How bad do you want this?

The person you desire 2 be is a mindset change away. How bad do you want this?

How far are you going 2 show sky daddy you want this energetically?

What are you doing everyday 2 help you embody this person?
You can’t do this alone, who’s in support network?
What kind of people do you want on your team…are you being that kind of person yourself?

Where is your personal integrity?
Maybe that’s why you don’t feel worthy.

Do the work if you want this!


Show up or Lose

To go where you want 2 go u need 2 get used 2 being uncomfortable.
Enjoy triumphs along the way so life doesn’t become so miserable
Accentuate your everyday experiences, with a few controlled pleasures e.g candles instead of lights, airplane mode for self care days/hours/mins, sweet snacks (dates, apples, grapes, raisins…), sleep 2 calming sounds, curate playlist to uplift & empower you, 2 awaken yourself 2 the best version of yourself.
Stimulate all your 5 senses as a way 2 stay grounded in your being

Show up no matter what & watch your life transform.


Daily Reminder!

Each passing moment, you have the opportunity to be better or to recycle the same narrative

Think of it as a stroke of paint on your fabric of your existence…are the strokes being intended by love or by hate?

What picture are you painting?

It will reflect…you can’t hide from your own truth forever

Self acceptance and forgiveness is continuous

You will always meet parts of yourself you don’t understand…find challenging to love…the whole experience brings humility…grace & surrender to what is.

But to evolve characteristics that are not beneficial anymore, you need to show up out of your comfort zone.

Walk in faith



Just Be

Normalize just sitting with yourself

With no thought

With no need to go anywhere

With no planning going on in your head

Just being

Feeling your heart beat

Hearing the different layers of sound and how they sync together

To feel how your clothes feel against your body

How your breath sounds

To remind yourself you’ve already arrived

In the now

The mind plays lots of tricks

You just need to be smarter

After this meditative process, may the next steps that follow be intentional and aligned with where you want to go. It’s easy to get distracted again and fall back into chaos. Rise above & stay floating

shadow self

Channeling the Shadow

Your shadow self only plays a part in your personal development if you choose to love those parts anyway. You don’t give that job to anyone else but you. The best gems lie deep within…where it hurts, where guilt and shame and fear live.

Explore there more.

Write about it




Let it out to the light

Running away from it is only going to drag you down

Cut it off!


You Are The Head Babe In Charge in YOUR Reality!

Nomatter what people say, what your 3D makes you believe

You are the HBIC of your reality

Everyone else is just extras

Who are you giving major roles in your life?

Who are you believing outside of yourself?

Who are you literally handing over the script to & they don’t even belong in the new story you are creating.

It’s time to reassess and take some responsibility for the mental energy you’re giving to people, problems, and stories that aren’t getting you where you want to be…a moodboard


Uncomfortable Feelings

Sit with your uncomfortable emotions more often

Open your heart

Validate whatever you’re feeling

Name the feeling


Talk about it

Sometimes you don’t realize that you were in your head…i.e your ego is trying to play you and create more problems & stories.

Let it go

Allow people to show you who they are

No need to take it personally

It’s never about you…they are in their own world

Don’t assume anything

Just watch


The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

1. be impeccable with your word
2. don’t take anything personally
3. don’t make assumptions
4. do your best always




self-compassion is a needed attribute when it comes to living a human life

the mind has a way of using your weak points against you and beating you down in the mind’s eyes
there will be moments where you feel disappointed by yourself or maybe angry that you are nowhere close to where you want to be.
it’s normal.
allow yourself to unfold however you will, you are you for a reason.
forgiveness. self-hugs…yes hugging yourself, dancing, living in the present moment…breathing are ways to show yourself compassion.

Knowing that you are here for a human experience (a short one if I might add), and your own struggles and darkness should be a catalyst to start living from the heart and extend your self-compassion to others. If you are having these dark thoughts, aren’t other humans also dealing with their own dark thoughts?

If you are hard on yourself, that will show up in your relationships one way or another.
If you truly love all parts of you, you won’t find any issue accepting people as they come and giving unconditional love because you have accepted both the darkness and the goodness within.
When you understand duality, there is no resistance on your part when life unpacks both good days and bad days. You take them both for what they are.

life is a cycle, full of ups and downs, but always thrive to grow and evolve everyday so you are not stuck in the same cycles for year ends.
Taking personal inventory of where you are storing your energy and the quality of thoughts will help cut of more than half of the B.S.

Prioritize feeling good…and you don’t need any substances to do that. It could mean cry to feel some relief or laughing to forget about your worries, doodling to just escape this reality…just follow your bliss (as Abraham Hicks loves to say)

take life moment to moment.
romanticizing your life helps you to soften your connection with life.

self-compassion could also mean investing in programs to heal yourself and know yourself more or it could mean having a strict time limit on social media for the sake of your mental wellbeing or cutting off certain people from your social group because they don’t align with your values anymore…or, just drinking more water.

compassion is being patient with yourself, always seeing and thinking of the inner child within you who doesn’t have all the answers.
it also means knowing that life is all about learning how to love ourselves better and unlearning ways that misalign us with the truth of who you are.
All roads lead home anyway so enjoy the journey.
Always remembering that you already have all that you desire might help. Your perspective is narrowed to what you know and can see…, but have you made room for what you don’t know yet, will never know and what you can’t see?

make room for the unseen magic.
believe in yourself a little more every day.
you can do it.
have fun along the way, and for the love of all beings that breath, get out of your head!
Live in your body, right now.


Accept change.

sometimes change is scary
we want some kind of security blanket to hold us together through the passage of time
but deep down we know that change is inevitable
downs and ups
but as long as we stay grateful for what we already have been blessed with anyway,
we already have what we need in every moment.
life becomes easier when you learn to detach from fear and live fearlessly and fully!
spend some time alone and really dig deep in your soul and get to know yourself
who are you?
why are you here?
what does the world really need right now?
how can you provide this?
what kind of lifestyle do you want? (regardless of what others might think/say)
how much would you need to earn a year, have in your savings/investment account and in your retirement fund to support this lifestyle?
always remember, your time is very expensive. the world will meet you at your level of preparation for when the moment comes. what are you doing right now, to show up and act in faith that you’re aligned with all your desires? experience is the best calculator, so start now!