Lesser you, has a message for you

You feel little because you allow yourself to be

Who else would have placed you there unless you did?

You made the choices.

You made the decision to be here.

You saw it, you created it.

You assumed you were because for that split second your insecurities took the wheel and you forgot for a split second who you were.

Be grounded in your being…

Allow what is to be grounded in the presence,

Watch without judgement, take responsibility for how you contributed to this script you’ve been playing in your mind

You’ve been feeding it every step of the way, from the moment it was created in your mind to this very moment of awareness…it’s all been YOU

So swim in between thoughts back home to your throne

Allow your creativity to lead you through the path of least resistance while tapped into the presence of truth.

If you fantasize into a reality that exists in the mental realm, so far from your heart…you will inflate your ego based on lies and miss the most of life…

The point of life is to embody our vision effortlessly without a care in the world what others think if it…it is to embody your version of love. It is to share life through your heart…so embody that.

To liberate ourselves from versions of us that believe that we are not enough, worthy of the life we dare to call in.

We make sacrifices, pay the price in some way for what we desire. We give to take.

Selfishness leads to loneliness, togetherness leads to never feeling lonely ever again.

Not too many will vibrate on this frequency, that’s the beauty of the woo-woo. A few are waking up, a few are activating light bodies day after day. Are you one of the few?

Trust the unfolding,it’s not perfect…but it IS holy

See you on the other side!

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Be present to notice the moment you start creating unwanted thoughts

Capture that moment

Don’t judge it

Just observe

Without the need to attach

Or to give it any meaning

As it floats away and disappears so does your need to hold onto it

You are worthy of a good life yet you don’t believe you do. Why?

It does keep getting better and better and better and better only if you allow it to.

It’s called The 7th Heaven for a reason! There are action steps to get there…each level prepares you for the next and the one after. Imagine getting a whambam of goodness all at once, your heart couldn’t contain it. You’d pass out! Drop bye bye maybe.

Gradually allowing change to happen fosters trust with your inner being. For 21 Days I’ll walk you through the process of quantum leaping from your current dark, dense state to lighter states…and consistently finding security in the light states. By the end of the process you’ll be already embodied in your higher self, it’ll become easier and easier with each compounding effort to improve your current state.

There’s never anything wrong with where you are until your perspective keeps you a prisoner.

Starting Dec 1st, I’ll walk you through your current story with ease to the doors of your 7th heaven, your state of complete relief that will allow you to expand more often to lighter states. Once you open this door to your bliss state, your old versions will continuously want to steal this state from you. How do you prepare yourself for that?

If you’ve felt like you’ve been in this deep dark slump for way too long and you continuously relive states that disempower you and degrade you to misery, unfulfillment, disconnection, victimhood, loneliness…, this is your opportunity to change that to consistent empowering states of joy, wonder, forgiveness, peace, security, relief and faith. Your god(dess) state is waiting to be awakened and embodied in The 7th Heaven.

Scholarships available, integrity based* please let me know in application. Replay option available for souls entering after the official opening of The 7th Heaven portal.

See you on the other side!


Loving the parts of you society says you should be ashamed of

We are not strangers to the online community that lead the general consensus on the correct way of acting or living life. There’s always a constant tug of war between different tribes that think they are better…and their way is the only true way. If like me, you lurk in the comment section you mind have been offended by something a stranger said that invalidated who you were currently experiencing.

Maybe you started feeling shameful and inferior because of that one comment your auntie or teacher said to you in school…and you’ve been quietly replaying it to yourself in your psyche… you’ve prolly been doing it for so long you don’t even realize it. 

When you’re comfortable with your weaknesses and shadows…you stop hiding from what is…and instead just uncover everything that is. The truth. You remove the illusion and just watch what’s showing up courageously. Your heart open and Unconditional love flows out. You invite in curiousity about why you’re here. You empower yourself by understanding, accepting and cherishing this version of you despite what everyone else’s opinions have to say.

This is the kinda love you’ve been seeking all along. Unconditional love from you. Full acceptance of who you are right now without a care in the world what Tom, Dick and Vanessa have to say about it. It’s feeling enough and complete.

When you fully understand that light needs the shadows, darkness to be…you will embrace your own with deep reverence. You won’t give a flying Flower what somebody’s son thinks of how you show up because you know who you are and what you’re about.

You love you and care about you…and those aligned would feel the same about you. That’s your tribe. That’s your life team…anyone else can skiddadle along.