Your desires have already arrived

Your job is to unravel thoughts, beliefs that are keeping you away from experiencing it right now

The moment you feel it, it’s there for you

Life is that good!

But we have been taught to suffer and to be addicted to being down and under. We don’t trust life anymore.

Some of it is because our parents, grannies and ancestors went through so much stress, survival and suffering to get us where we are. With this in mind, be grateful that you’re the chosen one to unbecoming this script for your bloodline, and the gps in your heart is leading you towards the journey of shedding that off.

Some of it could be that you had a rough start to life.

Learning new ways of thinking is hard especially if you’re used to the habit of suffering in thoughts and assumptions.

Something we might have borrowed or learnt from the beginning of our journey.

How do we learn to be light again?

Learning to pick and choose the quality of thoughts to live and embody by is a new muscle that gets to be practiced over and over again until you become it.

Becoming light after being dark for a long time is a journey of its own. There’s no quick way to get there if you want longevity and to plant roots deep within ELDORADO (your ideal state)

Abundance, prosperity, joy, bliss, relief, happiness, wellbeing is available to you right now if you allow yourself to open up to it.

One thought at a time

One assumption at a time

Trust your being to guide you in this very moment and the next

You won’t find the guidance through your mind, but through your heart.

Feeeeeeeeel it all

Numbing is just keeping you away from the relief you seek

Numbing and escaping is just blocking you from the things you want.

They are just emotions, not a death sentence.

Face it!!!

Ok, maybe better said than done.

This is why we need support, guidance and reassurance when everything around us is dim.

Vulnerability is sweet surrender. The truth is the truth don’t run away from it.

Resilience is built over time.

Just don’t do it alone.

This is why I am here for you soul babe, don’t walk by yourself .

Let’s alchemize this dense baby to something lighter!

Better yet, Meow at me “Soul Babe”


Fantasizing is ego based, visualizing is heart based

When you’re escaping into a reality that disempowers you…you’re fantasizing because you’re putting everyone else on a pedestal but you.

You’re telling the little girl within that she’s not worthy, she’s not enough…she needs to perform to be liked, to get the attention she needs. Others’ opinion of you is better, more important than your own opinion of self. How did you make this a 1+ relationship? The relationship between you and you is sacred, holy grounds…a no go zone for even your besties, soulmates & whateverz!

Your affirmations that you chant, sing to yourself everyday are not just affirmations, they are prayers to your soul…the soul mother ship…to keep mind, body and spirit in alignment. When you are intentional with your presence…it radiates in your connections, in the richness of your conversations, in the quality of life you’re experiencing…

Visualizing gifts you the ability to walk from your current situation into your future reality. It keeps you in alignment with what is important, it eliminates unnecessary distractions and instructs you only from intuitive nudges.

With unconditional love and expansive gratitude,


Sri Venus