Stop trying to figure it all out

Life is a mystery

It is meant to be that way

How fun would knowing every single detail be

Imagine how stressful it was to know everything that was about to go down in that instant

Instead why not take advantage of the gift life has given you, to be carefree, to be allowing, to be surrendered, to be playful with life.

The mind wants to trick you to believe that you are separate from your desires…when you notice yourself continuously identifying with your thoughts-you will notice you tend to suffer more and are struggling with your presence.

When instead you identify yourself with your breath, your senses, your heartbeat, your awareness you free yourself from the mental cage you placed onto yourself.

Mental alchemy* only works effectively when you are grounded in your being, when you are truly connected to your I AM.

✨Are you ready to put in the work with your shadow, dense self so you can simmer down the mental suffering?

✨ Are you all in to shed off parts of you that are holding you back from enjoying life and connecting with your lightbody?

✨ Do you need a support system that will help you stay in alignment with your soul’s purpose?

ELDORADO might be calling you…

3 months, 3 Weeks & 3 Days of

-taking stock of what you’re being and choosing unconditional love & radical acceptance.

-noticing what is within your control and what isn’t

-purging versions of you that you don’t want to identify with anymore

– allowing your soul to flow you back to grace when you go back to identifying self with your mind

Private message me “ELDORADO” here or email me with the headline “ELDORADO” to see if you’ll be a great fit for the container.


With service



A place within where you feel safe, provided for, connected to all, in charge, secure and at light…

I am the main character in this reality

Find gold in every moment

Trust you’re being the person who needs to get the job done

Dance like no one is watching

Release fear with every breath out

Breath in calm, peace of mind

Co-creating devotional presence

If you’re needing a quick fix to coming back to the present and connecting back with your body outside of breath, start with 1 minute cold showers.


You’re receiving peanuts because you’re giving yourself peanuts


You are receiving peanuts because you’re giving yourself peanuts!! You know you are worthy and deserving of a better life yet you open your arms to receive scraps. Why?

Walk with me for a bit.

Why are you buying experiences that disempower you? You’re entertaining thoughts that pull you into the deep end when you know what you want is on the other side.

You keep recycling old stories and versions of you that only existed for the current version of you to be here…yet you keep bringing them back. STOP IT! They don’t want to come back, they did their job already. Yet you keep dragging them back in, no wonder why it doesn’t feel good. No wonder why you’re depressed with your current situation.

In this present moment, you’ve been reborn. Truth is you’re continuously reborn in the next moment and the next. Now, now, now. That’s really the only thing you’ve got. This is Eldorado. The 7th Heaven. Life is your stage. Show us the way.

Prioritize what’s important. If you don’t have clarity yet, download this Clarity Questionnaire so you can dust off what’s not in alignment.

Always remember, small you keeps running back to the past…roaming in the future, creating stories that probably won’t even happen…BIG YOU KNOWS AND BREATHES THE PRESENCE OF AUTHORITY, the mind doesn’t bully BIG YOU. It works for her! Big difference in embodiment. Can you feel it?

Stop letting that monkey mind talk you out of your throne. You’ve got this. You always have what you need. Live with intention. Be a servant to your soul.

P.s I’d love to help you alchemize your darkness to light. This is why I am here. To serve you. Allow me to do my soul job

See you on the other side!


The end is inevitable, live the dream life right now. Do you know when you’re gonna die?

So what are you waiting for?

You can’t be all perfect right now, but you can be all in…no one is coming to save you, sorry to burst your bubble. But I’d rather give it to you straight no chaser so you can get off your bam-bam & get to work!!!

Energetically, how are you showing up? How are you interacting with what is? What are you whispering to yourself in your mind…each passing moment? Are you choosing to lose every moment or you’re playing to win?

Are you just gonna allow a moment of defeat to allow you to bow out of the game just like that?

How do you not know this tough moment is gonna define what type of leader you will appear to your peers? It all projects. It all connects. What do you want your life painting to look like?

Who did you wake up as this morning?

Who are you going to work as this afternoon?

What are you waiting for?

What are you afraid of?

What do you have to lose if you wait longer to create and live your dream?

What do you have to gain when you win?

Start asking yourself the right answers to get the right solutions to your source of problems. Get to the root of the problem…which always lie within.

Take back your power, you can’t control everything that happens outside of yourself but you have EVERYTHING within…so protect your peace so you move from a place of power.

You got this babeeee!

See you on the other side!!!


When you hear the whispers of doubt

They will keep coming for you

Day after day

Until the end of time

The dance will always be about transcending your thoughts…your attachment to the outcome, your attachment to life. This is just a dream anyway…duality will always give you an illusion so only believe in the only universal truth. You are. You have. You’ve arrived. Open your heart. See green. Drink green. Wear green. Count how many green things you can find?

Choose now to always listen to your heart first before your mind. Choose lightness. Choose well-being. Choose the best outcome. Yes, you can’t control everything that happens but you can choose your place of being. Your sanctuary, your Eldorado.

How are you gonna get out of your own way starting right now?

What thoughts are you choosing to not engage with anymore?

How are you choosing to look at yourself starting right now? What’s your level of being? How does life treat you? What do you really believe your life is about? How can you change what you don’t want?

Remember, life’s a dance. When we feel like giving up, we are just a little tired and need a break to nurture our spirit, we’ve been going hard. Enjoy your break…eat yummy food, take care of your body…drink lots of water! Watch funny things. Hang out with your fav peep(s)

Release your shoulders and stand straight

Stretch the stiffness out

Shake out your fears, and limitations

You already are.


See you on the other side.

Mental Alchemy Meeting Place


Who you think you are is not really who you are…

We’ve been told by the stars, astrologers, books, experts how we act, how other people perceive us, our projectile in life because “I’m a Scorpio!” hihi

Why do you need someone outside of yourself to tell you who you are? Why do you need to depend on what society, your community thinks of to? Why can’t you just be enough just as you are. Sexy just as you are. Beautiful just as you are! Worthy just as you are!! Successful just as you are!! It doesn’t have to look the way you’ve been told it needs to look. Imagine each different little flower was told, ” you gotta be as beautiful as cactus here because her pines are in right now…plump up, don’t let your body release any water. You might die!” Hmmm!

You are your own kind of beauty, own kind of pretty, own kind of soul, own kind of precious, own kind of love…there’s only one you!

Inserts The Renaissance theme song.

Focus on just being the best kinda you that will only live during this existence in flesh and after you decide how long your own legacy will echo through times, to set an example through embodied actions and devotion to your life mission. You know who you are, wake up! You know, that’s why you’re aware you’re capable of so much more!

There’s no need to seek validation from others when you know yourself. You don’t need to be conveyed or manipulated. People are who they are, that’s the beauty of it. Not everyone will have the privilege of being your friend, your sweet love, your mother, father, sister, brother…it’s a path only the chosen ones get to go on. Continue to paint a beautiful picture, keep expanding the vision…it is uncomfortable but what do you have to lose?

You know time is your greatest asset, so what are you waiting for? Tik tok tik tok

If you haven’t already, sign up here to join the cool club of Mental Alchemists, timeline hopping, mystics, transurfers…creating their best lives ever!

If you’re ready to challenge your current version to evolve into the next version upgrade…this might be for you. 11 days of digging deep into what is…into shedding off old stories we’ve been telling ourselves for so long we forgot they too were just borrowed and we can unborrow them when we don’t have any more use of them.

Journaling was really cathartic for me during my dark knight of the soul, it was the worst experience I have ever been through. I felt like I was being squeezed out! Everything was dark. Food was bleh! Life was going downhill. I didn’t feel loved. I felt like a failure…so insecure, so numb and carrying a lot of baggage…anger from my childhood which was fostering all these years underneath. My only way out was putting it all in my journal, bearing everything out so I didn’t feel like I was alone, going crazy. I knew what I had seen, I knew what I had experienced. I wasn’t crazy

But I had to see it on paper for me to finally feel free. To see that they are just words, that’s it. They only hold if I let them hold. I’m the creator, the destroyer…the alpha and the Omega. This life force resides within me…in you. We are all connected through breath…open your heart, and listen to your soul.

Join me!

How do I know if this is for me, you ask?

What will the experience gift me?

Learn to be comfortable with both your darkness and your light…your weakness and strengths. They are all a part of you. So dance.


When you keep losing stuff…this is why you should let them go

I lose stuff a lott too! Consistently losing stuff is a sign that you’re not being present, and you’re getting lost in your need to control…and figure it out in your mind. Trust that it’s all working out for you regardless.

I like to think that when I lose things I’ll get them right back…I’ll find it, with no doubt, and if I don’t get it back, I don’t need it anymore. It removes the lingering thought, denies self from criticism. Try your best to not indulge in mental arguments, storylines that bring you down…instead of empowering yourself…feeling empowered…awakened to the WHOLE TRUTH about yourself…and uplifted to their higher self, so they walk a path of dignity, pride, fulfillment, relief, joy and peace.

We are all chasing money in the hopes of that it’ll make our life happier. It might improve the quality of life, but happy is always now…nomatter what. Figure out what makes you smile a lot…think about it a lot…I mean everyday until people are asking why you are smiling into mid-air…jokes!

But you get the idea…make yourself feel mwah! Remove the shame…as long as it’s centered within.

You are enough. You have exactly what you need 2 make it happen. Show up nomatter what! This is your path, you’re the only one who you’ll have to blame if you didn’t live your life fulfilled. Really take some time to really get to know yourself. You can grab my book: Get To Know yourself in 21 Days here where you’ll be taken through a corridor of context, reflection, labored love to show yourself how much you want to know…do you expect your soul 2 just hand it over 2 you…after you’ve ignored your self for so long??

Doubting, limiting, constantly criticizing yourself…your evey move, how you talk, how you act, walk, dress…no wonder why you’re miserable.

Your soul can’t thrive in such conditions. Change what needs to be shifted into something better. You’re always compounding.

Easier said than done, right? Who said it has to be hard, who said it can’t be enjoyable, peaceful, joyful,  calm…?

Apply here to join The 7th Heaven Meeting Place on Facebook: a sacred journey back to our soul’s gifts.

Taking applications to the Mental Alchemy Academy (MAA) soon…Where great, curious & learning mental alchemists engage!!

See you on the other side!


speak from the heart

speaking from the heart means to be fully present and accept both communicator and listener as they come. It is about authentically presenting your truth regardless of what your fears say others will think and do. It is the truth, your truth and your voice matters. We all see and feel the truth…so listen as I unplug my heart…my love, my truth.

Apply to join the first wave of Mental Alchemists who are sharing how their soul formulas in a safe container…where you’ll meet the depths of your soul you never knew existed.

Apply here


How To Find Your Home Within?

Coming back to your own oasis won’t be pretty

You have to dive deep to the depths of your soul

and meet ALL of you:

BOTH the ugly and the beautiful parts of your being

You get to meet all the souls that walked before you in your bloodline and as a result, you find belonging in just being.

Your own unfolding becomes filled with magic, untapped potential and possibilities!

Your aura heals people by just being around you because of your commitment & devotion to your own healing and ascension.

Take it one step at a time if it feels overwhelming. Trust your inner guidance system…the eye of the storm is just letting you know you are ok.

Tap in!