Beginner Mindset on New Journey

So you’re starting afresh.

Scratch 1. You’re stripping everything down and allowing the process of pruning what no longer aligns and remanaging your state of being to that of your desires. You are captain here, so for your adventure to be successful it needs to have a meaning for you. Where is it leading you towards?

What are you creating and choosing to focus on right now? If you have no control over it, surrender to it. Wake to the truth of your existence. What will you stand for? What will your voice count towards?

It’s time you really allow your soul to flourish. Lift it up consistently…love yourself the way you wish to be attended to…to be treated. Set the tone and let the shift in your embodiment be the boundary.

Trust yourself more, if that’s a problem right now I can help you. Journaling will help you to release these things you’re holding onto. When you see them on paper, you create space between the words and yourself. You see it. You feel it. You’re present with it. That’s what’s love.

Trust the unfolding more. Let go of the reigns.

anyway, sign up for the 11 Day Challenge: Journaling Back 2 Your Soul. You still have 72 hours before doors are exclusively locked. Better get it while it’s still Free!

Finding Joy Uncategorized

there’s a reason it doesn’t feel good

entertaining mental arguments

reliving the past

wishing you had done something differently

feeling inferior






imagining the worst

distrusting yourself and others

limited thinking…

you need to get used to switching up perspectives so you can easily maneuver your current reality to your desired reality

get used to being in a different storyline within a second while not losing your feeling of inner security & sanity. be fully housed in your being.

the feelings of discomfort are normal, you’re pushing yourself against the grain, the limit you set for yourself for a while.

stretch, breathe, ground yourself outside with bare feet, dance, sing, hum…allow your energy to continue to move, don’t just let it remain stagnant without it manifesting into some expression. don’t overthink it…start moving intuitively RIGHT NOW…I DARE YOUUU!

See how that feels?!

feeling good is in alignment with abundance, prosperity, joy, peace and bliss…they all aim for the same thing…love

love the body you have, touch your skin with such delicate, soft and intentional strokes. imagine, say nice thoughts. randomly remind yourself while you love your chuckle or the way you walk. own it!

no need to rush it and fake it. be really there. in the present with everything that is…just the way it is. no need to judge, to criticize or to feel shame.

instead, love all these parts of you the way you wished another did. do it for yourself because you’re tired of just giving yourself up like that to strangers when you don’t even know yourself.

experience yourself more.

coming soon…


the Bible for a Fulfilling Life.

activate all your 5 senses. shift & be in your world from a different lens. where your unique being is immortalized for the greater good!

Love you xo,

See you on the other side!


Stop Taking Advice from Small, Limited Minds

Don’t let anyone guilt trip you out of your desires

What your heart wants is God’s gift to you in this lifetime

It’s none of their business to begin with

Let them see the limitless potent magic of the universe work through you

Going after your dreams will trigger people who have surrendered to their default version

Ofcourse, small people are going to talk small to you

Let them be them

Keep doing you

Pay them no mind