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You don’t love yourself because you do this

How many times do you abandon yourself during the day?

The fantasy that you like to escape to when you get some time alone, when the feelings of inferiority, shame, lack, guilt, not enough trickle in…

Do you try to fill in the void with something outside of you?

Abandoning yourself is a habit you learnt but it can be unlearned by choosing to be present with being over mind flairs!

By prioritizing and loving you…being with you when you feel uncomfortable emotions…when the lower you’s visit…be here for your inner child.

You are her hero, so be available emotionally.

She is lonely 🥺

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Everyday practice being her

That version of you that has everything that is within your heart. The version of you that is living it…what is she doing right now?

What does she see when she looks at herself in the mirror?

How does she walk?

What are people thinking and saying about her?

How does she talk?

How does she speak?

You see glimpses of her here and there? Do you feel her? You will know by the feeling of expansiveness, lightness, relief in your body. Keep expanding on that, every opportunity you get. No need to force when you can do it the effortless way.

So dream your wildest life yet

You’re worthy of good things happening to you too, you’re more than worthy of abundance and prosperity. And most importantly you’re worthy of divine love. So start seeing yourself in the eyes of the divine.

Get used to being adored for just being, existing.

Get used to your work being so appreciated, valued and paid for by so many people.

See yourself also winning along others

If you’re ready to shake off the densities you’re experiencing now e.g feeling: less than your best,
shame, guilt, not in alignment with your desires, resistance & burn out…it’s time to come home to yourself.

The love you’re desiring already resides with you. Others merely reflect the love and acceptance that was already available to you with or without them.

If you’re ready to flip the switch, to change, to start the momentum towards feeling free, expansive, relief and light…this is how you can do it. Click button below to listen .

See you on the other side!


INSTANT RELIEF: Do it for the experience not the outcome

When you let go of the need to be constantly somewhere else other than now

When you allow the present moment to just inspire the next

When you listen to the person who you’re being right now as the only information you need to move forward

When you KNOW & APPRECIATE the value of your soul blueprint

When you understand your higher self has already arrived and she’s finding & nudging you along the way… leading you on the right path

When you surrender to the flow of life and don’t take anything personally. When you acknowledge everyone else is having a human experience just like you it just looks different from the outside.

When you realize your identity is not locked in…it’s like putty. It can be changed and molded with each thought and Assumption you make about yourself in each passing moment.

When you realize you are the block to your blessings…and you have this opportunity to befriend this block and understand her reasons.

When you finally wake up to the realization that it’s in your heart because it’s yours to experience and to create in this lifetime (so relaxxx)

When you give yourself permission to live the life of your dreams…you’re doing the Lord’s work…because when you’re light, you’re sending a ripple event to the rest of the world thought your everyday encounters…through your embodiment of love…your work, your efforts. They are charged with the highest version of you.

This is your reminder to listen to your heart first in everything you do. Treat your mind space as sacred grounds for planting your seeds of desire…release all dense seeds that are not in alignment with your heart…with love and forgiveness. Notice parts of you that want you to suffer. Thank them for their truth.

Accept all of you…bring back home all parts of you you’ve rejected. Once you unite with all parts you’ve been resisting, you will feel more at ease.

See you on the other side!


Dense embodiment

All thoughts of lack, fear, worrying, separation, putting others on a pedestal…engaging with fights in your mind…being an energetic sponge for other people’s density… allowing yourself to be an emotional dump of others…all have the same thing in common resistance to lightness…resistance to having, resistance to what is…

It is so true that we are living on the same planet but living on different frequencies. The mind is your portal to the answers of your current problems. Shine a light on every thought, memory, assumptions you are embodying. Notice their frequency within your body. Register their existence. Awareness on this life of ascension is your greatest asset. Do they inspire you out of your funk or do they drown you deeper into a density portal?

Your mind will always be blabbering…telling you this and that. You always have a choice on what you engage with, the energy you give the mind body…what you choose to believe and not. It’s all a game, and once you understand that there are no rules, it is all a game of illusion…you will experience freedom from the suffering you’re experiencing.

Like Bob Marley said, emancipate yourself from mental slavery…from this moment onwards choose to not identity yourself with density. Density feels awful for a reason…it’s because it pulls you away from soul…from the source of the highest version of you. When you play to the level of the restrictions of third density…you will experience life only up to that level.

Your soul is communicating with you in each moment…listen. Listen to your body…how does it feel? Your soul needs to light up…why are you taking this away from yourself?

Why suffer when you can accept, surrender, play with what is…and shake off what’s not in alignment?

Laziness will lead you astray. Use your time and energy towards lighter…because that’s who you are at your core.


The battle between your lower self and your higher self

We all experience moments in our mind that steal our joy, our high vibes. Sometimes we forget who we are and we drown in the densiest energies of our being that could have been best ignored but ego…pain, suffering addiction, lack of grounding took charge and you lost track of your inner guidance system. Or maybe, it’s all part of the journey to your higher self.

How would you know what your higher self was without your lower self?

Everything has its place. Everything has context. We live in a world of duality…where we don’t have and have at the same time. You’re contracting and expanding to your desires though the Embodiment of both sides that exist within you.

Your higher self keeps you in alignment with the vision…your lower self keeps you on your toes with your shadow work. It’s a win win.

Let go of the need to fight what is. Instead invite in curiousity and unconditional love for all versions of you. You’re here to expand anyway…that’s in your dna. Why not enjoy the journey?!

Start now!

The 7th Heaven


The dance between old you and new YOU

Nobody said it was easy…you’re literally shedding off parts of you that don’t align with the new energy you’re expanding into. Your own b.s will be put on light…on the stage by your awareness and there will be nowhere else to go but within…to dismantle all that doesn’t align anymore. Yes it’s uncomfortable that’s why you need to prioritize your well being. When you take care of yourself, you’re extending yourself grace and acknowledging your existence is more than about just working and attracting the dough. It’s about having genuine connections with our hearts and those of other souls roaming along with you on this journey.

How would you know if something is for you if you didn’t really listen to the voice within? How could that happen when you constantly place the voice of others above your own. You are enough just as you come…cute, uncute whatever…these are just labels we use to disqualify our expansive nature. Be careful of the labels you hold onto…you’re the only one holding yourself back.

Brick by brick you can dismantle the pain into something powerful, something meaningful for you and allow it to call you into a higher mission.

Serve those who suffer too…use your skills to empower your community, join a mission you truly believe in…change is hard in the beginning but when you constantly remind yourself of your why every morning…what is your reason for living? You will always find a way to overcome whatever gets thrown your way. When you find you’re not happy, remind yourself over and over again that it begins with a choice to think and choose different. To empower ourselves religiously even when it feels like a lie. Now that’s the living word!!!

There is a way out…and that is within. Trust the process…accept the humanness…you’re still enough and worthy no matter what the voices say, nomatter what the world reflects 🌸 accept the shadows just as you do the light. There’s no shortcut…no shame and judgement allowed…just pure unconditional, patient love.

I talk more on this here in the 7th Heaven Meeting Place. If you haven’t yet, join the tribe of mental alchemists who are overcoming their mountains, brick by brick and creating a story of peace, fulfillment and purpose. Apply here.

Listen now to how to dance in-between 2 worlds…the old you and the higher identity 🌸

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The answers are within but if you don’t know where to look…you’ll be lost forever. Allow me to show you the end of the tunnel: The 7th Heaven

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Remember who you really are chica


Sri Venus



The reason you’re miserable is because you’re not grateful for what you already have. always have what you need to get to what you want…it is all about being honest. How are you showing up internally?

Accept yourself…love yourself… so you can be able to give from the heart.

Fall in love with both your darkness and light…balance them within you…find tools to alchemize them to love…

When you do, be, act from love…you’ll find the light you’re looking for.

Stay open to life

Always expect the best nomatter what…assume life is taking care of you…this requires deep trust and commitment to your heart. Get to know yourself…date yourself…set a day or two or three to spend time with yourself and be present with you…honestly it’s an everyday labor of love. How can you know how 2 love others if you don’t love yourself? I know you’ll have moments you’ll cringe, fear and regret about your past, but choose 2 love, apologize, forgive and be grateful for this old version of you. See it as a gift, wisdom on helping you gain clarity on what 2 change, evolve, reflect on do & be better!

It’s noone else’s job…it’s yours. 🦋

“Life is kind 2 me”

“I am so grateful for my gifts!”

“I expect the best outcome!”

“All my desires are already mine…my act of labor shows faith & prepares me for what’s 2 come.

Always show up and be completely honest with how you’re showing up. Make it a habit 2 reflect on the day…enjoy the run always xo

There’s never been, will only be NOW, will never be another me in this path line…why would I hold myself back from creating love every step of the way. We are all beautiful …and our uniqueness is what glues us together. If you don’t appreciate your own uniqueness how can you expect others 2 see value in you if you’re just copying others version of being? Be you…sell it by your not caring for what others think or say…So What? 

Enjoy your life for you!

Being mindset self talk shifting the past

healing from abusive trauma, repetitive cycles

why are you beating and talking yourself down like they did to you? You believe them?

You really see yourself through the lens of hate and inadequacy?

Why would you put another’s opinions about your life on a pedestal? Why would you give a flying care what they think of you?

You’re the one who’s opinions you should care about. This gifts you freedom and the not needing anyone’s validation. You stand alone in that you are secure from within. Everything else is simply details. You can co-create, you can dance with other souls along the way…you will lead and then they will lead…a flow of give and take.

How can you know your emotional boundaries? What is bothering you?

Be honest with what is coming up.

You don’t need to share everything. You don’t need to be friends or besties to get along. You don’t need to hang with everybody cool and coming up. Ground yourself in having nothing as well as having it all. Because everything outside of you can be taken from you but what’s within can never be scrapped. This is why it is very important to keep leaning towards your inner peace, your sanctuary. Nothing outside of you is ever gonna gift you the relief you are looking for. If you notice you’re recycling habits that are not serving you anymore, your will to change will unlock your new life. You just need to be ALL IN! You are the key to this whole chaos in your life. Once you turn the key, all that chaos will alchemize to creative solutions. Allow for them to come into your life. Prepare, be open.

Find out who you really are, here.

“Life is truly kind to me, I am so grateful!”

anytime you experience a negative, fearful thought…remind yourself each moment. These intimate moments will add up to allow your soul to start being safe in your body and unlocking your blueprint holding all your creative flair!

Journaling helped me put on paper what I was battling with in my mind. It gifted me relief! It allowed to be slow down so I could see clearly without judgement how and why I was showing up the way I was. The secret to completely healing and letting go of the past is to not judge yourself and to extend compassion to yourself. You don’t forgive to make the other person feel better, we do it to allow us the choice to move on…to not let this steal our peace anymore. You are the magic, so start writing away.

Sign up for the Journal Back 2 Yourself 11 Day Challenge. Only for babes who are ready to meet themselves, if not, I am sorry you’re missing out on some magic. When you don’t know yourself, you are asset less. Know who you are. Play the long game always. When you know your strengths and weaknesses you become more intentional with how you “attack” in life. You leverage your connections’ strengths to make up for your lack, and extend the grace to others.

Anyway, enough chitchat. Apply for the 11 Day Challenge to Journal Back to your Soul by clicking the Button Below!

See you on the other side!


When you keep losing stuff…this is why you should let them go

I lose stuff a lott too! Consistently losing stuff is a sign that you’re not being present, and you’re getting lost in your need to control…and figure it out in your mind. Trust that it’s all working out for you regardless.

I like to think that when I lose things I’ll get them right back…I’ll find it, with no doubt, and if I don’t get it back, I don’t need it anymore. It removes the lingering thought, denies self from criticism. Try your best to not indulge in mental arguments, storylines that bring you down…instead of empowering yourself…feeling empowered…awakened to the WHOLE TRUTH about yourself…and uplifted to their higher self, so they walk a path of dignity, pride, fulfillment, relief, joy and peace.

We are all chasing money in the hopes of that it’ll make our life happier. It might improve the quality of life, but happy is always now…nomatter what. Figure out what makes you smile a lot…think about it a lot…I mean everyday until people are asking why you are smiling into mid-air…jokes!

But you get the idea…make yourself feel mwah! Remove the shame…as long as it’s centered within.

You are enough. You have exactly what you need 2 make it happen. Show up nomatter what! This is your path, you’re the only one who you’ll have to blame if you didn’t live your life fulfilled. Really take some time to really get to know yourself. You can grab my book: Get To Know yourself in 21 Days here where you’ll be taken through a corridor of context, reflection, labored love to show yourself how much you want to know…do you expect your soul 2 just hand it over 2 you…after you’ve ignored your self for so long??

Doubting, limiting, constantly criticizing yourself…your evey move, how you talk, how you act, walk, dress…no wonder why you’re miserable.

Your soul can’t thrive in such conditions. Change what needs to be shifted into something better. You’re always compounding.

Easier said than done, right? Who said it has to be hard, who said it can’t be enjoyable, peaceful, joyful,  calm…?

Apply here to join The 7th Heaven Meeting Place on Facebook: a sacred journey back to our soul’s gifts.

Taking applications to the Mental Alchemy Academy (MAA) soon…Where great, curious & learning mental alchemists engage!!

See you on the other side!


How to be happy?

We’ve all heard that happiness is a choice right? I think I’ve said it a couple times here but I’ll say it again for those at the back.

Choose to be. Right now.

Smile because you choose to.

It all stems from feeling grateful for life, and everything that is unfolding for you without you even noticing. It’s always in the details…the coffee you enjoyed this morning, your phone that connected you to people all over the place, the eyes that are allowing you to read this and or the ears that let you listen, the apps that were created specifically for your needs, your car or mode of transport that made the journey faster and easier…the other humans sharing this earth journey with you. Imagine being the only person for miles end but here you are one of many, so how could you ever be alone?

Happiness is in a sip of sweet tea, the quenching if thirst, the warm long hug you received, the smile you shared with someone, it’s in your favorite music, in the silence between your thoughts, the breeze that caresses your skin…happiness is everywhere, in every moment…but it’s always a choice.

To suffer or to choose to be happy regardless.
Besides, have you noticed that no matter what life throws at you, you’re never without?
So what’s stopping you?