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Let go of the drag!

You are dragging dead energy with you in this very present by choosing to suffer by your choice of thoughts, assumptions and beliefs.

Their heaviness is letting you know that this is not the way yet you keep on keeping on.

What are you choosing to hold on to?

Whatever it is, face it, come to terms with it and let it go. Walking around with unneeded information will steal the gift of this moment from you.

Your life, your breath, your heartbeat is the miracle…tap into that.

Things are going exactly according to plan!

This week we begin Survival Mode Neutralizer, come home within. Click button below & Private message me “Survival Mode Neutralizer” for more information.

See you on the other side!


Remember a to-do list is just a road map not a dictator


No need to judge yourself where you’re at right now. Surrender to it, be curious. Like, why am I here? I can only be responsible for my actions…not the flowing out of outcomes…how it will look, how and when it will end. It’s all wasting energy of topics you have no education for. It’s not your job description to worry about the details of unfolding…it’s already yours…live like you got it energetically…only act on the world when your body gives you a full yes. Ohh, you will know it when you feel it.

Flow baby Flowww

More on flow. Listen here.

See you on the other side!