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Devote yourself to the work

It’s a path that’ll take a lifetime of effort and dance

If you’re not asking yourself the right questions you will bury yourself deep in the chaos.

You’re already free in your mind, you place yourself in a cage, a prison because you believe in those limitations more than you believe in yourself.

When you notice a pattern and the only constant is you…what needs to change? It’s simple, you’re overcomplicating it with overthinking and closing yourself off from life.

It is boring because you’re closing yourself from many possibilities. You don’t know everything…you never will until you’re one with source.

It’s ok to not know. It’s ok to be in the unknown scared, lonely and without a clue where your life is heading.

It’s ok.

You’re ok.

You’re exactly where you need to be.

You’re here right now in this moment with people to attest to the love that resides within you, the peace, the joy, the abundance, the fulfillment…the answers are within. You just need to awaken to your Soul’s truths.

But first, let’s be human.

You do have shadows and that’s ok

If you’re needing support please join other soul babes and I on The Journey Back To The Heart.

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You need to change inside for life to reflect it back to you

When you worry about what others think of you, you give them power over your life

You fit into their script of what you should be doing, you live for them and not for you

Remove them from the pedestal you are constantly putting them on

Disengage from the assumptions you’re placing on them

Disengage from the stories you’re telling yourself through them in your mind’s eye!

Use that energy to create your desired outcome instead.

It feels easy to create stories you don’t want when you’ve planted roots in a narrative that continuously disempowers. It feels powerful when you expand your consciousness to receive the life you’ve been separating yourself from over and over again because of the stories you’ve been entertaining in your head.

Consistently reach out to activities, thoughts, assumptions that activate your bliss state, your most joyful, happy, fulfilled, aligned, in love with life version of you. This is you when you feel at one with whatever is.

When you notice resistance, you acknowledge and accept it without judgement.

You’re in constant flow with what is.

Detached from outcome.

Detached from the past.

Just gratitude and acceptance of the moment right here before you shift energetically into the next room, leveled up frequency, upgraded embodiment of you, better, brighter, clearer!

This doesn’t happen overnight, it happens with intention and consistent work within.

Challenging the you from yesterday and making room for higher you from tomorrow.   to always choose joy as the normal state of being…to guard my energy and allow

Being in control of your energy and time in the mental realm and in the physical realm so you stay aware and away from misaligned energies that could keep you astray.

This whole journey is about being centered from within. That way your presence can positively influence your surroundings. t…2 stand in the unknown, baring all because you’ve finally remembered who you are and you’re

To be courageous in each step you take towards the unknown, but constantly engaging with your heart to lead the way.

To stay open to the wildest possibilities that could lift you back up. STOP HOLDING ONTO THIS CURRENT VERSION OF YOU, SHE HAS FINISHED HER JOB. IT IS TIME TO STEP UPGRADE YOUR ENERGETIC SOFTWARE…new thoughts, new assumptions, new way of looking at life, new prioritizes.

Change is inevitable, why can’t it be on your own terms?

Join me,

If you need guidance on how you can walk back to lighter perspectives, especially if you’re feeling inner turmoil, depression (but you want to try something outside of the normal therapist model), resistance, dark and dense thoughts…let’s talk.

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Sri Venus


Give love and don’t expect anything back

Free yourself over and over again

The human side of you wants you to give to get…

I will do this so I can feel worthy to receive.

This is the only way I will receive what I want so I need to force, manipulate, coerce to receive what I want.

That’s the ego, that voice is all about me, me, me…but if you look at the bigger picture, you realize that you need others to make your dreams a reality too. So the frequency you operate give and take on is the same one your the others will meet you on. When it’s about we, we, we…you feel less lonely and empty because you’re giving on a higher frequency… connecting with the version of you who’s cup is always overflowing.

There’s nothing wrong with gaging your capacity to give…but it’s the intention behind every energetic exchange. Boundaries are hot. So ofcourse honor your soul…just be truthful.

What would giving love conditionally feel and look like in your daily life?

Chasing love: you never feel good enough until you do X to receive what you desire. You place conditions on your situation.

Connecting from insecurity: codependency and low frequency connections.

Living from the mind and being trapped in its stories and not grounded in your power.

Taking advantage of and energetically calling in others to do the same to you too.

Striving, forcing towards your goals and feeling like you have nothing to show for it

Harboring resentment

Lack of trust

Lack mindset

Trying to control the unfolding

On the flip side, What would sharing your love Unconditionally gift you?

Extend others grace to be themselves without needing them to be something they are not

Expand your capacity to receive Unconditional love from others

Peace of mind, feeling complete because you have already given yourself all you need energetically so you know it will come. You dance with life to constantly find balance within by energetically fulfilling your needs and living in the end. You commit to the work and allow life you meet you there.

Attract your high vibes tribe: Connecting through the heart for deep, fulfilling, pure intentioned relationships

Safe to just be you, your truth without expecting others to validate or accept it. You are the embodiment of love after all.

Flow state: gift yourself the freedom to just be you without judgement. Give yourself Unconditional love in order to recognize it when someone is gifting it to you too. Allow people to be who they are while giving with a cheerful heart.

If you’d like guidance on how to find relief from your inner turmoil, feeling of disconnection, emptiness, experiencing a bleh life, let’s chat.

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See you on the other side!