Wake up from bad dream

Wake up from your bad dream
You have the choice to walk away from it all

What you’re observing is observing you
It is waiting for you to change so it can change too
So if you’re looking for something outside of you to change, you’ll be running around in circles until you have your aha moment

I’ll save you your time.

If you don’t like what you’re experiencing, experience something different

Literally, look the other way

Move your body of consciousness the other way

Make it an act of self love to choose higher experiences, higher vibrations of living

Navigate your consciousness until you find a better perspective that will free you from your current mental prison

There’s always a way out, and that’s within.

Start by remembering that little kid that had all it’s dreams and desires mapped out, and couldn’t wait to go out to the world and create it.

Allow her to come out and play,
protect her peace so she can do so freely, joyfully, intently in the present.

This is your duty. You owe it to her!

But first, let’s be human.

You do have shadows and that’s ok

If you’re needing support please join other soul babes and I on The Journey Back To The Heart.

Three days of connection with truth.

Unlock Unconditional Love for Self

Activate presence

Shift perspective: being ok with fear, not knowing, living in the unknown.

Mar 1-3 2023

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Allow others to water you without strings attached

Your lack of trust is digging your hole of lonely thoughts and assumptions

Lack of trust in self

Lack of trust in others

Lack of trust in life

Your ground is not secure…why are you carrying all the weight, hurt, fears from the past and what isn’t yet? Why do you steal your own happiness?

Surrender to the being you’re being right now and surrender to the room you’re in right now. Remember When you awaken your soul the whole world can hear you…7 billion+ hearts can feel you…you just need to open your heart to feeeeeel the truth, to live and love authentically.

Open your heart to awaken to your truths now

Be aware of the gifts that will ooze and drop out of this 36 soul transmission. Trust the process. Let go of the need to judge for just 36 mins. Listen to your self. Awaken to your love 36 times over.


Starting All Over in Life

Why are we so afraid of failing?

Yes, your current reality is reflecting back your shadow states…so what?

Why are we intimidated by what we don’t know? What we don’t want?

Why are you separating yourself from what is? Why are you fighting it? Accept it! Surrender to it…flow through to the desired vision. Yes, accept and surrender to all what’s showing up. I’ll keep reminding you until you learn to relax in your current state of being. Relaxxxx!

Why are you running away from yourself?

Why are you afraid of starting all over again when you realize that you have been playing too small?

Life gets long and miserable when you are not aligned with your heart, when you’re not clear on what you really want to experience.

Distractions are always gonna be there.

Doubters are always gonna be waiting for you on the next corner.

This is your dream, you steer it towards where your heart is calling for.

If you’re confused and overwhelmed by your reality, it’s time to real in and focus on your breathe.

Drop in your body. Move. Surrender control.

Focus on what is going well…nomatter how small it is.

Everyone will have an opinion on what you choose to do, let them!

Let their limitations and reasons why you will fail, why you’re on the wrong path be your stepping stone to your inevitable success. Use it as a boost. You’re an alchemist. Stop letting people energetically bully and toss you around. This is your life, this is your creation. So create with love consistently, mean well…do well.


Find your fulfillment right now even if it means starting from scratch. This life didn’t come with a rule book on how to thrive. Everyone has created their own rule book, why not create your own? We are constantly beating ourselves down when we don’t align with their rules. There is a reason why people keep buying books and courses that they never apply onto themselves. This is because they are constantly chasing to become someone for someone else instead of just allowing themselves to thrive being themselves. The true you. Open the rule book buried deep within your soul.

Start all over again…over and over again until you get it right. When you have this mindset, nothing can really be taken from you because you’re not attached to anything outside of yourself. You are attached to the feeling of alignment, connection, fulfillment and belonging. That’s when you know you’ve finally come home to yourself. When the inner sparks the outer.

Your soul knows the way, let it lead the way. Ignore the noise.

Do not worry about others, worry about the voices you believe in your head…this is your dream, not theirs. It’s ok if they don’t see what you see, your vision for the future is yours to keep, to maintain and to embody.

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