Why are you making this moment wrong?

Why is now not enough?

What’s so important in the future that can’t allow you to feel fulfilled, content and enough right now?

Your voices are whispering to you the past which is controlling your future projection. You gathered information from the moment you entered this realm, each moment counted from then until now. Collapsing what you don’t identify with anymore will help you release some energy back that could be used to empower you to a better habit. Just decide and jump! It’s scary but think about your other options…are they as exciting or as rewarding? Listen to your heart for all your clues.

Now it feels heavy because you’re running away from a shadow that has its wisdom to gift you. You’re both night and day as you are your light body and your shadow body. When you stop resisting what is now and remove the need to identify with every thought and instead lean back and clarify what thought forms you now want to identify with. Who are you becoming?

Shifting from a dorminant negative embodiment to a more dorminant positive embodiment it takes patience and A LOT OF SELF LOVE…your soul needs your compassion because this journey ain’t cute! You’re working around the clock mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally…in all forms to stay in alignment with your higher self…in a dense dense reality. This is another story when you are turning inside out…putting all your negative stuff out there for you to see in the light so you can use this moment of reflection to help you clarify how you would like to move differently moving forward. It’s that simple…are you brave?

Forgiveness is a big one. Self compassion to the nines!!!!

Remember this journey ain’t about comparing or worrying about how far others are…it’s between your past selves and current self…this moment has passed so has this version of you. Now has passed and the next is about to. You get the picture.

Fear is normal. Happiness is normal. These are just emotional states not prisons. Every human feels the fear of death. You repressing the emotion that arises when random thoughts of losing your loved ones come doesn’t help…feel and give gratitude that you get to be in the presence of your loved ones right now. Reach out and connect.

If you notice there is resistance, potentially there’s a shadow body waiting to talk to you.

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Your skeletons & demons are calling!

When you embody your shadow body to feel the pain that you’re craving to feel, to feel the suffering that you’ve kept yourself in its loop, when you’ve faced all the ways you’ve not been choosing yourself…when you find the beauty in the ways you’re falling short instead of kicking yourself towards the goals…if you can make now part of the act, if you can find some kind of pleasure from your own suffering then you can beat the devil at its own game.

You came here to thrive regardless of what’s being reflected back to you…moments of feeling defeat shouldn’t translate to complete defeat. You are the narrator of this story so tell us how it ends please, unless ofcourse you’re enjoying not having, not being, life being awful, feeling disconnected, constantly in misery…then you’re my guy.

Mental Alchemy Academy is for you my friend. Come dance with your shadows and flirt with your demons on your way back to peace of mind. Your inner turmoil and chaos are the you’s you’ve been rejecting. So accept the skeletons in the closet and watch life mold, shift to your desires. Now that’s alchemy 🌸

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How to deal with intrusive, scary thoughts

There will always be things that trigger you in your psyche

Your consciousness KNOWS everything you’re resisting, holding onto

Your worst nightmares, fears…the worst thoughts you’ve run away from

In your lowest point of attraction, they will trickle back and peak-a-boo

In that moment it’s easy to react and let that illusion steal peace from you…

Instead, get in the habit of allowing the triggering emotions to pass through without judgement.

Assert yourself in your Mental Realm by telling these lil low vibe projections to get on a leash so you can take them on a walk

The walk is you reaffirming who you are, what you’re available for and what is not true.

The walk is being present with your humanness and your vulnerability and building yourself up thought by thought with certainty and clarity.

You won’t gain clarity if you plant roots in the mind

Presence through your 5 senses will help you drain out unnecessary energy expenditure (when you notice yourself buying unwanted experiences, go spend it elsewhere)

Everytime your mind wanders where your peace of mind is jeopardized, you surrender (refuse to go any further with building that momentum of thought)

And instead, lean in to the present moment to connect with your 5 senses.

Be here longer and appreciate the opportunity to choose peace that is available to you here and now.

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You’re narrating your story right now

What are you saying to yourself?

What are you imagining other people are saying about you?

What are you expecting about this next moment?

What are you fearing?

What are you assuming?

What are you believing?

What are you being?

What are you allowing in?

At the end of each question is the portal that will lead you back to your I AM.

You are being someone right now right here…you are listening to a story you’re creating in your head.

You are reliving your worst fears because you keep telling them to yourself over and over again. It’s like you’re reading a scary story to your inner child and expecting her to feel good about it. Ofcourse she feels constricted, she feels disconnected from love because you’re harboring fear and density in her home.

How do you stop this?

Stop identifying with density.

Create space between your consciousness and your thoughts. Allow them to trickle in with no judgment.

See it as a thing of the past…a bad dream you finally woke up from.

Invite in light.

Allow life to love you, EXPECT life to love you.

Continuously in this moment over and over again identity with lighter.

Lighter thoughts, lighter memories, lighter perspectives, lighter self identity.

Tap in, this is how you can do it:

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