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INSTANT Practice to break free from Suffering

Trust yourself more by building your relationship with your inner being day by day.

The voices unless they are stemmed in love are irrelevant.

Feel their ouch without resisting, allow them to communicate with you where you are, pause and allow your higher self to guide you towards the right task at hand.


You want to feel a little lighter than right now. How can you facilitate that right now?

How can you allow more of “this is okay for now, I’m gonna enjoy this present reality now because it’s not coming back because now I’m becoming this person”

…allow your humanness to experience all separation…its truth communicated from the perspective of your human perspective, don’t make it wrong…allow your divinity to guide you in moments you’re not so sure but yet you know deep down in your soul that this has to get done one way or the other.

Even if you were to lose it all, you can build it back up in a heartbeat because it’s living within you.

You want it?

You are already it…so bring it on!!!

Cast aside anything that is not grounding you in peace in this very moment.

Come back to calm.


Support your being by being present more…lean in towards beautiful things.

(e.g the birds you hear singing in the distance, the warm comfy bed below you, the fingers you have that are griping this phone…the eyes that allow you to read this…the point is you have already been gifted something, just because what you want is not here yet doesn’t mean you’re not on your way there…so enjoy the view on the way)

Release anything you’re holding onto in your body

It’s either this or stay suffering

P.S SOUL BABE: This is a way of life, not a “do it once and hope for the best”. You have to take yourself there over and over again even if in the beginning you feel like your shadow body is fighting it. Keep showing up and one day you’ll notice that what used to be super hard to do is now natural and you do it with ease.

If you’re ready to connect to the truth of why you’re here, to your soul, let’s start the process…private message me when you click the button below for your 30 mins complimentarySoul Awareness Session”

See you on the other side!


Your suffering is your medicine

Sometimes your stuckness is your medicine

You feel like you’re running around in circles, watching others move right past you…

You have let go of your power, you are waiting for something to happen outside of you for things to change

You are still where you were 3 years ago because you haven’t claimed your birth identity. You are operating from fear instead of love

You focus on what is going wrong over and over again, what you’re lacking, giving your energy to things in your psyche that literally draw out your energy.

Your energy is your currency
You are literally buying your experiences in each moment

You are agreeing with your mind every time it brings in assumptions about you that are not empowering or lifting you up. You have a habit of downplaying what you want…

your heart is singing a different voice to your mind for a reason…you just have been listening to the wrong song for too long and breaking that habit will take a lot of resilience and determination…

(look at how potent the sun is, that’s you but you don’t believe it that’s why you ain’t moving anything)

You didn’t come into this lower room in one day…so don’t expect to climb out & completely let go of this room that quickly

Let the unwanted stories be medicine for your soul, that’s often the best wisdom.

Once you transcend, you will embody YOU differently
and then your shift in embodiment will be medicine for the world.

Enjoy the process, this version of you ain’t coming back but she won’t leave until you acknowledge her medicine and finish her crash course.

Private message me “Soul Babe” for help on how to transcend your current mental suffering. If you feel stuck and feel like you’re literally dying alive…I have been there, let’s dance!

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If you’re feeling disconnected and numb in this present moment and you have been here for such a long time…to the point you are experiencing inner turmoil. You’re probably running away from the truth and the fact that you are seeking love and appreciation outside of yourself.

If you’re ready to face your shiz naiz, Journey Back To Your Heart!

See you on the other side


Give love and don’t expect anything back

Free yourself over and over again

The human side of you wants you to give to get…

I will do this so I can feel worthy to receive.

This is the only way I will receive what I want so I need to force, manipulate, coerce to receive what I want.

That’s the ego, that voice is all about me, me, me…but if you look at the bigger picture, you realize that you need others to make your dreams a reality too. So the frequency you operate give and take on is the same one your the others will meet you on. When it’s about we, we, we…you feel less lonely and empty because you’re giving on a higher frequency… connecting with the version of you who’s cup is always overflowing.

There’s nothing wrong with gaging your capacity to give…but it’s the intention behind every energetic exchange. Boundaries are hot. So ofcourse honor your soul…just be truthful.

What would giving love conditionally feel and look like in your daily life?

Chasing love: you never feel good enough until you do X to receive what you desire. You place conditions on your situation.

Connecting from insecurity: codependency and low frequency connections.

Living from the mind and being trapped in its stories and not grounded in your power.

Taking advantage of and energetically calling in others to do the same to you too.

Striving, forcing towards your goals and feeling like you have nothing to show for it

Harboring resentment

Lack of trust

Lack mindset

Trying to control the unfolding

On the flip side, What would sharing your love Unconditionally gift you?

Extend others grace to be themselves without needing them to be something they are not

Expand your capacity to receive Unconditional love from others

Peace of mind, feeling complete because you have already given yourself all you need energetically so you know it will come. You dance with life to constantly find balance within by energetically fulfilling your needs and living in the end. You commit to the work and allow life you meet you there.

Attract your high vibes tribe: Connecting through the heart for deep, fulfilling, pure intentioned relationships

Safe to just be you, your truth without expecting others to validate or accept it. You are the embodiment of love after all.

Flow state: gift yourself the freedom to just be you without judgement. Give yourself Unconditional love in order to recognize it when someone is gifting it to you too. Allow people to be who they are while giving with a cheerful heart.

If you’d like guidance on how to find relief from your inner turmoil, feeling of disconnection, emptiness, experiencing a bleh life, let’s chat.

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See you on the other side!


You came here as light you will leave as light

You’re pure consciousness

Society gave you an identity



Political parties

Social classes & groups

Belief systems

All that this does is separate you from the highest identity of yourself. This version of you lives in everyone, in every being that breathes on this planet. This is love. This is the gift of life. This is the creator of all’s gift.

Identify only with your consciousness. Resistance and attachment only harbor stress. Just be a curious observer of your life…of what’s unfolding right now over and over again without identifying with it. Only devote yourself to the identity of your heart.

Allow life to flow however it desires to. Life tests your patience and faith. Exhibit A:

Click button below and listen to how you can allow more light in your present moment. Bring more awareness to how you have been causing unnecessary suffering and turmoil in your life. Release resistance, awaken your soul to its truth

Patience. Trusting. Allowing. Being one with what is without allowing any outside circumstances define your energy…that’s how you master self. This takes time and it needs your devotion to your self awareness…but most importantly you need your tribe to hold this energy so they mirror the light already within you.

If you’re ready to activate your Light body and remember who tf you’ve always been…private message when you click the button below, “Soul babe”

See you on the other side!


Life is a very vivid dream

Your journey on this Earth is not forever so you need to start taking your heart’s desires a little more seriously before your time here runs out. We don’t know when. So now is the only time you’ve got.

Stay present and notice how you’ve been spending your energy in the last 24 hours. Is it in alignment with what you desire for yourself?

What story have you been telling yourself about your misalignment?

Your imagination is the source of your suffering as well as the source of your wellbeing. I’ll let you reflect on your own use of thought and assumptions about your third dimensional reality right now. (Your reflected reality)

How does your life feel right now?

Expansive or constricted?

What’s the source of that?

What quality of thoughts are you holding onto that are running your current narrative right now? This is the level of presence you need to get to flip the switch to a better narrative. small you is pushing you towards BIG YOU.

But first, you need to take responsibility for where you are so you can shift to a better version of you that receives better results. Nothing changes if you don’t.

Allow your soul to just play in this reality…shake off thoughts that disempower you and bring you back to density. Your mission on earth is to ascend so you might as well do whatever it takes to get up there. You are a light being so this should be easy peasy right?

You’re narrating a story in each passing moment psychically.

If you don’t like where this is going, stop, and narrate something different.

What you’re currently experiencing is not set in stone, you feel stuck because you’re making yourself stuck. In this coming moment, find a lighter perspective that allows you to alleviate yourself from your suffering!!!

Awaken your inner child, let her play. Let your imagination run free towards your goals. Your logical mind will try to pull you back into your third density but you’re light at your core, so do not let it into your driver seat. That’s your throne!!!

Your heart’s desires have already arrived, stop pushing them away. Allow them in. Allow yourself to expand, feel good and light!!!

If you’re having a hard time with your mental realm and need assistance with activating your light body to retrace your way back home to your bliss state,

Private message me, “Soul babe” when you click the button below 👇🏾

Remove the pressure to be elsewhere other than now. You have already arrived. Release the resistance to what is and just allow yourself to enjoy life right here right now. The dream is already realized.

Click button below to tap in on how you can extend grace to your present self so you can start enjoying life right now

See you on the other side!


Nothing changes until you do

You’re the focal point for everything that is happening around you.

If you didn’t exist, all these things wouldn’t have a place in your life. Start there. There are there because you placed them there, so you can move them. Yes, you’re that powerful & funny enough you’ve always known. You just allowed others’ voices to drown your own. It’s time to drown others’ voices with your own!!!!

Without any attachment to any outcome, anything or to anyone… You will release all that resistance you’re feeling right now. Allow this moment to just be.

Notice the Shoulda, coulda, musta, woulda narratives going on in your head without any judgement.

Now pay attention to the self talk you’ve been engaging with the most.

Bring awareness to the memories that have been stealing your presence, your peace of mind. Memory is anything that happened as soon as a minute ago. It doesn’t exist anymore…the only thing that exists is what is now available to you in this moment. That’s it!

Do you see how you’ve been working against yourself?

If you’re ready to take some personal responsibility for your energy and how you’ve been scattering it, let’s get to work.

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You need to activate your lightbody so you can feel more at home in your present moment. Inner turmoil is not where you plant roots but where you find the willpower to change. Listen below 👂

See you on the other side!