Why are you making this moment wrong?

Why is now not enough?

What’s so important in the future that can’t allow you to feel fulfilled, content and enough right now?

Your voices are whispering to you the past which is controlling your future projection. You gathered information from the moment you entered this realm, each moment counted from then until now. Collapsing what you don’t identify with anymore will help you release some energy back that could be used to empower you to a better habit. Just decide and jump! It’s scary but think about your other options…are they as exciting or as rewarding? Listen to your heart for all your clues.

Now it feels heavy because you’re running away from a shadow that has its wisdom to gift you. You’re both night and day as you are your light body and your shadow body. When you stop resisting what is now and remove the need to identify with every thought and instead lean back and clarify what thought forms you now want to identify with. Who are you becoming?

Shifting from a dorminant negative embodiment to a more dorminant positive embodiment it takes patience and A LOT OF SELF LOVE…your soul needs your compassion because this journey ain’t cute! You’re working around the clock mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally…in all forms to stay in alignment with your higher self…in a dense dense reality. This is another story when you are turning inside out…putting all your negative stuff out there for you to see in the light so you can use this moment of reflection to help you clarify how you would like to move differently moving forward. It’s that simple…are you brave?

Forgiveness is a big one. Self compassion to the nines!!!!

Remember this journey ain’t about comparing or worrying about how far others are…it’s between your past selves and current self…this moment has passed so has this version of you. Now has passed and the next is about to. You get the picture.

Fear is normal. Happiness is normal. These are just emotional states not prisons. Every human feels the fear of death. You repressing the emotion that arises when random thoughts of losing your loved ones come doesn’t help…feel and give gratitude that you get to be in the presence of your loved ones right now. Reach out and connect.

If you notice there is resistance, potentially there’s a shadow body waiting to talk to you.

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I hope you can join us Soul Babe. Healing doesn’t have to be boring and lonely. Come meet your tribe!


Being reminder

Dear Soul Babes

I understand that you are going through a tough time in your life, feeling low, sad, depressed and stuck in a mentalhole. It can be hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel and you may feel rejected, abandoned, unappreciated and unsafe right now. These emotions can be overwhelming and it may seem like there is no way out. It’s ok to feel negative emotions. It’s okay to experience intrusive, dark, dense, yucky thoughts.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative emotions and the overwhelming pressure of your thoughts and feelings. You may be feeling rejected, abandoned, unappreciated, or unsafe, and it’s essential to know that you are not alone. There are many others out there struggling with similar challenges, and there’s always hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The first step towards healing and inner peace is to come back home to your truth, to the essence of who you are. You may be wondering how you can do that, but the truth is that everything you need is already within you. The answers you seek, the comfort you crave, and the direction you need are all inside of you, waiting to be discovered.

To discover your truths, you must be willing to face what is coming up in your psyche. This can be a daunting task, but it’s necessary to confront your negative emotions and learn from them. Embrace your emotions, your fears, and your doubts, and use them to understand yourself better and grow as a person. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to become your own best friend and love, cherish, adore, appreciate, speak life into yourself like no one has ever been able to for you!

A vital part of this process is to hold a shadow work party for your demons. This means examining the darker parts of yourself: the parts that you may consider negative, undesirable, or shameful. By investigating these shadows, you will be able to identify and overcome the obstacles that are holding you back and limiting your potential.

Remember that you are a unique and beautiful person, created by God with a purpose in mind. You have a taste for life that is entirely your own, and it’s up to you to pursue that taste and live your best life. You must empower yourself and uplift your soul by holding onto this truth.

If you’re feeling lost, remember that there’s always a way back to yourself. Reach out for help if you need it, lean on your support system, and remember that you are strong enough to get through this. You are not alone, and you are loved more than you could ever imagine. You just have to open yourself up to receive it. Are you genuinely expecting goodness in your life…or are you holding onto beliefs that are preventing you from enjoying your life?

In conclusion, Soul Babes, remember to take the time to come back home to your truth. Face your shadows, embrace your emotions, and empower yourself to live the best life possible. You are capable of overcoming any obstacle and finding joy in everything you do. Trust in yourself, your faith, and your purpose, and keep moving forward towards the light.

If you’d like to start your healing journey by starting your shadow work party…please click button below. Follow your heart, it feels lighter when it’s the right way 🌸😊

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Do you chase unavailable men?| shadow alchemy

This is a hard one to process because it’s a hard realization, aha moments come straight with no chasers!

I came to the realization that I was choosing to be available for unavailable men even beyond logic I chose to open myself up to men who hadn’t proven their worthiness…time, effort, resources…I was chasing instead of inviting love in. Call it what it is, subconscious beliefs, childhood wounds, past life karma, poor decisions whatever…this is where I was…the truth. A Hard pill to swallow when you’re used to pointing fingers all your life!

I delved deeper into this realization and the emotions that came up like shame and guilt flooded in…yet I didn’t make them wrong, judge them I just allowed them to do what emotions are supposed to…flow by. Emotions are alchemized better when you don’t resist but allow them to do what they are supposed to do, be felt.

I used to chase men…was the next realization that came through. The relief of past tense. Choosing to not be that version anymore. This meant embodying a graduated version of me…the one who was only available for what is *currently* available to receive and give her.

I was actively and subconsciously picking up experiences that disempowered me because I didn’t see anything above that. I met this version of me who didn’t believe I was enough, loveable, cherished, adored, desirable. I met her in all her essence and before she departed…she gifted me her wisdom from all her experiences and beyond.

She whispered these little words…”I love you just like this” it took a while for the words to make any sense…I let them marinate as my thinking effort spiraled down to letting go.

Suddenly the words sparked the answer within me. I just knew it. I didn’t have proof…I just knew this is what she meant…my lower self said that she loved me just like this. I finally received the love I was seeking out there.

It felt like validation, acceptance, unconditional love, allowance, freedom, approval, yes nod, enough, appreciation…and the more I leaned into these wonderful emotions I started to feel adored, cherished and loved.

The very embodiment that blocked me away from what I was truthfully seeking gifted me exactly what I needed. It was the very shadow body that freed me from the gunky, yucky, dense feelings in my body.

So now, what do I do?

I lean in more into my shadow body and allow its medicine to be my nutrition…my medicine, my north star.

Your demons are here to provide for you, are you ready to receive protection, to be cherished by your inner being?

You will soon realize you are whole when you stop chasing after halfsies.

Listen to me as I share more in prose,

I used to chase men now I chase me in poetic flow

If this resonated, I would love to dance with you some more in any of my containers. There are different portals you can find me in. Open the one that sparks your inner being the most. Juicy and wet only!

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See you on the other side,



Your inner child is calling you

Your “survival” pattern is rooted in the story your inner child is reliving over and over again because that was the imprint life first gave her.

Your task at hand is to connect with this in your innerchild so she can tell you all her thoughts, emotions and share the memories that impacted, shaped her the most.

Life is holding you in its love, be held while you dig deeper into your inner being that is painting your current reality. There’s always a root if you follow the stem through your past selves…a portal will be opened only if you show up in unconditional love and a calm state.

Your I AM is your anchor, this is your throne. This is where you find your power. Autonomy of self is what you’re looking for…you won’t find it if you’re still swimming in your dense, yucky pool of thoughts…come over let’s flash out the old and refill it with fresh, clear and clean space that will help you stay calm when chaos hits outside of you.

Survival Mode Neutralizer 7 Day Challenge is starting today at 4:44 PM PST.

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This is what self acceptance looks like

If every frame of your internal living life was blasted out for everybody to see…would you still choose you?

Even if everybody knew all of your insides…and you face criticism, rejection, separation from the people you want validation from so bad. You forget that if you’re not in a love union with this present version of yourself you will always feel incomplete, empty, always looking for something outside of who you’re being right now.

Hold you…allow whatever to flow through without resisting it…that’s love, that’s hue man because you allow all the ranges of being to be felt, experienced and accepted with no judgement.

When you keep coming back over and over again nomatter how uncomfortable it is, you keep choosing you. You keep loving hard those versions of you you’re embarrassed of, your ashamed of…the ones that bully you into believing you’re not worthy of X,Y,Z…the ones that instigate self abandonment, self doubt, fear and limitations.

You are the one who has to let go of the reigns so you can be resurrected to light. You activate your light body by first of all not taking direction and final answers from your mind. It’s a steering wheel that needs to be respected.

Your (emotional) body communicates to you the vibration of the momentum you’re building up right now energetically

Your task at hand in the moment is simple always.

To allow your being to guide you towards your spark. This is when your soul is controlling your body. You can trust whatever comes out of that because those are direct soul codes. Your creations are Picasso’s too, who said your art can’t immortalize you three years after you’re dead too?

If you haven’t RSVP’d yet for the Survival Mode Neutralizer 7 Day Challenge, the party bus is waiting for ya! We gonna ride towards inner security together as sisters. Come let’s eat!

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Always expect a good outcome

Get used to things going well for you

When you see in your mind that life is working out for you…even when things don’t seem to be in the present moment all you can do is acknowledge your human limitations…

become one with what is

Let go of your resistance to what is Infront of you

Remind yourself you’re having a human experience

Surrender to your limitless being (soul…heart being)

You will experience discomfort and feel uncertainty. It’s normal.

Just don’t allow your present circumstances to define who you are…this is just a room remember?

Befriend versions of you that can’t believe or don’t feel worthy of success…

understand their reason
Cherish, appreciate and love them anyway
They have a role in your end goal anyway

Notice the part of you that feels resistant to winning…that can’t imagine yourself winning because you have been in a constant loop of suffering, and imagining yourself lose

Break the habit of imagining the worst
Use that energy instead to disengage from thought over and over again

And instead just surrender to the unfolding of your heart
As it comes in the present

You will find relief there

I speak more about this face to face, click link below to catch my soul transmissions on how to activate your light body on daily basis

Get To Know Yourself with Sri Venus

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Stop resisting and flow instead


That version of you that you are resisting and pushing away is your key

When you push a part of yourself away

You are refusing a piece of information that will allow you to transcend the present problem

You get to work with ALL of you

It’s a dance

It’s a tug and pull

That’s the process of unbecoming

At some point you will have to become unavailable for the current lower, unwanted version of you…

Unavailable for the same thought patterns that bring you down, make you feel worse and helps you recycle, live the old narrative 😈

Unavailable for experiences that don’t align with you winning, becoming better, being appreciated, cherished and loved 😍

Unavailable for prolonged lacking, limitations, fear based anything

It starts with clarifying what experiences you do WANT…and DECIDING to LIVE it NOW

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You suffer because you forgot

You are not meant to suffer to get what you want

But in moments you notice yourself within the loop of resistance, of chaos, fear and survival…be still

Just watch without needing to react
The more you react, the more energy you feed to that shadow body

The less you react,
You allow space in between your true self and your mind body

The more space you create, the greater the probability that you will be able to make decisions that are more in alignment with your higher self.

The more space you create between you and your thoughts, the higher the probability that you will be able to trust yourself more.

When you do this over and over again, you will feel better about the present moment

You will allow your soul to guide you out of your current dilemma over and over again

Come back to being who you know your soul says you are over and over again

Over and over again until you get what you want

That’s the secret sauce


How to connect to your true identity

Consistently connecting to just your awareness gifts you an opportunity to gain clarity.

When you lean back a little, and connect with your breath, and feel your being in your body, clothes from moment to moment, your focus will narrow back to the present moment and less on your current problems

Only from there can you reel your consciousness back towards what you want instead.

Imagine how you were as a little kid

You were in your own little world…playfully creating your reality with no limitations, fears, back stories why it’s not going to work or any of that other grimy stuff

Go back there, be still and become her

If it feels hard, scary, not realistic befriend that version of you that won’t allow you to connect with your inner child.

Ask it, why won’t you let me play in my world?

Usually it’s because you’re identifying with literally every thought, assumption, belief that’s being projected in your mind’s eye.

Life doesn’t have to break you to become who you desire to be.

You will feel a lot, as you’re peeling away stories that don’t align with the new you.

Remember you’re a sentient being, you’re meant to feel your way through towards your goals…you can’t override the truth…but you can work with what is to help you land where your heart is calling you

Your desired reality can unfold with the grace of the wind, the sultriness of water…it’s all up to how you’re driving your vision in your mind’s eye…are you assuming the best in the next moment or worrying about the worst outcome?

Either way, you’re always driving your consciousness towards somewhere


Your true identity

Being still and knowing you are what your heart sings already means you’ve already won

There’s nothing to prove

There’s just acceptance and allowing

You see things for what they are

The mind reacts to situations & creates stories based on your current/past beliefs about whatever you’re fixated on

When the reaction is not in alignment with your heart, you feel disconnected, you experience self doubt, you check out of your body and plant roots in your mind

When it feels like you’re forcing imagination, creating your reality…you forgot who you are and interacting with life from lower selves instead of higher self

When your mind is feeding you with fear, lack, limitations you’re holding yourself back from going where your soul is calling you… you’re most probably not living and enjoying your life

When you know that you are the creator, the one who has the final say…there’s more detachment and disregard of the mind’s tricks.

When the mind is quiet you are in flow with life

You are at one with life

You want to find yourself over and over again there

By being so involved with whatever is Infront of you

By choosing to have control and not be a victim to your mind you set yourself free!