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What are you buying?

How many dense thoughts did you adopt today?

How many times did you take a dig on yourself?

How many times did you doubt yourself?

Where have you been running off to in your mind?

What story are you narrating right now?

How many times have you gone back?

Who are you still holding onto?

What are you still holding onto?

Things are always moving for you, you just suck a little at navigating the steering wheel because you like to make yourself believe you are separate so you strive for things instead of allowing them to experience ELDORADO moment to moment.

There will always be stories projected into your mind but you will never know the one that will unfold. That’s the beauty of it. It’ll always be different from what you could have perceived it to be. It’ll be more perfect if you allow it to be.

Place down your mask for a little while you address the issues that are going on in your heart.

Do you feel what’s going on?

What is it?

Loneliness? Guilt? Shame? Fear? Disconnection? Lack? Unworthiness? ???

Where are you holding yourself in a box where you are too afraid to be seen?

Leadership means you have to face your fear of humiliation. You are the truth, so let the truth be.

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Stop thinking, start being

You’re getting lost in your head, entertaining momentum of thought that is keeping you stuck, depleting your energy…feeding your soul to empty…numb, angry, frustrated with life…with people because you’re thinking your way through life. You’re creating stories you don’t want, entertaining them and allowing them to steal your joy. You’ve got it all wrong.

Again, you’re not a human thinker…you’re a human being. Getting lost in thought will only build momentum of not being present with reality. Being allows you to stay grounded in who you’re creating…what matters…your peace, your alignment and your surrender.

Everytime you find yourself lost in thought over and over again…maybe it’s time to have a lifestyle change. The last thing you want is to embody your dark thoughts…you just want to be you. You are not your emotions or your thoughts…well you are when you feed them your energy/attention. But when you just let them flow without any resistance, allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable even for 5 mins without losing your cool…you realize your own being’s capacity to feel, to be.

Lifestyle change in habits that allow you to be more body focused…moving more, breathing more, being present when you eat…feeling more…meditating more…going into nature more…doing nothing and not fighting yourself for not doing anything more…you get the picture.

I’ll let your soul lead you on this one.