The only difference between you and the people you judge

The only difference between you and the people you judge is that they do it in the light…you do it in the darkness.

This will trigger a lot of people who are living half truths and choosing a path of a lack of self awareness. Personal development will help you master yourselves. You can’t master yourself if you can’t acknowledge your weaknesses. Stop projecting your own fears onto others. We are all on a journey just like you. Consider that before you give it more energy. You’re beautiful! Remind that person in the mirror. Even if at first it’s uncomfortable…that 1% everyday adds up…so pat yourself on the back for still showing up. If you judge yourself for every little thing you do “wrong”, you’re not giving yourself permission to just be you. You’re not accepting yourself. You’re criticizing the little girl inside. Accept her for just who she is showing up as without panicking. Allow her to communicate with you…you will know when it happens. Remove logic.

Trust me, this journey inwards is not pretty. You will meet parts that are cringe, reckless, low value, shameful, disempowered, incapacitated and it will feel like you’re dying slowly…like life has been taken away from you.

If you’re currently feeling like this, bullied, punched down, at your lowest…I gotchu! I’ll mirror your essence in The 7th Heaven. I’ll help you alchemize your shadows to something beautiful!


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Here’s how to be happy

Let go of everything. Don’t look back. Forgive who you need to forgive. Let it go over and over again until it becomes normal. Steer your life towards your heart. What sparks your light? Who inspires you? Why? Why can’t you find the same attributes in yourself? Also, why don’t you believe you’re already that? What are you gonna do about it?

It’s about showing up consistently for yourself in love. Even if it feels like a teeny weeny not. Being yourself is freeing. Not putting anyone on a pedestal, connecting from the heart and not the ego. Staying grounded in self first. Be okay with not knowing. Be okay with never knowing. If you knew it all what would be the point of life? You came here to experience life as a human, give thanks and experience ALL IN.

Welcome challenges as a graduation to the next level. Congratulations, you are born a winner, you keep winning. Even when you seem like you’re losing, energy is shifting for the next chapter of your life which is always more abundant, rich, fulfilling and peaceful if you allow it to be.

When you half ass the way you show up you receive half assed experiences. Ehh! Mindset gets you Ehh life. Empowering yourself is a commitment for life, regardless of your current situation. There will be perfect days and there will be ugly days take them both with your head held high. Accept what’s outside of your control. Focus on what is instead. No excuses, we are limitless, we are resourceful.

Access Portal Key

Let’s get to work! Working on our relationship with ourselves…the reason behind your escaping is the portal you need to enter.

See you on the other side!