Goddess Embodiment Activation

Being one with God, the point where you end being you and I end being me…where our souls combine to create a blanket of what is…to be so equally yoked in the moment and breathing the next inhale if it’s your last. To come alive in this moment and the next by choosing to lean into what is a little bit more and if you don’t like it…move along to another slice where you’re ignited and happy and fulfilled.

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If you’re currently experiencing shame and guilt around your sexuality, this is especially for you.

Your lack of self trust is heightened because of the chaos within your psyche. This is your opportunity to transcend thought and go collect on top of your head and view your current circumstances from there.

Start giving thanks for all past versions of yourself especially the one you resist a lot. All parts within you have to come back home. Piece each part within you that’s resisting the other by accepting the conflict within and finding beauty in it.

When you overthink you’re spending your life force on low quality things, you will feel empowered when you take one more step towards your desired reality.

Your act of faith will be expansion you need for your leveled up embodiment.

Survival Mode Neutralizer Challenge is starting 4:44pm PST on April 4th.

Let me guide you back to find your inner security.

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Just fall in love with being with you

Intimacy is being present with your entire being, being honest how you feel, even when it’s confronting, uncomfortable and triggering. You can’t numb your emotions forever…feel, be present, write, sing, dance it out. You’re here now, make it mean something good. Something beautiful. Be also completely honest with what’s showing up in your psyche. Your intuition knows what’s up. Some moments are meant 2 be sacred, not everything 2 share. 🌸😍

Allow her to unfold however she wants to

You grant yourself so much freedom and relaxation when you’re not trying to pull off an act… shoulda, could…(even when no one is watching)

You are you for a reason. You embody different…your soul’s signature is unique, so don’t pull yourself down when you don’t meet your expectations. Or maybe society’s expectations 🌸