The reason you’re miserable is because you’re not grateful for what you already have. always have what you need to get to what you want…it is all about being honest. How are you showing up internally?

Accept yourself…love yourself… so you can be able to give from the heart.

Fall in love with both your darkness and light…balance them within you…find tools to alchemize them to love…

When you do, be, act from love…you’ll find the light you’re looking for.

Stay open to life

Always expect the best nomatter what…assume life is taking care of you…this requires deep trust and commitment to your heart. Get to know yourself…date yourself…set a day or two or three to spend time with yourself and be present with you…honestly it’s an everyday labor of love. How can you know how 2 love others if you don’t love yourself? I know you’ll have moments you’ll cringe, fear and regret about your past, but choose 2 love, apologize, forgive and be grateful for this old version of you. See it as a gift, wisdom on helping you gain clarity on what 2 change, evolve, reflect on do & be better!

It’s noone else’s job…it’s yours. 🦋

“Life is kind 2 me”

“I am so grateful for my gifts!”

“I expect the best outcome!”

“All my desires are already mine…my act of labor shows faith & prepares me for what’s 2 come.

Always show up and be completely honest with how you’re showing up. Make it a habit 2 reflect on the day…enjoy the run always xo

There’s never been, will only be NOW, will never be another me in this path line…why would I hold myself back from creating love every step of the way. We are all beautiful …and our uniqueness is what glues us together. If you don’t appreciate your own uniqueness how can you expect others 2 see value in you if you’re just copying others version of being? Be you…sell it by your not caring for what others think or say…So What? 

Enjoy your life for you!


This is why manifestation is easy peasy for women

You are a life bringer. Your entire physiology manifested to create life. Then, why should it be hard, tough to create the life you desire to experience? Why should there be struggle? Scarcity. Limitations. Blockages. Just dance around them. When life brings you darkness, celebrate the stars, the mystery, the courage this time has gifted you. Find out what your soul is made of. Watch your creat(ion)(ivity) at play, reel back. Fear will stop you from stepping into your glory.

Your higher self has so much to show you 🦋

say less 🤫
watch more 👁️
be(come) most 🦋


Really feel & claim this when you read it

My self worth and my ability to make an impact with my skills has nothing to do with other people’s perception of life or me.

Only I have the final say on what to bring out of life.
My words are affirmations
I create life and declare victories through speech and embodiment.

How others choose to receive me is their business.
I show up as my higher self or I do due diligence on days I feel off.

But I am always showing up,

in spirit,

in mind,

in body.

I am ok, everything is ok.

Take a big breath in and out…and go create and live your dream come true.

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😩Feeling out of touch with yourself, in a consistent funk? Numb? Unusual flow? Seeking something but you don’t know what? Out of touch with body. Self. Others?

🤔you feel like you’re falling behind, you’re not going fast enough, you’re aware of your shadows, your bad habits, you’re conscious you’re in a place you do not desire to be in anymore

🤔you’re being called on to take more responsibility and enter new territory

🤔you feel anxious, triggered a lot on the internet. Around (certain) people.


Stick with me. 🤫👁️

Mental health is a necessity. Monkey mind 🐒 will always be there trying to push you down, bring you out of the game…but there are many tools already existing within you that you probably don’t even know about…you do it but you’re not conscious of it so it manifests in small amounts.

Journal out your soul’s truth out.

Expect To Activate your Throat Chakra during this Challenge. 🌸 Express Yourself Freely & Safely. 🌸 Fall more in love with yourself by accepting what already is. Why are you holding onto the past?

Trust the process.

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See you on the other side!


Sri Venus


When you keep losing stuff…this is why you should let them go

I lose stuff a lott too! Consistently losing stuff is a sign that you’re not being present, and you’re getting lost in your need to control…and figure it out in your mind. Trust that it’s all working out for you regardless.

I like to think that when I lose things I’ll get them right back…I’ll find it, with no doubt, and if I don’t get it back, I don’t need it anymore. It removes the lingering thought, denies self from criticism. Try your best to not indulge in mental arguments, storylines that bring you down…instead of empowering yourself…feeling empowered…awakened to the WHOLE TRUTH about yourself…and uplifted to their higher self, so they walk a path of dignity, pride, fulfillment, relief, joy and peace.

We are all chasing money in the hopes of that it’ll make our life happier. It might improve the quality of life, but happy is always now…nomatter what. Figure out what makes you smile a lot…think about it a lot…I mean everyday until people are asking why you are smiling into mid-air…jokes!

But you get the idea…make yourself feel mwah! Remove the shame…as long as it’s centered within.

You are enough. You have exactly what you need 2 make it happen. Show up nomatter what! This is your path, you’re the only one who you’ll have to blame if you didn’t live your life fulfilled. Really take some time to really get to know yourself. You can grab my book: Get To Know yourself in 21 Days here where you’ll be taken through a corridor of context, reflection, labored love to show yourself how much you want to know…do you expect your soul 2 just hand it over 2 you…after you’ve ignored your self for so long??

Doubting, limiting, constantly criticizing yourself…your evey move, how you talk, how you act, walk, dress…no wonder why you’re miserable.

Your soul can’t thrive in such conditions. Change what needs to be shifted into something better. You’re always compounding.

Easier said than done, right? Who said it has to be hard, who said it can’t be enjoyable, peaceful, joyful,  calm…?

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See you on the other side!