“I don’t have any friends”

Have you met someone and you had such a potent, inspiring & rich interaction and you were like, “Yep, We are friends now!”?

Some friends are here to teach you something & dip

Some are here to stay

Relationships are never black and white

If you’ve limited your interactions in this way

You’re limiting the possibilities

Allow the relationship to unfold naturally

Love is freeing, kind & patient

Start appreciating your own company and immense yourself in your own love so you can start getting a glimpse of what you bring to the table during your social interactions. Reflect constantly,

“Would I be friends with me?”

Friendships are never built on disrespect

Some friendships take years to build

Some are instant

That’s the miracle of life

No one friendship will ever be the same

Your support system loves you for you

They are your safe haven


Let People Be Themselves, Free Yourself

Meet People where they are, don’t take how they show up personally

But it is your job to uphold the level of receiving you desire…if they don’t match up, someone else will

This goes with any relationship personal or in business.

People have to rise to meet you where you are, we are not lowering our expectations to validate or people please anyone into our circle.

This is your life baby girl and you’re the gatekeeper!

>Stories that don’t align with your heart’s desires 👉🏾🗑

> mental arguments that create unnecessary chaos and steal your peace from you 👉🏾🗑

>pushing people down in your mind so you can feel better about yourself 👉🏾🗑

What will you stand for?

What are your energetic boundaries?