with your higher self.