Waking up to love

Loving every moment even if it’s not showing you want you want, finding beauty in this moment as it is.

Celebrating the completion because you’re not anticipating what is coming, you’re too busy appreciating what’s already here. You are finding the details presented in each moment to be a gift with its own wisdom.

This is how you find ELDORADO.

There’s no judgement, lack, limitations, scarcity, resistance there’s more allowance, acceptance, gratitude even for the imperfections, for what is wrong because it’s all playing a role. This is living.

Being both, leaning towards the light more because your values in the present guide you each action step of the way. You are trusting yourself to always do the best, and you expect there to be weaknesses reflected but you let it sting to prove to you that you’re alive, you’re doing it, you’re a testament of what love is.

You’re taking it breath by breath, sigh after sigh.

You’re dancing with your being, finding right always:lightness, rest, sigh, release, let go, shift, phasing out, being new, rebirthed, and open.

It’s scary but that’s where the soul belongs.

Your shadow is encouraging you to step more into the light. You’re only afraid of feeling and the unknown, you’re not so sure of different because you’re comfortable in your mess. You’re stuck in time.

Again, listening to the wrong voice.

If you’re ready to reconnect with your heart, walk with me towards The Journey of The Heart:

Otherwise, private message me ” Soul Awareness Session” when you click the button below to meet your soul. This is for you if you feel like you’ve been roaming Earth with no purpose. Let’s find it!

See you on the other side!


Remove the pressure to be elsewhere

Now is all you need. All the information you need to be in alignment with your heart’s desires, what you came here for is here, now.

But how do you know what to look for and what to do with it? It’s simple:

How does it feel in your body? Does it expand you or does it constrict you?

When you feel stuck in your mental prison, free yourself by choosing a perspective that empowers, uplifts and awakens your soul. Your true identity is bliss…love embodied. You are love embodied.

Your mind LOVES to play tricks on you…it loves to create separation from your desires. So stop identifying with it!

Your desires are already are because they expand your being…they’re your portals to your blissful journey here on Earth. If life is feeling bleh it’s because you’re not living in alignment with your soul’s truth!

Always remember! Your density is only building momentum for you to jump back into your light.

This is how you can bring in more light into your daily life: awareness.

Book here your complimentary 30 min Soul Awareness Session if you need guidance on how to transcend your density…your dark room: