The past (Previous versions of yourself That didn’t know better)

Thank them

*Do you find yourself cringing at the things you used to do?
*Feel angry at yourself for not knowing and doing better?
*Maybe you have a particular story on loop that brings shame and guilt over and over again?

I sometimes catch myself doing this but what this does is just keep you stuck in a loop that pulls you deeper and deeper into self deprecating mindset.

You’re not doing yourself any justice
Let it go
You wouldn’t have made it this far, if it wasn’t for each and every past version of you. They motivated you to evolve into the person you are right now and are still becoming
So the least you can do is be grateful for the beautiful lessons if not reminders that you’re more than worthy of the best. When you thought you deserved only a tiny bit, you were reminded through experiences that you were settling because of some underlying worthiness issues or whatever!

I guess that’s why we are here on earth, to heal, overcome, to love…all parts of us…the disempowered versions and the empowered ones all the same. You can’t sorta kinda love the versions you don’t like, those are the ones you have to dive deep into and marinate them in unconditional love. Because if you don’t, life will always mirror back those wounds through your loved ones especially. So why not love them so much and allow them to mirror back the effort you’ve put into surrendering to what is?