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What chapter are you narrating right now?

The pen is always writing anyway. So what are you narrating right now? Where are you seeing your life lead to right now? Do you like where it’s going? Or maybe you feel stuck and you’re stuck in chaos…you’re confused and disconnected from yourself because your dominant thought pattern is in fear, scarcity, lack, disempowerment, doubt, shame, doubt….

Your mind is clouded in the dark cloud….you want it to stop….you’re sick and tired of this little trend going on in your life, you’re growing…you’re ready to expand to lightness within, to feel again, to be in love with life again, to breathe again, you want your life back!!!!

You came here with nothing, you’re gonna leave with nothing. What will your life stand for during this time you’re shooting past this earth portal goddess?

What will you be known for?

Come find out by studying yourself, by taking ownership of what is within your control.

Trust the undoing part of your shadow work, it’s meant to be messy so you can love all the corners and crooks of you.

You’re worthy of your own love.

Just finished day 1 of the Survival Mode Neutralizer 7 Day Challenge. Day 2 tomorrow at 5:55pm PST…we are meeting your throne. What does it feel like? How do you naturally embody it?

Come find out & watch the replay!
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Accept, remove urgency, flow

You’re creating resistance when you are not allowing what is to be. When you give yourself grace to just be in this moment as you come…you allow your awareness to center you and to show you what you have been missing. The whole truth is showing up before you:

What you’re creating, what you’re entertaining, what you’re fighting against. The root of your suffering is right there…follow the breadcrumbs.

The place you desire to be is to have already arrived so go there in imagination. Use your mind constructively if you’re finding yourself creating battles with it…stop! Drop back into your heart and clear off that mental slate clean and start all over again. Bring in your new life to you right here right now. Your old self will want to take that away from you…but accept the resistance, don’t fight it but hold firm your vision while you feel it’s presence right here right now.

The new you will feel like new clothes, unfamiliar, expansive, exciting if you allow it to be or if you listen to your old self it will feel scary, stupid, like you can’t figure it out, running around in circles…without anything to show for it. The only way you can actually create an empire without burning yourself out is surrendering to your heart’s instructions…and being its obedient student. Respect your mental temple…use it wisely.

Don’t forget to love the previous versions of yourself anyway… Unconditionally love them all and you will feel liberated to just be you without any judgement. Others seem to judge you because you judged yourself first. So stop being so judgy and love all of you-in a healthy manner.