Your best friend meets your worst enemy

The battle of the mind continues…

As always, monkey mind wont stop chattering about…the more you forget who you are, the more it pulls you in.

Do you have any cool, fun everyday activities that you do to keep yourself grounded in your true identity? Please share with the community below in the comment section.

Thanks to Nina Camille’s 11 day Freedom Challenge, I was reminded of how meditating saved my life during one of my defining moments in my past. I was experiencing a spiritual awakening that resulted in me awakening to my habits: my habits of thoughts, habits of nutrition, habits of choices…all that culminated to where I was energetically. My mind was chattering louder than the birds outside…I couldn’t make it stop. I couldn’t study for my tests…all I wanted to do was sleep, that’s the only time they would stop…😴but how could I, I had to graduate, and get into the job that aligns with what success looks like. The only proven path to success. I was constantly in a cycle of trying to prove myself, my worth to others and myself.

Meditation allowed me to separate self from the chatter mind…to expand in compassion towards myself because I was more aware of thoughts I actually believed that didn’t align with love.

I constantly listened to thoughts that degraded me, that disempowered me…everytime I passed by a mirror or when someone gave me a compliment. I couldn’t take one without fidgeting and squirming about because it felt so uncomfortable to receive love. Now I know better because I have something 2 reference on why I felt uncomfortable being appreciated and cherished.

The details and boundaries I’ll leave that to you…but when you spend and invest time & effort towards knowing yourself better and understanding your flow…you play the game on a much smarter level because no one can tell you nothing! Nothing can beat you down to oblivion because you know and understand self. While you’re here, Get to know yourself in 21 Days.

Thank goodness I got to experience the darkness within me so I can know better, and choose better and invite in the best only. If I hadn’t experienced my deep dark hole, I wouldn’t have experienced my greatness as a mental alchemist. This gift unfolded when I thought I was at my weakest. These words just flow out because I am in alignment with the truth of what is. I’m not trying to hide anything or be something I’m not. I just am. I don’t let it define me or allow others to put me in a box. I am period full stop!

Your higher self is fully equipped to alchemize your current enemy within…so allow her to speak into you the instruction that you need to embody to overcome. You can now access 11 Day Challenge: Journal Back to Your Soul here.

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Awaken, empower & uplift yourself babe. I’ll reflect the blueprint already within. Will you let me?


Sri Venus

chaos confusion monkey mind, shadow state, shadows, negative thoughts, shadow self


NO, not through disempowering eyes

through the eyes of your heart

remember, the only yes that counts is yours!

permanently remove the need to ask for permission from others to live your life.

focus only on the version of you that is empowered, uplifted, awakened to their best version of themselves. She welcomes the uncomfortable emotions of her previous versions. She is aligned with actions…and she allows her self-empowering habits speak for her in her embodiment, in her grace and extension of love to others.

She leads self first before leading others.

heart.spirit.mind.intention in alignment

that’s your key to your new life.

write down what you do want…write down budgets, due dates. none of your business how the resources will make it to you. keep the faith on the most high. trust and believe in yourself as you would in your own kid or your die hard. pour into you first…the rest, the details will start shifting to pour back into you…because you chose love. You gifted the world your soul’s presence.

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Notice where you’re attaching yourself to

Objects you keep looking for

Unconscious habits you do that don’t add value to your life

Stories…different versions

Being. Not Doer.

Effortless labor

Persistently focused and fulfilled

Be fearlessly without

It’s go time baby!

Let’s journal

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Tough love

Show up. Do what needs to get done to get you where you need to be.

To do list. Write down everything with due dates and the level of priority.

Plan for your dream life. It’s either you’re gonna keep making excuses or you gonna start living your dream life.

Plan b. Plan c. Plan d…you can plan as far as you’d like, but the flow of the universe doesn’t really take note of a star in the midst of a sea full of stars 🤩 focus on what’s important. What do you really want…and why?

Flow. Water trusts the process of it’s movement…it is one with it. Although it’s environment might transform it into different shapes…we can’t argue



Awareness of where you currently are and how you’re relating to it

Do the work necessary to align you consistently with your desires. If you’re not aligned, you’re wasting all your efforts into the dump. Save your energy and focus on how you’re currently feeling about where you are, where you’re going and how you’re showing up.

Take full responsibility for where you’re allocating your energy.

What are you consciously choosing to do? Is it aligned or not aligned with what you’re creating?


Being mindset self talk shifting the past

healing from abusive trauma, repetitive cycles

why are you beating and talking yourself down like they did to you? You believe them?

You really see yourself through the lens of hate and inadequacy?

Why would you put another’s opinions about your life on a pedestal? Why would you give a flying care what they think of you?

You’re the one who’s opinions you should care about. This gifts you freedom and the not needing anyone’s validation. You stand alone in that you are secure from within. Everything else is simply details. You can co-create, you can dance with other souls along the way…you will lead and then they will lead…a flow of give and take.

How can you know your emotional boundaries? What is bothering you?

Be honest with what is coming up.

You don’t need to share everything. You don’t need to be friends or besties to get along. You don’t need to hang with everybody cool and coming up. Ground yourself in having nothing as well as having it all. Because everything outside of you can be taken from you but what’s within can never be scrapped. This is why it is very important to keep leaning towards your inner peace, your sanctuary. Nothing outside of you is ever gonna gift you the relief you are looking for. If you notice you’re recycling habits that are not serving you anymore, your will to change will unlock your new life. You just need to be ALL IN! You are the key to this whole chaos in your life. Once you turn the key, all that chaos will alchemize to creative solutions. Allow for them to come into your life. Prepare, be open.

Find out who you really are, here.

“Life is truly kind to me, I am so grateful!”

anytime you experience a negative, fearful thought…remind yourself each moment. These intimate moments will add up to allow your soul to start being safe in your body and unlocking your blueprint holding all your creative flair!

Journaling helped me put on paper what I was battling with in my mind. It gifted me relief! It allowed to be slow down so I could see clearly without judgement how and why I was showing up the way I was. The secret to completely healing and letting go of the past is to not judge yourself and to extend compassion to yourself. You don’t forgive to make the other person feel better, we do it to allow us the choice to move on…to not let this steal our peace anymore. You are the magic, so start writing away.

Sign up for the Journal Back 2 Yourself 11 Day Challenge. Only for babes who are ready to meet themselves, if not, I am sorry you’re missing out on some magic. When you don’t know yourself, you are asset less. Know who you are. Play the long game always. When you know your strengths and weaknesses you become more intentional with how you “attack” in life. You leverage your connections’ strengths to make up for your lack, and extend the grace to others.

Anyway, enough chitchat. Apply for the 11 Day Challenge to Journal Back to your Soul by clicking the Button Below!

See you on the other side!


Your mind is limited your heart is expansive

Do not overthink it

Feel it through

Often the best path, is the one that you could have never anticipated, because it fits so perfectly…paints everything so clear and you can’t help but melt in joy…because it’s better than you’d have expected. This often happens in flow state.

Just go like the waves in the ocean

Non-assuming. Just straight chilling in your being!! Being completely honest with what’s showing up, taking full responsibility for ALL the actions you’ve taken hence far and choosing to love yourself even more regardless of what society tells you. You’re you for a reason. Your path is yours for a reason. Make that shiz naizzz rain!

Here is how you can work from your heart and less from your mind:

1. Lay your back feet flat on the ground.

2. Feel the ground, earth supporting the bottom of your soles and your entire body.

3. Scan body for any spots where you’re holding onto energy (tension)

4.Release weight onto bottom of soles

5. Start noticing how your body starts communicating with you. Your intuition might feel like a tug at the top of your belly button…only you can decipher the message. Listen.

6. Surrender & fall back into your body.

7. Watch the inner chatter with disengaged energy. You’re Vibing too high just being the limitless, timeless goddess you are, so why stress or worry about it?

This exercise just came out of Day 2 of the Journal Back 2 Your Soul Challenge. If you are ready to challenge yourself & face your truth, where you currently are & love it unconditionally without judgement… You need to be here. I want to join the 1111 Journal Back 2 Your Soul Challenge

see you on the other side

sri venus