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This is for you!

Hey, it’s time to be kinder to your soul

You are you for a reason

You are where you are for a purpose

This is bigger than you

It is now time to speak life into yourself

To wake yourself up!

Right now you get to empower yourself religiously in each passing moment, dancing with both your light and dense thoughts with detachment

To be an observer in this matrix of monkeying thoughts

You might be in the lowest room of your life right now but don’t be in such a rush to get out.
There is information for you in here so take it in, because you won’t be here forever.

There is a version of you that can’t wait to meet you.

Hug this version of yourself…and the ones before because the lighter versions of you wouldn’t be birthed without them. They just led you to this realization you’re having now.

You wouldn’t have the clarity to do any different without anything to contrast it on.

It’s all information to evolve

We are always evolving anyway, so there’s always going to be room to improve

It’s your relationship with your weaknesses, darkness and uniqueness that matters the most, that is the key to activating your Light Body.

Your perspective in this room and the next is your super power, always meandering in-between thought.

Keep aiming for lighter thoughts

Keep compounding them and with time and consistency you will expand into the lighter room

But if you keep holding onto the dense versions of you throughout this PURIFYING PROCESS you will slow down your ascension journey…or maybe your soul will turn to smoke

Just ALLOW this journey to be effortless…TRUST your spirit to guide you…LISTEN to your heart.

Tap within your soul, it has all the answers.

If you’re not sure which program is for you and or if your current financial situation is not in alignment, let’s chat on a complimentary 30 min Soul Awareness Session.

Message me “Soul Awareness” by clicking the button below

See you on the other side Soul Babe!


Become unavailable for what you don’t want

This is for you especially if you feel like you’ve been in the same place for ever.

Stop recycling clearly what’s not working

Something clearly has to change

You’re experiencing what you don’t want over and over again it’s simply because you’re energetically available for it

Yes, it is a problem for you but unless you have a solution NOW and you can act on it NOW you have better things to use your energy towards than constantly recreating a reality that harbors stress, suffering, worrying, lacking, limitations

You get to train yourself to keep your consciousness expensive.

You’re only available to buy experiences that empower, uplift and awaken your soul

How do you do that?

By letting your heart lead the way

How do you know?

You start feeling lighter and you feel your energy start opening up, you feel more inclined to smile and you’re completely ok with being here for just this moment…you finally realize you’ve already arrived and everything you want to feel is here waiting for you to become available for it

Having a hard time feeling and understanding your heart?

If you’re needing support please join other soul babes and I on The Journey Back To The Heart.

Three days of connection with truth.

Unlock Unconditional Love for Self

Activate presence

Shift perspective: being ok with fear, not knowing, living in the unknown.

Mar 1-3 2023

6am ~7:15am

Let our hearts dance

Apply here


Your soul is starved

How do you know that you’re killing your soul slowly? When you stop living in love.

When instead, you choose fear to be your companion.

Why? When you can hold onto hope, faith, and union with the creator of all things. To connect with other people’s humanness and to extend them the same grace you’ve given to your own humanness (everything bad in truth) To see life as a series of bad dreams and blissful ones, all intertwined together…to be free to create a life of wonder and joy.

To do the things that light us up. That give up the dense thoughts that are keeping us misaligned. To be okay here, nothing else needed..desires fulfilled…feeling expansive. Leading from the gut & knowingness.. in alignment with higher self. That which is connected to all.

Relax a little bit…I don’t mean laze around. I mean drop your shoulders and connect with your breath. You are safe. Everything is going well as it should. Work on your trust issues. This is bigger than you. Learn to let go of control a little bit.

Continue to watch thoughts with a detached manner…not invested but rather curious…without losing sight of the truth. The truth is who you’re being right now. Is it connected with the person who lights up because she is doing what she came here to do? How do you know if you have never connected with yourself? You do things because it’s expected of you but you don’t even question where it’s coming from and what its intentions are.

Live the rest of your life in connection with your truth. Click to get to know yourself in just 21 Days!

If you’re feeling stuck right now…

🦋you are constantly confused and unsure of yourself

🦋you’re dazed, you are out of touch with reality

🦋you have no willpower to do anything outside of sleeping, napping…lack of energy, burn out

🦋you are constantly living in your mind

🦋you’re uninspired by life, lack of motivation and feeling disconnected from self

Let’s chat, Private message me “Soul Babe” when you click the button below!

See you on the other side!


Take ownership for where you are energetically

When you do that, you gain back your power

You gift yourself the opportunity to shift your energy to that which empowers you to change what you’re not liking very much right now in your reality

You know what you need to do

You know what thoughts, habits are making you lose

So what are you going to do about it?

Beating yourself down for not shifting is being mean and not in alignment with UNCONDITIONAL love for your existence. If you notice that your energy has been constricted for such a long time… it’s time to really check in on why you’re holding onto energy. Why are you closed off? What’s the story you’ve been listening to in your mind? What are you afraid of? Could you be exaggerating the outcome?

Always remember, festering fear will not help you in the jungle of existence, it will get you killed. Alchemized fear into courage, fearlessness will take you to the top where you want to be. This deep dark hole is not forever, nothing is…so just be here now, unapologetically where you currently are energetically and be grateful for what is before it isn’t anymore.

Persist in Lovingly propelling yourself forward

Be okay where you are

See you on the other side!

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Be present to notice the moment you start creating unwanted thoughts

Capture that moment

Don’t judge it

Just observe

Without the need to attach

Or to give it any meaning

As it floats away and disappears so does your need to hold onto it

You are worthy of a good life yet you don’t believe you do. Why?

It does keep getting better and better and better and better only if you allow it to.

It’s called The 7th Heaven for a reason! There are action steps to get there…each level prepares you for the next and the one after. Imagine getting a whambam of goodness all at once, your heart couldn’t contain it. You’d pass out! Drop bye bye maybe.

Gradually allowing change to happen fosters trust with your inner being. For 21 Days I’ll walk you through the process of quantum leaping from your current dark, dense state to lighter states…and consistently finding security in the light states. By the end of the process you’ll be already embodied in your higher self, it’ll become easier and easier with each compounding effort to improve your current state.

There’s never anything wrong with where you are until your perspective keeps you a prisoner.

Starting Dec 1st, I’ll walk you through your current story with ease to the doors of your 7th heaven, your state of complete relief that will allow you to expand more often to lighter states. Once you open this door to your bliss state, your old versions will continuously want to steal this state from you. How do you prepare yourself for that?

If you’ve felt like you’ve been in this deep dark slump for way too long and you continuously relive states that disempower you and degrade you to misery, unfulfillment, disconnection, victimhood, loneliness…, this is your opportunity to change that to consistent empowering states of joy, wonder, forgiveness, peace, security, relief and faith. Your god(dess) state is waiting to be awakened and embodied in The 7th Heaven.

Scholarships available, integrity based* please let me know in application. Replay option available for souls entering after the official opening of The 7th Heaven portal.

See you on the other side!


your journey is unique to you

stop letting anyone making you feel bad for where you are

your journey is unique to the direction you’re headed…which is living in your heart. Your job on a daily basis is to listen intently and hush out the noises of the world. There’s no fault in tapping into the universal community of opinions, wisdom, tethered and untethered ideologies…but when your heart is not open, and you collect all this information on the internet…you expose yourself to chaos, confusion, self doubt, the need to seek validation, inferiority complex, shame to name a few. We are all growing differently. We all see the world through different lenses. Do not let the details distract you from the big picture, your current position is just leading you towards your desires. Hush the mind by doing breath work, jogging or dancing for 5-20 mins to help raise your vibration. Listen when you breathe, be really present with the breath…and remember, there’s no need to judge you for being you…where you are. Learn, unlearn, do better but do it compassionately, with patience and a nurturing spirit. You don’t need to be elsewhere outside of where you are right now. This room holds all you need to get to the room you want, tap in and do the work diligently.

When you forget and monkey mind…your fears & doubts trick you…snap out of it and carry on. No need to talk yourself down. Uplift yourself through music, light entertainment…empower yourself through affirming throughout the day to remind yourself who you are creating, and awaken yourself to your truest potential by tapping into your heart to access your desire codes and use them to visualize your desired reality…EVERY OPPORTUNITY YOU GET.

Vroom vroom, captain! Let’s steer this ship towards joy, abundance, prosperity, peace, fulfillment, wellbeing and finding beauty in all the details of life!

I’m steering my soul ship, see you on the other side!


You’re exactly where you need to be, stop overanalyzing

Society has messed us big time.

Finding our worth in how much we have in the bank, how much accolades, success we collect…how fast, young we do it, how it looks to others, how much better we are than others…it’s all ego based. When you open your heart, and stay still with yourself a little longer you’ll notice that creation is finished.

All your desires are already here. There’s nowhere to be…your mind doesn’t want you settled, grounded right here right now. It wants you constantly on the go, to figure things out, to do things so that you feel secure, worthy. What if you could just feel secure, worthy just because you exist. Just because you’re right here reading this.

What you’re seeking, is seeking you too. Don’t overthink how you’re gonna make it happen. It’s gonna happen, period. Go there, become that person who has it. If you’re having issues believing it, that’s where you take inspired action to get additional assistance. Have fun for Chris’ sake. Take off all the pressure and live. You don’t need to have it all figured out. Leave some mystery, unknown in life…makes the ride more exciting…something to look forward to.

Enjoy you, what is. However you’re showing up right now. You’re enough! Because this room will soon be a memory too.

Be still and know you’re it! The present transcends time so it makes sense why you’ve arrived, there’s nowhere else to be. Trust in your own inner genius to take the right steps, to say the right things to open the right door to where you desire to go. Be that devoted to your inner being. Stillness.

Watch monkey mind with detachment…the same way you’d look at clouds floating or at birds flying by. It’s all part of the Universe’s creation which is within you yet you’re not a cloud or bird. You’re part of this ecosystem of creation so is your monkey mind. Accept it. No need to resist what is. Your relationship with it matters on this journey, soul babe.

When you don’t take it all too seriously, you notice your body relaxes. You let go of control. Your life force…awareness is back in your body and not in your mind. You remember it’s just a dream about your story, only you decide how the story ends.

Everyone has monkey chatter, that’s why we need to connect through the heart and not through the mind. If yours brings you down, best believe everyone else’s does too. So strive to be kinder to yourself and others. It’s ok to be vulnerable about the difficulties you’re experiencing right now. Reach out! Express your frustrations. It’s okay!

This is the human experience we signed up for. Let’s live!!!

Apply to join The 7th Heaven, alchemize your current darkness to light. A 21 day container to accept and face your demons and still loving yourself unconditionally because you won’t identify with the room anymore. You will awaken to your observer identity.

If you’re interested in a 1-0n-1 guiding session, private message me with “Eldorado” for your free gift while it still lasts! Click here

If you’d like to learn more about “Eldorado, how to come back home to yourself…your inner sanctuary start here.

See you on the other side!


This is how you regain your peace of mind

Trust in your capabilities
Believe in your ability to win
Play to win
Create success
Be success
You define the rules, limitations and how this ends
Where is your energy weighing towards?
🌸Disempowering or empowering yourself?
🌸Embodying your message or loosely saying things?
🌸Resisting your shadows or accepting & surrendering to what is?
🌸 optimistic or pessimistic?
🌸Excuses or solutions?
🌸 Complaining or making changes?
🌸Repeating unwanted cycles or doing the work diligently because you know you want & deserve better
🌸Taking everything personally or allowing people and things to unfold however the universe is flowing. To remove any need to react or expect anything out of it- for your own well-being.

Only you can formulate your own well-being in your mind. How look at yourself in the mirror, what you say and think when you see another beautiful woman who is embodied in her higher self, what you say to yourself when you indulge in your vices, shadow states, lower selves? When you don’t get the results you want? When you make a mistake?

It will all weigh towards something, so why not make it weigh in your favor!

Brick by brick


This is why you shouldn’t let go of your inner child

Playfulness is needed to soften the blow
Humility, grace, lightness, taking wisdom, nowhere to rush, but 2 be ALL THAT YOU ARE unapologetically.

To be fully drenched in the now…to create for the heck of it…to create from nothing, to be without any worries.

Your inner child never associated herself with any social constructs…and hence her soul thrives with just creating her own constructs…her own stories and imaginative life.

Because that’s your source code…your northstar when you embark on the path of the unknown.

And then we learnt the ways of how to be liked and loved by others, how to attract this and that because you alone are not enough, wear this and that to look like this and attract this gibberish. It’s all just noise and details to the tea party. You are the party. The kid within is the only one who can unblock your rigidness.

You’ll have to train and discipline your inner being 2 be in tune with the present moment… everything about it, your body’s shift in energy when you sense something…KNOW something you didn’t know before. It is in that instant, you become so aligned and focused on what you are doing with such joy…not needing anything but just now. To be a kid, and to be ok with not knowing, without a care in the world…even if it means having to change towns…far away lands!

Be you til ful

Make your love mean something. Atleast for yourself. How can you love yourself better today?

See you on the other side


Sri Venus


Why are you still waiting for someone to believe in you?

In your idea

In your new business

In your project

You’re the source of all these things and you’re the one who is going to have to make it happen…so why are you waiting on people outside of YOU…they are waiting for you to start believing in yourself…your disbelief reflects in how you keep pushing things towards them. Let them get curious, let your already successful embodied aura attract them towards you

Everytime you find yourself alone in your private thoughts, feeling defeated remember you are the only person you need 2 make that leap that will positively impact your family’s bloodline …your wealth is their wealth, your breakthroughs are their breakthroughs, your security is their security.

So no, you’re not alone. No matter how it appears. Everyone has to have themselves at some point, will you come out a loser or a winner?

Do you have the vision 2 stay aligned & the capacity 2 receive this kind of abundance & wisdom?

Are you ready 2 make the sacrifice?
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Do you believe in yourself?

If you’re not where you want 2 be, you need 2 start doing the work…it doesn’t come for free.

Show up!