Think Of Yourself As A Magnet

Yes, think of yourself as a magnet.

You pull in whatever is within your consciousness. So whatever you put your attention on…you pull it closer into your reality field. If you are always waiting and expecting…You pull in experiences where you are always waiting and expecting…

So, why not from here onwards focus on already having all your heart’s desires instead. Have fun.

It should feel effortless…

How do you know you are doing it right? You feel lighter, more relaxed and worry free. At times, you might feel yourself kinda levitating…that’s when you have upgraded to higher consciousness.

It does make sense, doesn’t it? If you attract the things you focus on…it’s time to be delusional. There’s no room for Scooby Doos on this level.

I mean, it’s either you go back to your old life that is full of bluh and a boring narrative, or you step into your dream life fearlessly.

The choice is always in where you choose to place your consciousness in every moment.

It’s all you.


Notice where you’re attaching yourself to

Objects you keep looking for

Unconscious habits you do that don’t add value to your life

Stories…different versions

Being. Not Doer.

Effortless labor

Persistently focused and fulfilled

Be fearlessly without

It’s go time baby!

Let’s journal

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