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How to deal with intrusive, scary thoughts

There will always be things that trigger you in your psyche

Your consciousness KNOWS everything you’re resisting, holding onto

Your worst nightmares, fears…the worst thoughts you’ve run away from

In your lowest point of attraction, they will trickle back and peak-a-boo

In that moment it’s easy to react and let that illusion steal peace from you…

Instead, get in the habit of allowing the triggering emotions to pass through without judgement.

Assert yourself in your Mental Realm by telling these lil low vibe projections to get on a leash so you can take them on a walk

The walk is you reaffirming who you are, what you’re available for and what is not true.

The walk is being present with your humanness and your vulnerability and building yourself up thought by thought with certainty and clarity.

You won’t gain clarity if you plant roots in the mind

Presence through your 5 senses will help you drain out unnecessary energy expenditure (when you notice yourself buying unwanted experiences, go spend it elsewhere)

Everytime your mind wanders where your peace of mind is jeopardized, you surrender (refuse to go any further with building that momentum of thought)

And instead, lean in to the present moment to connect with your 5 senses.

Be here longer and appreciate the opportunity to choose peace that is available to you here and now.

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This is why you shouldn’t believe everything your mind says

Your stream of thoughts are just a waterfall flowing through hoping you’ll manifest them charged by your attention.

When you notice yourself getting easily triggered by random thoughts and projections from the past it means that a part of you believes it even though it’s not aligned with your heart. Your mind’s eye is your temple…it should be a place of peace and restoration…so when you attach yourself to thoughts that bring you down, you know that you’ve got some work to do. The whispers might be subtle or louder depending on your personal journey…but the monkey mind is just doing it’s job.

When you notice that you’re feeding it power with your attention and you’re feeling fearful and channelling darkness…level up your self care.

I’m all about solutions and not hovering on what we don’t want. If you don’t like it fix it.

Write yourself letters to remind yourself who you are.

Go outside…escape to your happy place in your imagination so you can calm your being…revise the words that come up with empowering ones. Water sources are calming…be barefoot in nature.

Exercise…stretch, dance, run, move.

Breath intentionally. Seriously, look into breath work…life saving stuff!

Meditate & Sleep to binaural beats and suggestive reprogramming videos you feel pulled to online.

Get in the habit of allowing your soul to tell you what to do. It always has a solution to fix any problem that doesn’t end with you suffering.

When you fight the suffering it lingers…just watch dispassionately. It’s not true…but the words you believe are. You can disbelieve too. It’s all you picking and choosing what to add to your experiences.

This is controversial but this is what helped me escape my identifying with the monkey mind. I only share to give hope to someone silently suffering in their own psyche.

The voices only get louder if you fight them and you’re fearful of them. I always looked at them as a culmination of thoughts of all humans who’ve ever lived…so it’s not me, it just is. This alone will remind you that you’re not alone and why you should work on being kinder to yourself…and others.

Fears are just emotions flowing through…you can easily alchemize fear into thrill by just shifting your perspective. That’s quantum leaping. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Be thrilled that now this experience is opening a door to a new adventure where you get to see new parts of you.

Life doesn’t have to be boring and predictable. Welcome adversity with a child like mind and you’ll always win. Detach from outcome but always expect to win nomatter what. When you feel like a failure, stuck in a deep hole…change the script, perspective.

How can you use what currently is to empower you. Use this as a stepping stone to your next destination. You’re creative. I believe in you!!!

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