The reason you’re miserable is because you’re not grateful for what you already have. always have what you need to get to what you want…it is all about being honest. How are you showing up internally?

Accept yourself…love yourself… so you can be able to give from the heart.

Fall in love with both your darkness and light…balance them within you…find tools to alchemize them to love…

When you do, be, act from love…you’ll find the light you’re looking for.

Stay open to life

Always expect the best nomatter what…assume life is taking care of you…this requires deep trust and commitment to your heart. Get to know yourself…date yourself…set a day or two or three to spend time with yourself and be present with you…honestly it’s an everyday labor of love. How can you know how 2 love others if you don’t love yourself? I know you’ll have moments you’ll cringe, fear and regret about your past, but choose 2 love, apologize, forgive and be grateful for this old version of you. See it as a gift, wisdom on helping you gain clarity on what 2 change, evolve, reflect on do & be better!

It’s noone else’s job…it’s yours. 🦋

“Life is kind 2 me”

“I am so grateful for my gifts!”

“I expect the best outcome!”

“All my desires are already mine…my act of labor shows faith & prepares me for what’s 2 come.

Always show up and be completely honest with how you’re showing up. Make it a habit 2 reflect on the day…enjoy the run always xo

There’s never been, will only be NOW, will never be another me in this path line…why would I hold myself back from creating love every step of the way. We are all beautiful …and our uniqueness is what glues us together. If you don’t appreciate your own uniqueness how can you expect others 2 see value in you if you’re just copying others version of being? Be you…sell it by your not caring for what others think or say…So What? 

Enjoy your life for you!

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Dancing in-between 2 worlds

Quantum leaping ain’t for the faint at heart. You need a courageous soul to pull this off! The moments when doubts, fear and uncertainty while in the midst of the unknown…how you’ll react will define who you are becoming, a coward or a warrior? Inevitable success or failure because things are not going your way?

Moving from your past to a newer and better future you thought was very far from you is going to feel like a constant tug of war between what you don’t want and what you really want to call into your life.

Create energetic boundaries that allow you to not lose energy on things that could be avoided. E.g mental arguments, creating the worst outcome in your head, doubting soul, denying yourself love…etc

What will you accept and not from life. You do have a say in this…believe it or not

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Sri Venus

To empower to awaken to uplift


How To Find Your Home Within?

Coming back to your own oasis won’t be pretty

You have to dive deep to the depths of your soul

and meet ALL of you:

BOTH the ugly and the beautiful parts of your being

You get to meet all the souls that walked before you in your bloodline and as a result, you find belonging in just being.

Your own unfolding becomes filled with magic, untapped potential and possibilities!

Your aura heals people by just being around you because of your commitment & devotion to your own healing and ascension.

Take it one step at a time if it feels overwhelming. Trust your inner guidance system…the eye of the storm is just letting you know you are ok.

Tap in!


Answering the call

Life is going to call you one day, to start your journey on the road of the unknown. Where you have 0 experience and knowledge in. Will you answer when the call comes in? Are you brave enough to trust life wants to give you the dream of your life? Are you a believer? Are you willing to do what it takes?

What would it take for you to sacrifice the life you are currently experiencing in your head for a life of pure utter bliss, where you know life keeps getting better and better because you’ve surrendered to life, and you’re choosing to act in faith because the reward is far greater than when playing within the secure confines?

Will the call allow you to expand and flourish in your own light or will it scare you into a little corner to conform to the set ways of society? Is it worth it?

What if you’re meant to be set on a path that will bring you lifelong, fulfilling friendships, life mission and impactful work? Maybe meet the right person for you, who highlights and unconditionally loves all the sides of you that you’ve been taught to hate. How would you know if you didn’t give life a chance to prove its love for you? How would you know if you keep trying to control everything when you don’t know anything? YES! No, you don’t. You only know what you see in front of you from your perspective and that is only a piece of a bigger pie in the unseen so YES, NO! you don’t know anything!

There’s beauty in not knowing, it frees up your plate from the mind chatter, it’s like leaving everything to your butler to handle all the details of HOW, WHERE & WHEN while you enjoy life, BUT you still have to answer the call and act in faith. Show up! And know all will be taken care of. Your only job is to not lose faith no matter what’s presented before you.

Again, All it takes is the act of faith and surrender.

The universe is calling, and it won’t keep calling forever.

Are you going to answer this time?