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Refusing the truth kills you

Abandoning your true self feels like death

Being pulled away from your life force, your very oasis your soul takes refugee from

When you lie to yourself, when you live a lie you disqualify what your heart is saying. You forget what the light whispers of your higher self sound like…

You normalize struggle, density, disconnection from self and find more ways to spiral further down as a means to feel something familiar.

Society tells you you’re bad for being where you are…your childhood traumas make you believe you’re wrong for feeling what you’re feeling…your self talk beats you down for being where you are because it’s not where you’re supposed to be…

Do you see where I am going with this?

You’re killing yourself softly when you don’t answer the call from soul.

You are identifying with shadows because that’s comfortable for you.

Light feels ouchies because it’s new territory and you don’t like the unknown…

What if you gave yourself an opportunity to just feel your inner beings truth just for one second longer before you ran off away from the truth?

What would you be stealing away from your future self if you didn’t numb just this one time?

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See you on the other side!

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You don’t love yourself because you do this

How many times do you abandon yourself during the day?

The fantasy that you like to escape to when you get some time alone, when the feelings of inferiority, shame, lack, guilt, not enough trickle in…

Do you try to fill in the void with something outside of you?

Abandoning yourself is a habit you learnt but it can be unlearned by choosing to be present with being over mind flairs!

By prioritizing and loving you…being with you when you feel uncomfortable emotions…when the lower you’s visit…be here for your inner child.

You are her hero, so be available emotionally.

She is lonely 🥺

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Thank the previous versions of yourself

You wouldn’t have the clarity about the future you’re creating without the previous versions of yourself. You wouldn’t be who you’re becoming without something to reflect on.

You don’t need to relive and punish yourself for versions that were only sent to embody lessons that might be tough…they were just seeds planted to help you expand into the consciousness you are right now. Their memory are now just debris and manure you get to use for the new reality you’re watering.

When you notice the versions of you that you don’t like, that you’re ashamed of, that you’re very resistant of coming up give thanks for their message.

Love this version of you unconditionally

Accept it unconditionally

Cherish it unconditionally

Understand it’s perspective without judgement

Trust it’s embodied message is your stepping stone to your inevitable revelation of your desires.

Surrender to it without the need to attach your identity to it.

The past versions of you only come through because they want to be loved, cherished and understood unconditionally…although they were seeking that out of you…now you get to come into union with and give them exactly what was already within.

Exercise to experience relief and expansion in your psyche

Everytime you feel triggered by your past, place your hand on your heart, identity & feel the emotions coming through and be there with her with no rush to be somewhere else. This is just a version of you from the past that wants to be loved and validated. So become emotionally available for her. Give her what she has always wanted and was seeking outside of herself. Love

This is how you reintegrate parts of you that you’re resisting. Watch magic unfold as you expand in love.

Hug yourself more and fall in love with your presence.

I’m thankful for all parts of you that carry wisdom and have brought you to me. I love you…all of you.

I see you 🌸

(Seriously! Please come back and comment below the shifts you start noticing about yourself 😜 this is how much I believe in this exercise)


How to face the pain

Surrender to all that is

Accept everything that you’re feeling

Trust this present moment…drop your weight

The anticipation of pain is actually preventing the emotions from flowing through…and the little discomfort you feel is enough to send you running into your hiding hole…

What if I told you that your in-motions are actually on your side? They only flow to move you from what is to that which you desire…but for your denser emotions to be fully alchemized they need to be truly felt and expressed in their full entirety without numbing before flowing out…to cleanse, renew…and in comes in lighter in-motions that bring with it lighter thoughts, lighter perspective, hope.

Face it by cupping and nurturing the little kid within that is feeling uncomfortable. Be there, higher self to your inner child….present, comforting, validating, allowing the in motions to flow freely…allowing them to inspire you to action that uplifts you, awakens you, empowers you.

Forgive yourself over and over again

Forgive that person over and over again

It’s for the sake of your own peace.

Your temple

Your sanctuary

Your happiness

Your bliss

In just 35 minutes I’ll guide you into how you can dance inbetween your dark side and light side. How to expand the little light you feel. How you can shift from striving to live your dream life to thriving in your dream life.


1. alchemize pain to acceptance to compassion
2. shift from the ego to the heart
3. fall in unconditional love with the inner critic
4. release grudges & feel lighter

If you’re ready to stop numbing the discomfort and unlock the wisdom of your Soul. Activate your heart now. You need 35 mins for full process.










Drink lots of water!

See you on the other side!


The battle between your lower self and your higher self

We all experience moments in our mind that steal our joy, our high vibes. Sometimes we forget who we are and we drown in the densiest energies of our being that could have been best ignored but ego…pain, suffering addiction, lack of grounding took charge and you lost track of your inner guidance system. Or maybe, it’s all part of the journey to your higher self.

How would you know what your higher self was without your lower self?

Everything has its place. Everything has context. We live in a world of duality…where we don’t have and have at the same time. You’re contracting and expanding to your desires though the Embodiment of both sides that exist within you.

Your higher self keeps you in alignment with the vision…your lower self keeps you on your toes with your shadow work. It’s a win win.

Let go of the need to fight what is. Instead invite in curiousity and unconditional love for all versions of you. You’re here to expand anyway…that’s in your dna. Why not enjoy the journey?!

Start now!

The 7th Heaven


You can break all the rules and still win

Stop putting yourself in a cage

Stop listing the reasons why you’re not winning, why it’s not gonna work, why you’re a loser in your mind. Start listing reasons genuine reasons why you think you’re the truth!

Watch how you do things. How you walk, how you speak. Yes conceited…so what?! If you’re not gonna do it, who’s gonna do it for you?

You’re you for a reason. Use it to your advantage. Your uniqueness is your currency!

What is this journaling challenge I’ve been trying to make you sign up for?

Well, Journal Back 2 the Soul is about finding your way back into your inner sanctuary…your throne.

Once you decide to join you will receive a total of 11X11 Soul awakening prompts (in the form of 11 mini-workbooks). They will help you alchemize your current story to that of love, well-being, prosperity, abundance and beauty 😍 It is all within you, but you can’t notice it if you’re still concentrating on the noise…the echoes of the past and the whispers of your demons.

This challenge is for you if:

🌸 You are dealing with a consistent inner critic, self doubt and dark thoughts that spiral your state of being downwards

🌸You have a traumatic past that is preventing you from moving on

🌸You live more in your mind than in your body

🌸You are experiencing inner turmoil, chronic sadness, anxious & depressive thoughts

🌸You are seeking a shadow work support network where you can safely express your experiences without any fear of being judged.

🌸 You want to create a life of peace, stillness, joy and self validation

🌸 You want to experience freedom without worrying about resources

This is what the challenge will gift you:

🦋Receive 11 free mini-workbooks that will allow you to awaken 2 your true soul essence.

🦋 11+ video transmissions for each mini-workbook.

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You will now start receiving notes with further details on this thrilling journey we are about to take.

See you on the other side!

Sri Venus

Psssst! everything you’re willing to patiently work for are always worth the experience gifted from the labor of your efforts and unwavering faith! Get out of your head bb…flow. you know what I mean! Luv ya. Do good



talk to yourself everyday or someone else will

How many times have you let someone talk you out of your ideas and goals because they said it was impossible to make it happen?

How many times has the little girl inside of you been disappointed and heartbroken because of the no’s from everybody around her?

How often do you second guess yourself? Question if you’re doing the right thing? The longer you linger here the faster you will kill your momentum.

The only voice that should stand is your own. The words that you say to yourself to remember who you really are. This is why the work of self love is so essential. You need patience, consistency, compassion and forgiveness. You will meet parts of yourself that show you what not loving yourself will look like. The wisdom has to come from somewhere, and you learn best from your own mistakes.

Learn to share less your dreams and goals with people who might not have the container to receive it. When people disempower and try to unplug your vision…choose to see it as them wanting to pull you back to the level you’re levelling up from. This is your test…are you gonna commit to it or just quit because someone sparked their projected fear and you held onto their disbelief longer than you were supposed to.

Revise consistently what is coming up that doesn’t support or align with your vision. Your goals are sacred…they are your inner child’s desires…your creator’s gifts to you. Accept the task with a head held high. You are here because no one else can do it like you do.

Stop assuming that you’re in the wrong place. YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE. Breatheeeee. Drop your shoulders. Plant your feet into the ground. Drop the weight you’re still holding onto. Stretch your arms as you take your next breathe…feel your body…the contact with ground/shoes/socks/carpet etc.

If you have 30 mins just for yourself, I’ll guide you into a grounding exercise. Start now

See you on the other side!

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Here’s how to be happy

Let go of everything. Don’t look back. Forgive who you need to forgive. Let it go over and over again until it becomes normal. Steer your life towards your heart. What sparks your light? Who inspires you? Why? Why can’t you find the same attributes in yourself? Also, why don’t you believe you’re already that? What are you gonna do about it?

It’s about showing up consistently for yourself in love. Even if it feels like a teeny weeny not. Being yourself is freeing. Not putting anyone on a pedestal, connecting from the heart and not the ego. Staying grounded in self first. Be okay with not knowing. Be okay with never knowing. If you knew it all what would be the point of life? You came here to experience life as a human, give thanks and experience ALL IN.

Welcome challenges as a graduation to the next level. Congratulations, you are born a winner, you keep winning. Even when you seem like you’re losing, energy is shifting for the next chapter of your life which is always more abundant, rich, fulfilling and peaceful if you allow it to be.

When you half ass the way you show up you receive half assed experiences. Ehh! Mindset gets you Ehh life. Empowering yourself is a commitment for life, regardless of your current situation. There will be perfect days and there will be ugly days take them both with your head held high. Accept what’s outside of your control. Focus on what is instead. No excuses, we are limitless, we are resourceful.

Access Portal Key

Let’s get to work! Working on our relationship with ourselves…the reason behind your escaping is the portal you need to enter.

See you on the other side!


Loving the parts of you society says you should be ashamed of

We are not strangers to the online community that lead the general consensus on the correct way of acting or living life. There’s always a constant tug of war between different tribes that think they are better…and their way is the only true way. If like me, you lurk in the comment section you mind have been offended by something a stranger said that invalidated who you were currently experiencing.

Maybe you started feeling shameful and inferior because of that one comment your auntie or teacher said to you in school…and you’ve been quietly replaying it to yourself in your psyche… you’ve prolly been doing it for so long you don’t even realize it. 

When you’re comfortable with your weaknesses and shadows…you stop hiding from what is…and instead just uncover everything that is. The truth. You remove the illusion and just watch what’s showing up courageously. Your heart open and Unconditional love flows out. You invite in curiousity about why you’re here. You empower yourself by understanding, accepting and cherishing this version of you despite what everyone else’s opinions have to say.

This is the kinda love you’ve been seeking all along. Unconditional love from you. Full acceptance of who you are right now without a care in the world what Tom, Dick and Vanessa have to say about it. It’s feeling enough and complete.

When you fully understand that light needs the shadows, darkness to be…you will embrace your own with deep reverence. You won’t give a flying Flower what somebody’s son thinks of how you show up because you know who you are and what you’re about.

You love you and care about you…and those aligned would feel the same about you. That’s your tribe. That’s your life team…anyone else can skiddadle along.


Date yourself first

If you’re surviving…date yourself back 2 being. Find inner security first…you move & attract things that are better for you.

Survival mode makes you attract from fear…pure lack, insecurity and loose judgement. When you accept where you are and enjoy your own company with or without another one to love and to love you…you radiate soul deep love which in based on groundedness, inner authority, abundance and prosperity. Now who doesn’t want that? You’ll notice people flocking towards you because they want what you got on. You don’t want anything because you give it to yourself in reality and in your imagination.

KNOW you are worthy regardless.

Your loneliness is valid, but don’t let it lead you to settle…to numb your own emptiness, void with the existence of another. The more you distract yourself from loving you, the deeper the hole becomes…the more painful the experience will be.

Validate your desires, they are for a reason. Your soul is jingling it’s signal to let you know which direction to head. If the people coming into your life are not aligned, unfortunately you will have to let them go. I know it feels uncomfortable setting free something you thought was yours…it feels nice now, but you know what’s being shown to you doesn’t align. This is because you need to be in alignment within yourself first.

Stay curious about your own existence and your heart. Ask the right questions to yourself.

What are you about?

What brings you joy?

What are your favorite things to do?

What’s your favorite food?

Where do you see yourself in the next 1,5, 5+ years?

This is your life, pull it my the reigns and remind it what you came here to do and how you will be remembered.

How does your heart speak? What tickles it? What turns it on?

What triggers you, what kind of life…love do you want to experience? What relationship narrative will you co-create on? How do you want to be loved?

What kind of treatment and experiences should be normal for you on a daily basis? Yes, this specific and you’re worthy enough to have to choose. Do you believe it’s possible and you’re worthy to have this kind of experience?

You decide…

When the people outside of you don’t show up how you expect them to, does your worth and value shatter at their absence or do you still stand firm in knowing that you’re loveable, you’re enough, you’re worthy for everything you’re calling in.

When you do not base your worth on how others outside of yourself show up, you keep your power, your peace…and leave the privilege to validate your existence only for you. From that point, you can allow or disallow who gets to stay on your playing field…the level you interact life on.

You are the love of your life, and that’s never gonna change. No one is ever gonna know you like you know you. So stop waiting for somebody else to do your job.

You’re here, be here with you. Fully. Accept. This present moment for what it is showing you, authentically. You’re causing your own suffering by pushing against it.