You feel disconnected because of this!


Yes, you’ve got flaws…you’re not where you thought you would be…now shame just eats you up day after day because you’re not there but YOU’RE HERE.

Watching other people’s opinions and multiple perceptions of you because you carry weight to what they think of you.

“Man, I really want you to validate me and love me the ways I am not loving myself. Show me, please I beg”

Begging for something that is your birthright.
Were y’all listening when Beyonce said Life is Your Birthright?

Each passing moment is yours to keep and spend however you desire to. That’s life’s gift.

You can pick and choose what it’s worth spending on
Your lack of self trust is built on focusing on others instead of surrendering to the truth of your existence.

Who are you really?

Right now?

When do you wear masks?

When do you right the present moment?

When do you When?


They popularized Curiosity Killed The Cat because they don’t want you expanding within…to live outside the box.

To judge those who are spending their life choosing joy…yet you’re here in your misery judging someone just passing by. No wonder why you feel rejected.

The love you are seeking in breathing right here with you.

You fight what’s right there before you WHY?

Keep leaning in!!!

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Nothing changes until you do

You’re the focal point for everything that is happening around you.

If you didn’t exist, all these things wouldn’t have a place in your life. Start there. There are there because you placed them there, so you can move them. Yes, you’re that powerful & funny enough you’ve always known. You just allowed others’ voices to drown your own. It’s time to drown others’ voices with your own!!!!

Without any attachment to any outcome, anything or to anyone… You will release all that resistance you’re feeling right now. Allow this moment to just be.

Notice the Shoulda, coulda, musta, woulda narratives going on in your head without any judgement.

Now pay attention to the self talk you’ve been engaging with the most.

Bring awareness to the memories that have been stealing your presence, your peace of mind. Memory is anything that happened as soon as a minute ago. It doesn’t exist anymore…the only thing that exists is what is now available to you in this moment. That’s it!

Do you see how you’ve been working against yourself?

If you’re ready to take some personal responsibility for your energy and how you’ve been scattering it, let’s get to work.

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You need to activate your lightbody so you can feel more at home in your present moment. Inner turmoil is not where you plant roots but where you find the willpower to change. Listen below 👂

See you on the other side!


Take ownership for where you are energetically

When you do that, you gain back your power

You gift yourself the opportunity to shift your energy to that which empowers you to change what you’re not liking very much right now in your reality

You know what you need to do

You know what thoughts, habits are making you lose

So what are you going to do about it?

Beating yourself down for not shifting is being mean and not in alignment with UNCONDITIONAL love for your existence. If you notice that your energy has been constricted for such a long time… it’s time to really check in on why you’re holding onto energy. Why are you closed off? What’s the story you’ve been listening to in your mind? What are you afraid of? Could you be exaggerating the outcome?

Always remember, festering fear will not help you in the jungle of existence, it will get you killed. Alchemized fear into courage, fearlessness will take you to the top where you want to be. This deep dark hole is not forever, nothing is…so just be here now, unapologetically where you currently are energetically and be grateful for what is before it isn’t anymore.

Persist in Lovingly propelling yourself forward

Be okay where you are

See you on the other side!

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what rules keeping putting in a box?

What assumptions about your own success do you currently hold? What needs to get done for you to achieve your goals? How are you holding yourself back in your mind?

Ofcourse, we need to show up in the 3D to move so we get our desired outcome but we create more resistance when we create unnecessary pressure in our mind.

To figure it all right now.

To always be in alignment now.

To always know what to do right now.

What is the story you are believing?

Are you assuming that people are not buying your items? Are you imagining the worst possible outcome? How are you closed off to you receiving what you’re calling in?

If there’s nothing you can do right now about your current situation, what can you do with what you have? Be grateful for what you currently have? Level up yourself self care ritual? Level up your high vibe systems* e.g jogging, dancing, nature activities, watch funny shows, slow down, read a book, paint etc. *what gets you out of a funk?

When you take full responsibility for how you’re showing up energetically in the now, you will give yourself the power to shift to the identity you’re calling in…because it’s all you. You’re imagining yourself in this current storyline. The fact that you assume it is hard is the reason why you’re experiencing hard. What conversations are you entertaining in your mind? Are they making life easier for you or are they making your life harder than it should be?

“This needs to happen for A to happen”

“Hmm, I would like to experience this so I am going to do this to show my keen interest in it”

“I know the past, being any moment before now, reflected what I did not want…which is… I am not selling anything BUT from this moment on, I desire to call in the opposite this is why I am using my imagination to increase my receiving container and familiarize myself with how it would feel if it were true right now”

“I am constantly preparing myself for the new me I am calling in”

“This feels different, a little scary and uncomfortable but it’s the small price I am willing to pay for the BIG changes I am calling in. It’s all worth it and I am all in for my dream life”

Just by reading or hearing these different phrases you can already feel how differently you experience them in your body. Every time you experience an undesired outcome, keep scrapping things out of the story that don’t align…keep the story flowing towards what you do want.

Keep rowing the boat through the path of least resistance towards your desired outcome, no matter how long it takes. The more stubborn you are, the more reality has no choice but to bow down. Remember who you are goddess, we didn’t come here to think small…think BIG BB!

See you on the other side!


When you energetically step up, everything around you steps up too

It’s all you

Where you store your energy and attention matters.

Who you assume to be in each passing moment, interaction adds up. This is just a dream…life is. What are you creating in your consciousness right now? Who are people seeing when they see you? Who are you choosing to see in the mirror each time you look up?

Do you let your failures and your past define you? Or do you define you regardless of your circumstances?

What are your current weaknesses? How do you feel when your shadows show you how you’re showing up?

What you’re telling yourself over and over again in this ever unfolding present moment is what you’re creating. You feel tense, removed from life because you’re believing the disempowering stories and whispers that are only there to trigger you.

You can always choose to work & become best friends with your shadow states…that way, when they show up you can dance with them towards your goals.

Play on the level you desire to be. It’s now baby. Be fearless or you’ll always live a life full of fears, a life half lived-watching others live your dream life and anticipating the worst.