Bypassing reality to escape

When you choose to ignore and numb your true feelings you are missing your opportunity to connect with your true self

When you bypass the truth (what is), instead you are choosing to connect to your wounded ego which keeps you stuck in a false story, resulting in you living an unfulfilling life…living a lie. (no wonder you’re miserable)

You attract emotional unavailable souls into your orbit because you are emotionally unavailable for yourself

You point fingers at others for making you feel a certain way instead of pointing fingers at the most important person who is ignoring you

Instead when you have a devotional relationship with yourself, and you study self truthfully even when you don’t like what you see, you awaken to the love you’ve been seeking all along

When you give your lower versions unconditional love, total acceptance, cherishing, forgiveness, understanding and patience…when you give that to yourself first…you will expect it from others second…

You always lead and show others how you want to be loved by embodying it, by becoming, by being, by doing it for yourself first.

Everybody else is just following suit to your normal

You are leveling up the playing field

Expect to meet those who don’t love or are resisting parts of themselves knowingly or not,

you will know and see those who wear masks because you’ve become comfortable with your own shadows

Shadow work is uncomfortable but the rewards are priceless

Keep showing up

It’s totally worth it!


Give love and don’t expect anything back

Free yourself over and over again

The human side of you wants you to give to get…

I will do this so I can feel worthy to receive.

This is the only way I will receive what I want so I need to force, manipulate, coerce to receive what I want.

That’s the ego, that voice is all about me, me, me…but if you look at the bigger picture, you realize that you need others to make your dreams a reality too. So the frequency you operate give and take on is the same one your the others will meet you on. When it’s about we, we, we…you feel less lonely and empty because you’re giving on a higher frequency… connecting with the version of you who’s cup is always overflowing.

There’s nothing wrong with gaging your capacity to give…but it’s the intention behind every energetic exchange. Boundaries are hot. So ofcourse honor your soul…just be truthful.

What would giving love conditionally feel and look like in your daily life?

Chasing love: you never feel good enough until you do X to receive what you desire. You place conditions on your situation.

Connecting from insecurity: codependency and low frequency connections.

Living from the mind and being trapped in its stories and not grounded in your power.

Taking advantage of and energetically calling in others to do the same to you too.

Striving, forcing towards your goals and feeling like you have nothing to show for it

Harboring resentment

Lack of trust

Lack mindset

Trying to control the unfolding

On the flip side, What would sharing your love Unconditionally gift you?

Extend others grace to be themselves without needing them to be something they are not

Expand your capacity to receive Unconditional love from others

Peace of mind, feeling complete because you have already given yourself all you need energetically so you know it will come. You dance with life to constantly find balance within by energetically fulfilling your needs and living in the end. You commit to the work and allow life you meet you there.

Attract your high vibes tribe: Connecting through the heart for deep, fulfilling, pure intentioned relationships

Safe to just be you, your truth without expecting others to validate or accept it. You are the embodiment of love after all.

Flow state: gift yourself the freedom to just be you without judgement. Give yourself Unconditional love in order to recognize it when someone is gifting it to you too. Allow people to be who they are while giving with a cheerful heart.

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