Let People Be Themselves, Free Yourself

Meet People where they are, don’t take how they show up personally

But it is your job to uphold the level of receiving you desire…if they don’t match up, someone else will

This goes with any relationship personal or in business.

People have to rise to meet you where you are, we are not lowering our expectations to validate or people please anyone into our circle.

This is your life baby girl and you’re the gatekeeper!

>Stories that don’t align with your heart’s desires 👉🏾🗑

> mental arguments that create unnecessary chaos and steal your peace from you 👉🏾🗑

>pushing people down in your mind so you can feel better about yourself 👉🏾🗑

What will you stand for?

What are your energetic boundaries?


Daily Reminder!

Each passing moment, you have the opportunity to be better or to recycle the same narrative

Think of it as a stroke of paint on your fabric of your existence…are the strokes being intended by love or by hate?

What picture are you painting?

It will reflect…you can’t hide from your own truth forever

Self acceptance and forgiveness is continuous

You will always meet parts of yourself you don’t understand…find challenging to love…the whole experience brings humility…grace & surrender to what is.

But to evolve characteristics that are not beneficial anymore, you need to show up out of your comfort zone.

Walk in faith



Just Be

Normalize just sitting with yourself

With no thought

With no need to go anywhere

With no planning going on in your head

Just being

Feeling your heart beat

Hearing the different layers of sound and how they sync together

To feel how your clothes feel against your body

How your breath sounds

To remind yourself you’ve already arrived

In the now

The mind plays lots of tricks

You just need to be smarter

After this meditative process, may the next steps that follow be intentional and aligned with where you want to go. It’s easy to get distracted again and fall back into chaos. Rise above & stay floating

shadow self

Channeling the Shadow

Your shadow self only plays a part in your personal development if you choose to love those parts anyway. You don’t give that job to anyone else but you. The best gems lie deep within…where it hurts, where guilt and shame and fear live.

Explore there more.

Write about it




Let it out to the light

Running away from it is only going to drag you down

Cut it off!


You Are The Head Babe In Charge in YOUR Reality!

Nomatter what people say, what your 3D makes you believe

You are the HBIC of your reality

Everyone else is just extras

Who are you giving major roles in your life?

Who are you believing outside of yourself?

Who are you literally handing over the script to & they don’t even belong in the new story you are creating.

It’s time to reassess and take some responsibility for the mental energy you’re giving to people, problems, and stories that aren’t getting you where you want to be…a moodboard


Uncomfortable Feelings

Sit with your uncomfortable emotions more often

Open your heart

Validate whatever you’re feeling

Name the feeling


Talk about it

Sometimes you don’t realize that you were in your head…i.e your ego is trying to play you and create more problems & stories.

Let it go

Allow people to show you who they are

No need to take it personally

It’s never about you…they are in their own world

Don’t assume anything

Just watch


The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

1. be impeccable with your word
2. don’t take anything personally
3. don’t make assumptions
4. do your best always



finding wisdom

where can i find the answers to my problems?
who can help me out of this mess?
i am alone and I need help!
feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious and lonely can hold you back from seeing the light.
who am i right now?
consistently ask yourself that question.
does this person align with the person I desire to be?
live from the heart.
seek relationships that talk from the heart.
the ego is shallow, unfulfilled, suffers a lot! and mortal.
the soul never dies. it is timeless, authentic and fearless because it has nothing to lose.
be honest with yourself.
if you lie to yourself who is going to know the truth?
be your own bestfriend first.
seek joy within yourself.
prioritize happiness.
get out of your head.
listen to weird music.
do something out of your circle.


Accept change.

sometimes change is scary
we want some kind of security blanket to hold us together through the passage of time
but deep down we know that change is inevitable
downs and ups
but as long as we stay grateful for what we already have been blessed with anyway,
we already have what we need in every moment.
life becomes easier when you learn to detach from fear and live fearlessly and fully!
spend some time alone and really dig deep in your soul and get to know yourself
who are you?
why are you here?
what does the world really need right now?
how can you provide this?
what kind of lifestyle do you want? (regardless of what others might think/say)
how much would you need to earn a year, have in your savings/investment account and in your retirement fund to support this lifestyle?
always remember, your time is very expensive. the world will meet you at your level of preparation for when the moment comes. what are you doing right now, to show up and act in faith that you’re aligned with all your desires? experience is the best calculator, so start now!


The Present Moment

To be fully present you have to sacrifice the past and the future and fully trust in the unfolding of it all….

Memories, fears, stories that triggered you earlier in the day, the past…that one story that haunts you all the time, all these bring mental images that pull our awareness away from the present moment

It is quite simple yet an untamed mind could run you mad. You are the operant power. You are the boss in this MF. Don’t let Bobbiana bully you and steal your day from you. Cuss her out once in a while…and tell that bish to get out!!!

Just finding happiness in being fully aware of you being in the now…how the wind feels against your skin…the ladies laughing in the background meshing together with the dog barking…along with the passing cars. Maybe a couple kids will pass by infront of you and catch your curiosity before you will feel an itch fully manifest on your lower left back.

Underneath all that noise you will probably hear your own breath because you’re that present….

Bobby, definitely in the beginning of retraining yourself to stay fully present, will try once in a while to fight you on this one…but that’s ok. Keep reeling your awareness back to your body and breath. If you have been used to staying in your head a lot, you might need to be more vigilant with training your awareness to stay put and allow the negative thoughts to just pass through without any (emotional) attachment.

Depending on how much healing work you’ve done to let go of your trauma, you might be tempted to escape your reality. If you do choose to escape, atleast be honest with yourself with why you are escaping…and know that even if you do escape now…you will have to overcome this mountain regardless…and it’ll be waiting for you once you come back.

The easiest way to overcome these negative energies is to sit with it…face it with unconditional love. It will be uncomfortable at first but if you watch it a bit longer without fighting it…it’ll subside. Don’t let fear dictate your life.

Always ask yourself…your inner child to be specific, “what do you need darling?”…and listen.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Treat yourself to something sweet and really enjoy the smell and taste in your mouth.

Take a hot shower or soak in a tub and listen to some calming music…with some essential oils diffusing. Listen to how water sounds when it touches down. Feel how your hands feel like against your skin. Worship your body…by being fully present and massaging it with love.

Or maybe watch your favorite funny show while in your pajamas…completely unplug from the world and dial in.

You got this one!